Four Life Saving JC Econs Essay Tips That No Teachers Will Teach You!

JC Econs Essay Tips


“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

-Benjamin Franklin-


So what has the speech of a former United States President got to do with JC Econs Essay Tips?


Firstly, do you know why are you consistently scoring below 13 marks for your Economics essays? It is simply due to your failure to plan for your essays! As such, like what Mr Franklin had mentioned, many students are doomed to fail the moment they fail to plan.


Before we discuss the benefits of planning, lets establish a golden rule of allocating 5 minutes to plan for each essay. You are not supposed to start writing in the first 5 minutes and are suppose to plan instead!


So how exactly does planning helps your essay?


1. Proper Choice of Question: For H2 – you first start off by planning which 3 questions you want to attempt out of the 6 offers you have. Glance through the exam script, pick the 3 questions that you think you can answer the best and cross out the rest. For H1, fortunately (or unfortunately) you do not have much choice. Pick the one you think you can answer the best out of the two.


2. Tree Diagram – Once you have identified your choice of questions, you begin to plan by providing a layout for the respective questions. You should never copy out full sentences in your layout plan. Keep your layout & planning in a simple tree diagram like this:




3. Save Time – Many times through planning, you will realize that you may not have sufficient knowledge and economics examples to answer that particular question. Planning will save you time by allowing you to identify your weakness early in the question and prompt you to switch to another question immediately! Many students who do not plan will have already spent about 20 minutes into the essay question before they realize they are in trouble for not having enough “ammunition” to handle the question and not enough time to switch to another question. A simple 5 minutes plan will save you not only your time but your grade!


4. Coherence in thought – Planning keeps your thinking coherent. Many times, student will sometimes forget about their thesis, anti-thesis and crucial examples and write out of point. With planning, you will be able to stick to your action plan and deliver a beautiful and coherent essay.


So start planning for your essay questions right now and see your essay results improve immediately!


In our regular program, wewill be using a simple and proven writing system called the “4 Step ACE technique” that will complements perfectly with the planning (you will be surprised that we even dedicate one full lesson just to teach students specifically how to plan). All of our students have benefitted from this simple and effective writing system! Find out more about our regular classes here: