AYE’s Purpose



You must be wondering – what has this diagram got to do with Ace Your Econs (AYE)? 


This is the famous golden circle used by Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and we strongly encourage all of you to read this book.

In a nutshell, the golden circle tells us that without the “why” (the purpose), the “how” and “what” fall apart.

From a student’s perspective, you may question yourself sometimes:


Why do I need to do well in Econs?

  1. Is it because I am stuck in my existing subject combination and don’t have much choice?
  2. Is it because I want to compete with my classmates?
  3. Or is it because this opens up many more local university opportunities for me?

Note that the choice of your purpose will shape how you study and what you study. And if your purpose is either #1 or #2 (or both), please have a talk with us.

Same goes to us – What is the purpose of AYE? Why should you be learning from us?

AYE’s mission is as follows:


We believe you deserve to be great again.


Have you ever been labelled by your teachers and parents as a non-performer or failure for performing poorly in exams, leading you to feel utterly disappointed with yourself? And has this disappointment pulled down your confidence, manifesting in a downward spiral of your competence-confidence loop?




Let us share one quick story to illustrate our purpose: 

Zara was a Y6 student from RI who was consistently underperforming with Ds and Es while her classmates were scoring As and Bs. As a result, she felt inferior among her classmates and her confidence level was at her all-time low when she joined us. To make things worse, the pace in her class was also significantly faster as the class as a whole was performing relatively well among the cohort. She had difficulties catching up, resulting in a vicious cycle of the competence – confidence loop. To set her up to succeed for A levels:

  1. She has to acknowledge that she has to keep asking questions and reach out for help in AYE’s programme. Being in a top school had certainly imposed a hurdle for her to ask conceptual questions in class. However in our small group classes, we do expect her to raise any concerns directly to us (there is nothing to be embarrassed about).
  2. We’ve helped her to identify a correct purpose to do her ‘A’ levels.  Knowing the ‘why’  for her is important to set in place the ‘how’s we’ve planned for her i.e the intensive practices we’ve tailored for her as well as a proper answering ACE framework.
  3. With a proper goal and the corrective measures in place, she started to see improvement in her essay and CSQ performance in our programme and her confidence level soared. This created a positive upward spiral of the confidence – competence loop.


Not only did she score her well-deserved ‘A’ with us, Zara found meaning in her A Level journey.


However, not all students are as fortunate as her to be given a chance to reset their paths. Students with poor esteem tend to spiral repeatedly downwards via the confidence-competence loop if left unchecked, resulting in being stuck with poor ‘results‘ over and over again.

And it pains us to see that so many students these days are suffering from poor esteem and low confidence in Econs (& other subjects) due to the harsh & punishing examination systems in Singapore. And so we’ve set ourselves a journey to deliver this promise to all of you: 


In our programme, you will be given an opportunity to start afresh & level your playing field in Econs to secure your well deserved ‘A’. 


But you have to take 100% ownership and put in hard-work into our demanding & rigorous programme. So would you like to rebuild your confidence with us? 🙂


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