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Hi there! My name is Jeffrey, founder of Ace Your Econs (AYE). If you’re reading this, I assume you need help to rebuild your confidence in scoring an ‘A’ for your Econs exams. And I can promise you this: You won’t find a better H1 / H2 economics tuition coach who can better relate to your learning challenges anywhere else. Here’s why.

When I was schooling in NYJC, I used to struggle with my H2 Econs too. To illustrate how badly I had struggled, back in the old days, all major exam results used to be publicly displayed on the school notice board prior to giving each of us our student copy. The top students are ranked from the first board onwards while mine can only be found on the last notice board (this provides a good hint of my percentile too).😢

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No matter how much I had studied and practised, I always found myself stuck in the lowest band. My confidence level dived to an all time low after my promos exam. I was holding onto 4 H2s back then and most of the other subject tutors deemed me as an underdog for Econs and advised me to drop this subject. I was frustrated and at wits’ end as to what to do next.

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However, I was extremely fortunate to meet a good Econs tutor myself who truly saw the potential in me and advised against this. Thanks to the endless consultation sessions with him and his unwavering support in my second year, my confidence level gradually recovered from rock bottom. I was gradually doing better for my CSQs and Essays and towards my A-Levels, I was able fight against all odds to secure an ‘A’.  I was also able to further my passion and interest for Econs in university as a result.

Fast forward to present, before starting AYE, I was a seasoned commercial banker in two internationally-known banks. During my stints there, I worked closely with the MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) and many other reputable financial institutions and learned a lot about how policymakers apply economics policies in real life. 

In my spare time over a period of ten years, I put my real-world knowledge of economics to use by helping JC, Poly and University students with their Economics, not to mention I’ve also done extremely well for my Econs during my tertiary days too.


Honestly, at that time, I was not that keen on being a tutor due to the stresses of my day job. I was only teaching to help some family friends and colleagues’ JC children out with my H2 economics tuition services.

However, I began to slowly but surely fall in love with educating. Especially when I saw the difference I made to my students’ Econs results.

Being a commercial banker paid extremely well, but it just did not give me the personal satisfaction of being a life-changing educator. So I took the unconventional route – I quit my high-paying job, took a huge pay cut and ventured into my passion by starting AYE to transform students’ life.

My team and I were also fortunate enough to be featured in the media several times for campaigning to help private candidates and national servicemen excel on their second try in the A Levels.

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Tutor with a heart providing H2 Economics tuition

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Paying it forward with H2 Economics Tuition & H1 Economics Tuition: 


Till date, we’ve helped hundreds of students Ace their Econs with both our H1 and H2 economics tuition programmes. While Economics may be one of the hardest subjects in JC, my earlier struggles with accompanied with my decade-long coaching experience as well as experience being a commercial banker, this allows me to simplify real-world economics concepts into easily-applicable knowledge. Compared to many other traditional ways of “textbook teaching”, it’s definitely a much more effective way to learn and Ace Your Econs.

We have also moved 💯 online since 2020.

This is because we believe that your grades and confidence can be established from the convenience and comfortability of your home and there is no longer a requirement to commute to a physical place to ‘learn’ anymore. The traditional tuition model of ‘once a week’ solution is already irrelevant with this digital era. Moving online allows my team and I to deliver greater value by having multiple touch points with you on a weekly basis with our unique one-stop learning management system.

Now my team and I sincerely hope to pay it forward by helping to uncover each of your potential just like what my JC Econs tutor had done for me, knowing that not everyone is as fortunate like myself to have a tutor who also truly believed in you.

However given the limited bandwidth I have to coach A-level / JC1 students (given the sheer resources we provide to applicants who place trust and faith in our programme), I am only able to transform the lives of the first 100 students every year with both my H1 and H2 economics tuition programmes

So would you like to rebuild your confidence towards an ‘A’ together with our H1 / H2 Economics tuition programme? 🙂

Looking forward to Ace with You,
Mr Jeffrey Teo
Founder of AYE

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