Retake A Level Econs (Private Candidates)

Retake A Level Econs
And Ace on Your Second Try

Retake A Level Econs with the best tutor

Is this you?

Out of Touch

Especially for boys who are serving NS - haven't hit the books for a long time since A-levels and lost your study momentum.

No Guidance

Without proper school support and infrastructure, even if you've placed effort to self-practice, there is no one to guide and access your practices.

Confidence Destroyed

Your confidence in Econs has been utterly destroyed from your first attempt and you don't know how to pick yourself up.


Most private candidates struggle with these too. You are not alone… 


  • Get Prepared!

    We condition you to ace on your second try through our weekly timed practices and mandatory practices. There will also be a month end lecture test to condition you properly for A Levels this time round and you won't be out touch anymore.

  • Get Guidance!

    All your timed practices and homework will be graded with detailed feedback by Mr Jeffrey Teo to ensure you receive all the guidance you need for your second try.

  • Get Confident!

    We reinforce your confidence and passion for Econs through our interactive sessions and intensive exam drilling and show you how it is still possible to Ace your Econs on your second try

Here's what our fellow Private Candidates have to say

Solid support for NSF

Brian Tang
Private Candidate

Rigour, structure of a school system

Chan Yi Juan
Private Candidate

Small group online consultations

Private Candidate, Batch of 2017

Meet your Head coach when you retake A Level Econs with us

Best JC1 Econs Tutor Jeffrey Teo

Mr. Jeffrey Teo is the Head Coach & Founder of Ace Your Econs (AYE), renowned best-selling author of 2 Economics Guidebooks. He has been featured prominently on local media across all major media platforms. Mr. Teo has been lecturing A Levels Economics for over 10 years. He was a Senior Corporate Banker in two foreign banks before starting his own Econs Coaching Centre – Ace Your Econs (AYE). Drawing from his wealth of experience in his previous career, his interactions with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has provided him with great insights on how Macroeconomics and Macro Policies are conducted in Singapore. This makes him an attractive and ideal Econs coach due to his previous role as practitioner and current one as a teacher. To date, more than 90% of Mr. Teo’s students have experienced a significant boost in confidence for Econs within the first 3 months.

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Group tuition Schedule when you retake A Level Econs with us:

Online Schedule Timing
1.Tuesday H2 Group (Online)
7.30pm to 9.30pm
2. Friday H2 Group (Kovan)
7.30pm to 9.30pm
3. Saturday H2 Group (Online)
1.30pm to 3.30pm
4. Sunday H1 Group (Online)
9.30am to 11.30am

Here's what you will be getting when you
retake A levels Econs with us:

Google Rating
Based on 190 reviews

1. Most Trustable A Level Econs Brand

Learn from the most trusted Private Candidate Economics tuition centre in Singapore.

2. Most Demanding and Rigorous Economics Tuition

You will be pushed extremely hard to score an A in your second try by Mr Jeffrey Teo with intensive hands-on practices and guided feedbacks every week. There will also be a monthly lecture test to get you "exam-ready" for A Levels again. You have our word that this is the most demanding tuition centre you will ever find.

3. Most Structured Approach - 'ACE' Framework

You will realise your fullest potential under our proprietary ACE system specifically designed to tackle and structure essays and CSQs! This system is steered towards helping private candidates nurture their application and higher order thinking skills again, especially being out of touch for so long.

4. Most Organised Digital Solution

Instant access to a one-stop digital solution containing interactive video teachings, as well as ten years' worth of essay and CSQ practices. We also provide in-depth video analyses for those questions to prepare yourself for the national exam again.

5. Most Private Candidate Centric Tuition Centre

Say no more to ineffective mass lecture-style classes. In both our online / physical classes, to ensure you get the maximum attention, we limit our intake to 8 students per session.

However in full view of transparency,
please do not Retake A Level Econs with us if:

  • You cannot take extra practices & homework

    Our programme strongly emphasises exam exposure and practices. However, if you clearly know that you are out of touch and yet still can't be bothered for more practices & homework submission, please don't apply.

  • You are not commited for an 'A' for your second try

    We are 100% committed to push together with you. It doesn't matter if you did badly for your first attempt but you must have a strong desire to succeed in your second try. If you are just looking to scrape through again, please don't apply.

  • You have a border line RP and you're still not sure whether or not to retake

    Its better for you to bookmark this page and submit your application when you are 💯 ready.

Your investment Choice today:

Monthly Group Programme

For private candidates who want extra practice
and are looking to stay ahead of
the bell curve
$ 480

Every monthly 4 lessons includes:
  • Weekly group classes, practices & homework
  • Month end lecture test with detailed feedbacks to ensure consistent exam performance towards A-Levels exam
  • Access to our exclusive Learning Management System with a full library of recorded video lectures, self practices and video analysis of essays and case studies
  • Free monthly consult (U.P: $120)

Annual Group Programme

For committed private candidates who suffer significant backlog of catchup work and are looking for significant annual cost savings
$ 5,965

One time annual investment includes:
  • Weekly group classes, practices & homework
  • Month end lecture test with detailed feedbacks to ensure consistent exam performance towards A-Levels exam
  • Access to our exclusive Learning Management System with a full library of recorded video lectures, self practices and video analysis of essays and case studies
  • Unlimited flexi 1 to 1 consults with Mr Jeffrey Teo to personally "hand-hold" you through this crucial year of reattempting and customise a revision plan for you. Any lessons missed previously would be made up for free on 1 to 1 basis. (U.P: $6,000)
  • Retake for free if you do not score an 'A' for A Levels on your second try (U.P: $5,965)
  • Join all our J1 classes to rebuild your micro foundation (U.P: $3,720)*
  • Accelerated Learning Programme (starting every Wednesday 7.00pm during June Holidays till October, total of 24 lessons) (U.P: $2,880)
  • 2x Mock Exams to be held separately (U.P: $1,000)
  • CSQ Technique Workshop (U.P: $240)


Flexi 1 to 1 Programme

For busy private candidates
who require flexibility & personal attention of
Mr Teo
$ 1,200

Every monthly 4 lessons includes:
  • Weekly flexi classes, practices & homework
  • Customised revision plan
  • Access to our exclusive Learning Management System with a full library of recorded video lectures, self practices and video analysis of essays and case studies

* Additional one month deposit is required for monthly and flexi 1 to 1.

* J1 micro classes schedule can be found here.

All fees exclude an annual course material fee of $50 and a one time registration fee of $50.

Are you ready to be pushed beyond your limits to score an ‘A’ 

in your second try?


A: We do not encourage mixing H1 and H2 students due to the difference in exam requirements. There is a greater emphasis placed on essays for H2 students, on top of additional content as compared to their H1 peers.

There will only be one face to face JC2/Private Candidate H2 class on Friday at Kovan from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. 

Flexi 1-1 classes are highly customised & intensive sessions for students who require the undivided attention of our lead economics tutor, Mr Jeffrey Teo. Students under the annual group programme will also enjoy unlimited flexi 1-1 sessions.

We do not practise having concurrent online and physical classes as we believe it dilutes the learning experience for those attending the class online. Our online only approach ensures that the 8 participants get maximum attention. To ensure that our students learn from their mistakes, we constantly recap the content and pride ourselves in our intensity of the sessions. Every class would contain at least one timed practice, alongside a mandatory homework submission.

We understand that online poses a different set of challenges as compared to center based learning. Thus we impose a maximum intake of 8 students per online class to promote maximum interaction and engagement via Zoom. The same number of 8 students also applies for Friday's face to face class.

Everything from video lectures and worksheets can be obtained & submitted digitally through our one-stop learning management system.

No presentations are required on your side. However, Mr Teo will pose questions to promote in-class interaction. 

If there is an alternative online class within the same week, you may inform us prior to switching to the class. Alternatively, every online class will be recorded and uploaded onto our learning management system for your review. Lastly, students under the annual investment may also request for a complimentary 1-1 make up lesson.

Yes, a paid trial is available upon request, subjected to availability. 

Due to Mr Teo busy teaching schedule, adhoc consultations from students under the annual & flexi 1/1 programme will be prioritised over the rest.