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I am an ex student from this program who went from failing with an E grade to getting a B for A levels under this program. I especially liked this program for its detailed 1-to-1 lessons that you can book as well as the lessons and papers uploaded online for extra practice, all of which made me more confident when sitting for this paper. I would like to thank Mr Teo for guiding me through this program and helping me get a much better grade for economics.
First and foremost, Mr. Teo is a coach and a mentor. He went the extra mile to get to know me, and he gave me very insightful life advice beyond just Econs concepts. That is to say, he always lends a helping hand to students facing difficulties and is more than understanding and empathetic, having gone through and overcoming his own challenges. I consider him the best tutor I ever had, bar none.Secondly, he is an excellent tutor. His classes are conducted in a structured manner, with a clear roadmap for students to follow. His level of knowledge is high and this reflects in his pedagogy. Further, the work given reinforces the concepts taught in class, and personally, the feedback received for my work, and the recognition I received when I did well, encouraged me to do better.Lastly, he is fundamentally a person of upstanding moral character. He holds himself to a high standard of integrity, and is open to criticism and feedback, even acknowledging his own shortcomings. To me, this demonstrates a strong moral fibre, and thus, he is a man worthy of my respect.I am extremely grateful for the support I have received when I was in his care, and I hope this is of use to you, dear reader, in having a better understanding of what you get when you choose Mr. Teo.
My name is Sanjay and I got to know about Jeffrey Teo and Ace Your Econs through my son as he did his own research on this and I trust his evaluation.What was important for me was the touch points and how he coached my son in Econs. It was good to have any initial call with him to discuss so we were all familiar. Also he kept us in the loop all along. Parents involvement was inportant to him, especially given the investment we are making. The sessions, the assignments and the 1:1s has regularly instilled a discipline in him to think and write critically.As a result, his grade improved to an A and he was not only more than satisfied but developed a keen interest in the subject.Jeffrey is strict and disciplined. At the same time, he is very caring and looks after his students. My son has a wonderful time learning from him. Thank you Jeffrey for all that you do!
We spoke to Jeffrey after my daughter contacted him through her website search. The mood during the time of our online-conversation was not great, I appreciated Jeffrey’s careful enquiry and patient listening, and then assessment on how he could help with improving her economics knowledge on her Sub-pass at H2 Level. At the moment, we were told that my daughter could not return to her school to study for her re-take, we are grateful that Jeffrey told us otherwise, and metioned that school would offer better environment and support for her re-take attempt. She approached her school teachers and principal, and was accepted back to her school for the re-take.We opted for my daughter to take the cover-all tuition package, which comprised of online sessions, a few F2F sessions and individual sessions. Jeffrey was very strict on handing up proper course, test and exam works and would inform us on any slack by my daughter, and would update us periodically on her attitude and progress. Jeffrey would also advised and requested parents’ assistance to be supportive and firm.We are very happy to see our daughter score a B grade after stumbling at her H2 Econ with a Sub-pass grade the year before, and to see her progressing towards her university education with confidence.
Thank you to Mr Teo for helping me secure an A for econs in the 2023 Alvls! His 1 to 1 consultations and consistent marking of my work helped me to improve from an E in prelims to an A! The weekly practices and revision were helpful in allowing me to have consistent memory of what would be tested in the exams. I also love how his guide book has acronyms which helped me to memorise all the concepts
Chanced upon Ace your Econs online and through a friend referral .Was desperately looking for a Econs tutor for my son in beginning August 2023 after his mid year exam results was failing . It was really a very short runway before A levelsGald that Mr Jeffrey Teo arranged for a pre interview session with my son n myself to hear on my son’s commitment for this subject and our expectations. With that alignment , it was a tough few months of lessons , homework and tutorials.Mr Jeffrey Teo put in extra mile to guide him , answering all his questions and most importantly built up his confidence and love for EconsI am glad that my son did well for his A levels Econs .But most importantly , through this process. Mr Jeffrey Teo guided him to be accountable , responsible for his actions and goals , which was the most important skill necessary for his growth .
I am an A level graduate. The thing that sets Mr Teo apart from other tuition centres is weekly practices and the reviewing of these practices, ensuring that we are aware of our mistakes and do not repeat them during the exams. Moreover, nearing the A level exams, Mr Teo ensured that we had adequate practice through weekly essays and SAQs as well as guiding us through essay outlines, ensuring that we will have a clear train of thought when we formulate answers during exams. Consultation sessions with Mr Teo also ensured that I was able to truly understand where my mistakes were and how to avoid committing these mistakes in exam conditions. Thanks to Mr Teo’s guidance, I was able to obtain “A” grade for H2 Economics in the end. Thank you Mr Teo for your guidance throughout the 2 years. It has been a fruitful experience!
This is Alex from RVHS, J2 Grad (Retaker). Got to know of this course through searches on Google after first As results. Am not a seasoned tuition goer, but the difference is that it is mostly online and reduced travel fees and time. I appreciate the platform where I can access marked scripts anywhere I am, as well as the review sessions that I could book after school tests. I have gotten out of the programme with a much improved A Level Grade from S to B. If you want a more flexible arrangement and are a retaker I think this course is quite alright to try out.
my name is sarah, from eunoia jc. i got to know aye from recommendations online. the most important thing that sets mr teo apart from other tutors is how he will mark our econs essays and provide feedback. one thing i appreciate is how mr teo always marks the essays and gives timely feedback, so i can realise my mistakes early. my grades have improved greatly from C/Ds to an A in the a lvls.
Signed up with AYE after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2. AYE was introduced to me by my dad. I’m Ethan, and have just graduated from SAJC.Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Mr Jeffrey Teo had been very studious and effective in reaffirming and enforcing complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to me, Ethan. Personally, I could see clear improvement in exam confidence for Econs!In hindsight, I, like many other Singaporean students, have been to few other tution sessions before in the past in my educational journey. That said, I found Mr Teo’s way of teaching rather unique; he’s able to create personalized and individualistic methods to ensure economic concepts are taught well and to ensure adequate potential is achieved. An efficient tutor, Mr Teo always seek to maximize time; like a true economist that adheres to the decision making framework haha!As a student, I am most appreciate of Mr Teo’s encouraging, dedicated and commitment nature to explain concepts with vigor. He’s not afraid to explain and revisit things that I still don’t grapple well, always desiring to ensuring fundamentals are grasped firmly. Furthermore, he is strict and meticulous in all feedback in my assignments. He’s mannerisms have made me more accountable in all that I do – a characteristic pivotal in the increasingly volatile world we live in.Safe to say, AYE has been a meaningful program for me, allowing to secure the elusive A for Econs, as well as obtain decent overall A Level grades in general. To those considering Mr Jeffrey Teo, I’m certain your efforts will be rewarded as long as you yourselves put in equal vigorous efforts. A partnership, after all, goes both ways.
I am a former student of Dunman High, and I completed my A-levels in 2022.I struggled with H2 Econs for nearly the entirety of my two years in JC despite spending considerable time and effort on the subject. I dreaded lectures and assignments because I found the content overwhelming and difficult to digest.It was only in the final stretch to A-levels that I joined Ace Your Econs with Mr Jeffrey Teo. As many others here have echoed, the lessons here place great emphasis on practice. Mr Teo also provided a great deal of feedback to reinforce good habits in my learning. In a short span of time, I transformed my ‘S’ in mid-years to an ‘A’ at A-levels. If you are looking to improve your Econs grade and don’t mind working a little hard, joining Mr Teo would definitely be in your best interests!
i attended this tuition the year of 2022. this has helped me tremendously in improving my grades as mr teo has not only spent time outside of the lesson explains to me my misconceptions on economics but also helped me answer other economic related questions outside of the material that he has given me. he has helped me greatly in improving my economic grades and it rose from a e to and a in the course of just one year.
I was a student who attended Ace Your Econs in 2022. I’m really grateful for the guidance I received from Mr Teo, and I feel that I was able to learn a lot from the programme as a whole – I especially benefitted from AYE’s heavy focus on practices and hands on exercising of skills and content learnt, and from Mr Teo’s insightful feedback and comments on how to improve my answers.I was able to score an a at a levels (my previous highest grade was a c) 🙂 but an integral contribution to that was that AYE taught me to be more accountable, more committed, and better at managing my time, which are things that are also precious to me beyond grades alone. I would recommend AYE to students who are already good at learning about econs on their own and want a way to test their skills and knowledge; but also to students who are confused about how to study for econs, but willing to put in the effort to get better bit by bit.
I am Susan Lee. My daughter sat for her Alevels in year 2022. It has been quite a ride and I would like to share more about our journey taking lessons with Mr Jeffrey Teo. After the midyear exams, we were quite desperate and prayed over this matter. We googled for “Economics Tutor” and Mr Teo’s profile popped up. We were intrigued by how he started teaching and how he had helped so many students. By the time we started our 1st lesson with Mr Teo, it ws already end of July 2022. From the start of the programme, Mr Teo displayed a high level of professionalism, letting us know the level of commitment he was expecting from the student. As weeks rolled by, he kept us all in the loop, with consistent work and reviews for the student. The parents also received regular updates. We appreciate that Mr Teo helped our daughter keep her focus on producing work even though she was super busy . She had a lot of writing practices. We are touched by Mr Teo’s constant encouragements and kind reminders. Building up to the Econs Paper, our daughter felt more encouraged and more equipped to do her revision based on all the teaching and guidance. We were just proud of all the hard work , the improvements and just prayed for the best. We give thanks that our daughter achieved a Distinction for Alevel Economics. Such a grateful moment. Thank You Mr Jeffrey Teo- for your dedication, for helping to boost our daughter’s level of confidence. Our Best wishes for you and your family. Stay healthy and do continue to help the many students out there. God Bless you!
I found Ace Econs thru Google search. At that time, my child had just been promoted to JC2 and he was regretting taking H2 Econs. He failed badly and he was giving up hope on this subject. I found him a fresh graduate to help him out on this subject but he was still not able to gain any interest or understanding in this subject. He completely gave up when he scored a “U” .I am so grateful that I found Ace Econs and it was during the Covid period so the lessons were conducted online. Even though they didn’t have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, Jeffrey was able to connect with my teenager and befriended him to understand him better. He often updates me on the progress.My teenager gradually gain confidence in this subject even though it was tough for him to master the JC1&JC2 topics all in less than a year. As he struggled, Jeffrey was always there to encourage him.He passed his Econs for his A level. I am so grateful. Without Jeffrey’s coaching, he won’t be able to achieve a good 3 H2 passes to apply for admission to a local university.Thank you Jeffrey for believing in this young man and your patience in getting him back on his feet to press on.
Very comprehensive course, alot of online resources to utilise to help in revision.
Signed up with AYE for my son Timothy after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2.Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Jeffrey has done an excellent job to explain complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to Timothy. There was clearly a positive improvement in Timothy’s understanding and confidence in the Econs subject.Timothy has since obtained a satisfactory grade for his A Levels. Thank you Jeffrey!
My JC2 son got a S in Econs for mid year exam. I googled and found many good reviews about Mr Jeffrey. He assessed my son and tailored a package that suits him. My son started the programme in Aug and managed to improve to a D in his prelims. I am glad I have made the right choice, he got an A for his A levels! Thank you, Mr Jeffrey.
My son lost his confidence when he attained a ‘U’ for his Econs during prelims. We managed to engage Mr Teo for an intensive coaching during the last 2 months leading to A levels. We are pleasantly surprised that my son managed to achieve a ‘B’ for his A levels in such a short timeframe. Thank you Ace Your Econs!
Got to know AYE through a tutor and my girl managed to get an A for H2 during J1 under his guidance. He’s pretty strict to all her assignments and feedback to us if she didn’t submit in due date😅. Appreciate his efforts for following up closely so that she keeps in track with her work. Glad to know Mr Teo and we know she will be in good hand with him.👍
I’m a J1 student from HCJC. I got to know Mr Teo through my father and his tuition stands out from others thanks to their comprehensive resources and the accessible support that Mr Teo provides. I really appreciated the attention and personalised feedback that Mr Teo provided me with and it helped me secure good grades for my economics tests throughout the year. I would like to thank Mr Teo for all the effort he put into making his lessons as useful as possible for his students
My daughter knew she needed help, and she actively searched online and found Mr Teo. Other than (of course) the mastery of the subject and his capability to coach, Mr Teo also ensures the student submits their assignments on time. Each session’s progress is made available to the parent, and Mr Teo alerts us whenever need be, this is something I really appreciate. My daughter has improved from before she joined till the EOY exam. She started getting more confident attending Econs classes a few months after joining Mr Teo and in fact, Econs is one of her best subjects now. There was no need to think of whether to continue with Mr Teo for Year 2 or not, it’s a clear yes! I would hereby like to thank Mr Teo for his guidance and patience with my daughter during her Year 1. And I know my daughter is in good hands under Mr Teo:)Hazel WanParent of Lezanne Chua (SAJC)
Hi, i am a J1 student from SAJC. I was struggling a lot with econs at the start of the year — especially since it was a completely new subject for me. I decided to seek external help to brush up my econs and chanced upon Mr Teo’s centre (AYE) when i was researching for tuition centres online. I decided to give it a shot after reading many good reviews about AYE, and thankfully i did! My grades have definitely improved after joining AYE. Something that sets Mr Teo apart from other tuition teachers would be his effort to get to know each of his students (how their week has been etc.) He also sends encouragement letters or small gifts to celebrate your birthday or when a major exam is upcoming and i think that all these small little things make his students feel more cheerful or encouraged especially before crucial examinations. He also frequently updates my parents about my progress so that they can provide the necessary support as well. Of course, his commitment to his students is an unassailable fact. To all students or parents reading this: put your trust in mr teo!
i’m a J1 student from JPJC. I managed to get to know Mr Teo and Ace Your Econs through searching from the internet. What differentiates mr Teo from other tuition centers is the weekly practices and the reviewing of these practices he gives us which allows us to know where we went wrong and improve from there. Mr Teo also consolidates questions from the different schools which makes revision much easier. Under his guidance, I managed to get an A for my promos 🙂 I would like to thank Mr Teo for his dedicated teaching!
Enrolled my son in Ace Your Econs in J1 after hearing about it from my friend. Am glad that there are practices during lessons to drill him, better preparing him for assessments. Am satisfied with the promo results and will continue with Mr Teo in J2. Hopefully, he can do even better next year under the continued guidance of Mr Teo.
Econs is a new subject for my son Gerrard in JC1 and he needed help to better understand the concepts. Hubby knows Mr Teo and recommended that he joined AceYourEcons as there’re good reviews. Mr Teo is strict on the boy with weekly assignments and frequent tests 😅 but we all agree that hard work is needed to reap good results. Mr Teo also checked in regularly with me to understand if Gerrard is coping well. We are happy that Gerrard has done well in his promo and would like to thank Mr Teo for his guidance and hard work 👍
The journey has been a fulfilling one. Mr Teo is very encouraging and spontaneous when clarifying our doubts. Resources provided are abundant and complete, and also classes are 2-way. This is something not many classes can provide. Last but not least, I am more confident in my Econs.Just a quick update: I am currently a year 2 in NTU, pursuing a degree in Physics and Mathematics. Let me reiterate, Mr Teo has always been connecting with me since 2019, when I first met him as a tutor for my H1 Econs. I was a private candidate back in 2019, while undergoing my National Service as a Specialist in the Combat Engineer unit, coincidentally, similar vocation to Mr Teo himself.So knowing that I will have to increase my chances of going to a degree that I am interested in pursuing in NTU, I decided to spend my free time in NS (though I personally find it tough since it I am in an active unit and mostly got deployed out to other unit as a combat support), I spend whatever free time I have in my army bunk (after last parade), to catch up on homework and notes that Mr Teo and his AYE team has prepared carefully for us, to catch up and go to his classes on every weekend.The reason why I chose AYE Econs and Mr Teo himself to tutor my Econs was that he brings out the best in each student and personally I find it a unique trait that tutor in our current day and age have. He stays connected with me even though I have graduated from AYE Econs. He is committed to his cause and care equally for both private and non private candidates.As I mentioned above, since I undertook my Alevel Econs in my NS day, I was a private candidate that has to fork out my free time, to spend it on revising rather than chilling. This is what I had in mind since I rather not waste another chance and opportunity given. The programme was specially curated by Mr Teo and his team, to help all students whom are struggling but had the potential to learn well and perform well at the end of the day.Not long after, I got an A for my Alevel Econs which not only proved the ability of Mr Teo and this team but also how dedicated they are to helping students like myself who are not studying full time like back when I was in my Junior College. I would like to thank him and his team, and recently, I asked Mr Teo to be my referee for my upcoming internship at ASTAR which was pretty strict on their requirements as only 13 interns was selected every year. He was very willing to help me out and personally I find that very reassuring and I would like to once again, thank him for helping for many things, and for staying connected for graduated students.
I was a Junior College student from Raffles Institution. I decided to re-attempt my ‘A’ Level Economics paper while serving in NS, because I was hoping to improve my grade, despite the fact that I wasn’t very strong in the subject. I knew that I needed additional assistance and guidance to keep my preparation on track, especially since I was no longer in school. That was when my parents recommended Mr. Teo, who had been introduced by a friend of theirs. What immediately stood out to me about Mr. Teo was how confident he was that he would help me improve. This confidence definitely gave me a lot more assurance and peace of mind during my preparation. Furthermore, throughout my lessons, he consistently placed a great emphasis on practice, providing me with many questions and papers to do every week. He then helped to make these practices meaningful by giving me specific and insightful comments on how to improve. And while it was a heavy workload, it ultimately paid off, and I ended up seeing a great improvement in my Economics grade during my re-attempt of the ‘A’ level paper! I truly am grateful for Mr. Teo’s help!
I first searched online for an Econs tuition teacher when my daughter could not cope with the subject, failing badly all the way from JC1 to first term of JC2. To add on to the problem of failing to understand concepts and applying them to questions, she was not open to having tuition sessions or clarifying doubts with teachers in school. She wanted to try her best to do a better job by herself, which did not work out. When I saw AYE and Mr Teo’s requirement for parental involvement (parents are requested to fill up a questionnaire and know about the problem on hand) and his experience, I decided to sign my daughter up for a trial lesson. After that session, we had a talk together and I was very happy to know that Mr Teo has a whole online system set up to review and monitor every student’s progress, as well as recorded lessons for students to revise OTOT.I was very impressed with Mr Teo’s dedication. He gave feedback on assignments, monitored progress and sent me updates constantly so that I was aware of my daughter’s problems or progress. What he did was way more than a normal school teacher would do. He even held mentoring sessions with my daughter to ensure that she would have someone to talk to, whether it was with regards to Econs or her overall well-being. He even sent her a BD card and encouragement cards when it was close to exam. I am greatly appreciative of his care for students. My daughter felt very motivated through his persistent concern and encouragement.My daughter’s progress was a slow one. She had time management issues and could not finish her papers during all examinations. She even had mental block at times during exams. However Mr Teo slowly rectified her mistakes with great patience and pushed her on. She finally obtained a Pass during her Prelims and even got a C for A level exam, which was something we did not dare to dream of. This might not be an impressive grade to many. However, considering we only had less than 8 months to complete revision for 2 years’ syllabus, it wasn’t an easy feat for both Mr Teo and my daughter.I am deeply appreciative of the extra effort, time and care that Mr Teo had put in to ensure my daughter managed to achieve what we never thought would happen. And I am glad that I made the decision to choose AYE as Mr Teo is definitely a tutor who will always go all his way out to help students.
My daughter Erin needed help in Econs and I googled and chanced upon AceYourEcons. I was deciding which Econs tuition centres to go and small world that my friend knows Jeffrey as a personal friend and gave me his affirmation to put Erin under Jeffrey’s coaching. Even though the initial months of coaching did not fly Erin results high, but from a failing to passing grades. We were patience and put our confidence and trust in Jeffrey. With consistent monitoring Erin’s progress and dedicated coaching, Erin Ace an A in her A levels. Highly recommended AceYourEcons. Thank you Jeffrey and blessed to know you.From Emily, mummy of Erin.
My son was doing avg in econs in J1 but grades went downhill as he progressed to J2 mid yr exam…. That was when I panicked.My nephew recommended me to Mr Jeffrey from AceYourEcons. Having only a few mths to A level, I enrolled my son in the Intensive Program. Mr Jeffrey is indeed an ‘ace’ educator. Not only did he teach, he encouraged my son, provided routine follow up msg to update me & ask for feedback.That PASSION to guide a student is noticeable and that sets him apart from other tuition ctr.My son enjoyed his lesson & learnt well, from ‘F’ to B! To my son, Mr Jeffrey is not only his tutor, he is his friend. My only regret is not starting my son with AceYourEcons in J1 😊. Thank you Mr Jeffrey.
I recalled the first time when I made enquiry with Jeffrey (AceYourEcons) for my son who wanted to retake his A-Level as private candidate after his National Service (2 years aftee leaving school) as my son did not do well in his 1st A-level attempt when he was in JC.Jeffrey was very kind to help my son analyse his situation and explained to both of us that 2 possibilities can happen if he choose to retake his A level as private candidate – (A) resuks will be worst than 1st attempt or (B) did very well if he is very disciplined and willing to work very hard under his guidance. Jeffrey alo highlighted to my son that the chances of option A is very much higher and he must think carefully and if he wants option B to happen, he must be made his sacrifice.My son made his decision to join Jeffrey’s classes, followed his structured lesson plans, complete numerous & demanding assessments on time. Jeffrey conducts his lessons professionally, expects his students to be serious in his class and have to participate actively to answer questions or give comments. In addition to normal weekly lessons, Jeffrey also hv 1 on 1 mentor session with my son at least once a month to give him feedback and personal advice, as well as checking how he is coping with other subjects besides Econs. Jeffrey’s caring and teaching approach has inspired my son to love Econs and find the right way of learning. He was very disciplined and plan his own study calendar so as to balance his time allocation for rest of the H2 subjects as well. Jeffrey will share meaningful materials fm time to time in group chat for students / parents to read and organise sharing sessions from his former students to help motivate current students.My son received his A-Level results today and we are very pleased with his good results. He scored A for H2 Econs, a big jump from his last attempt of E.We are very grateful to Jeffrey for his very “personalised style” approach and never forget to check on students’ progress and morivate them all the time.A big THANK YOU to you Jeffrey. You have successfully influence your students by giving them the right guidance and lead them to the next level to pursue their degree.All the Best to you!
I am Mdm Tham, I got to know the tuition center through word of mouth. After attending Mr Teo’s class, my son’s showed more interest in Econs and has helped him to improve on this topic. Mr Teo also follows up on my son’s progress and updates me regularly. Mr Teo’s dedication to help my son is commendable and I would strongly recommend to others who wish to improve and excel in this subject.
I’m keith and I studied in HCJC, currently just finished A levels. I got to know Mr Teo through the recommendation of a friend who was previously taught by Mr Teo. Mr Teo is an extremely patient tutor and constantly encourages students to recap concepts and participate actively in class to gain a further understanding of the subject and clarify their doubts. After being taught by Mr Teo, my grades significantly improved from a E/S grade to a A grade.Rly would like to thank Mr Teo for his dedicated teaching and his interesting lessons 🙂
I am Karis Koh from Anderson Serangoon Junior College. As I did not perform up to expectations for my preliminary examination results, I was frantic and rushed to search for an Economics tutor. I stumbled upon Ace Your Econs on Google and decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised at how organised and in depth Mr Teo was, not just in teaching, but also in the introduction session with my mother. She was confident that with Mr Teo’s guidance, I would be able to pick myself up and ace the A Levels. Though the practices were intense and time was tight, Mr Teo placed my schedule as top priority and worked around it so as to ensure I can cope with my other subjects. I was given sufficient resources and practices to do and Mr Teo would cover all grounds for me to have a good general understanding of all topics. Before the zoom sessions, Mr Teo would mark all my work and provide me with sufficient time to look through my mistakes. During the sessions, Mr Teo would be lively and cheerful to prevent me from feeling stressed and panicky. He would answer all my questions and give me excess information to clear my doubts. He also encouraged me to jot down areas to improve on so as to not remake my mistakes. After the intensive programme, I had greater clarity and confidence in myself. I am thankful for Mr Teo for this short but meaningful journey to help me achieve my desired ‘A’.
i am one of mr teo’s j2 students from temasek jc. i joined his class in term4 ish of j1 and managed to see improvements from my S in MYA to D in overall grade! i found out about his tuition from my sister who came here in her j2 year and also saw significant grades jumps and improvements in her 1 year with him. what’s special about AYE is the special website provided, where there is a lot of useful materials like recorded lessons or practices for students to use even outside of lesson time! mr teo also keeps a very useful track record of the students so we can see progress and take note of which areas we should work on from time to time. AYE ensures that we get high quality sessions and that we don’t miss anything out!
My son Dylan has attended Mr Jeffrey Teo’s class since Aug/Sept 2021.Dylan’s failed his Econs H1 in J1 very badly. When I chance upon Mr Teo’s class, I called to enquire. As he does not conduct J1 Econs H1’s group lessons at that point on time, he recommended we do 1 to 1 lessons for Dylan, especially since his results was way below passing grade. Of course, I agreed to his proposal as well; my choices were limited afterall.The experience we have with Mr Teo was amazing. His professionalism in handling teens and his lessons from home, ie virtual teaching have demonstrated great results. Not only he delivers great understanding to the subject, able to interest/fear Dylan to do the needful, he provides encouragement and motivate the kids. On our end, we could save a lot of time for not having to travel to & fro for lessons!By the time my son took his examinations in Oct/Nov, he made it to grade B. I told everyone, it’s from zero to hero. Kudos to Mr Teo, he has delivered his mentorship with excellence and evidentially it works!Thank you for the effort Jeffrey!Charissa, mama of Dylan.

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