Best H1 Econs Tuition for JC1/JC2/Private Candidates

Best H1 Econs Tuition for
JC1/JC2/Private Candidates

Rise Above Your Cohort
Ace Your A Levels With The Most Rigorous JC Economics Tuition in Singapore

Is This You?

Many Econs students struggle with these too. You are not alone… 

But there is a way to rise above the cohort for A Levels.

And we are here to push you harder with our JC ECONOMICS TUITION.

Here's What You Will Get From Our A Level Economics Tuition

Most Trusted JC Online Economics Tuition Centre

Learn from the most trusted JC economics tuition centre in Singapore. Say no more to ineffective mass lecture-style classes. We limit our intake to 12 students per session (both in person and online) to ensure your child gets the maximum attention. 

Mr Teo teaching key economic concepts, top quality economics tuition

A-Level Economics Tuition in The Classroom

Most Rigorous Economics Tuition

We push all our JC students to score an A in their A-level economics examination. We provide intensive hands-on practices and guided feedback every week, and monthly lecture tests to get you “exam-ready”. Our organised one-stop digital learning solution gives students instant access to interactive video teachings, ten years’ worth of model essays and CSQ practices, and in-depth video analyses for each question.

Most Structured Approach — 'ACE' Framework

Realise your fullest potential under our proprietary ACE system specifically designed to tackle CSQs! This system is steered towards helping H1 economics students nurture their application and higher-order thinking skills. Pick up fundamental economic concepts with our novel teaching methods.

analyse economic issues, economic reasoning, economic analysis, economic agents, form well reasoned economic arguments

Online JC Economics Tuition Schedule 2023

Online Schedule Timing
1. Friday Group (Online) 7.00pm to 9.00pm
2. Saturday Group (Online) 4.30pm to 6.30pm
3. Sunday Group (Online) 11.15am to 1.15pm
Group ScheduleTiming
Friday Group (In-Person)5.30pm to 7.30pm
Saturday Group (Online)10.00am to 12.00pm
Saturday Group (Online)2.00pm to 4.00pm
Sunday Group (Online)9.00am to 11.00am
Online Schedule Timing
Friday Group (Online) 4.30pm to 6.30pm
Saturday Group (Online) 10.00am to 12.00pm
Saturday Group (Online) 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Sunday Group (Online) 9.00am to 11.00am
  • Mode – All group classes can be conducted in-person at our tuition centres, or online.
  • Criteria – Our groups are 100% tailored for different examination criteria between H1 and H2. H1 students will not be doing essays and learning unnecessary H2 topics.
  • Size – To ensure healthy engagement, class size will be restricted to 12 students.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 30 days trial – Trying to decide if our lessons are suitable for your child? We understand it may be difficult to come to a conclusion from just one lesson, so we’re offering a 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD! At the end of these 30 days, we offer a full refund if you decide that we aren’t a good fit for your child, no questions asked.

Your Investment Choices

Please take note of the following:

Minimum Commitment

  • At least 2 months or 8 lessons is required for monthly group programme and flexi 1 to 1.

Changing Programmes

  • If candidates like to upgrade to the annual group programme from any of the lower-tied programmes, a one-time conversion fee of $50 applies. 

Miscellaneous Fees

  • All fees exclude an annual course material fee of $50 and a one-time registration fee of $50.

Here's What Our Students Say

Strengthen your economics grades and score an ‘A' this year! Are you ready to be pushed beyond your limits?

Signed up with AYE after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2. AYE was introduced to me by my dad. I’m Ethan, and have just graduated from SAJC.Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Mr Jeffrey Teo had been very studious and effective in reaffirming and enforcing complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to me, Ethan. Personally, I could see clear improvement in exam confidence for Econs!In hindsight, I, like many other Singaporean students, have been to few other tution sessions before in the past in my educational journey. That said, I found Mr Teo’s way of teaching rather unique; he’s able to create personalized and individualistic methods to ensure economic concepts are taught well and to ensure adequate potential is achieved. An efficient tutor, Mr Teo always seek to maximize time; like a true economist that adheres to the decision making framework haha!As a student, I am most appreciate of Mr Teo’s encouraging, dedicated and commitment nature to explain concepts with vigor. He’s not afraid to explain and revisit things that I still don’t grapple well, always desiring to ensuring fundamentals are grasped firmly. Furthermore, he is strict and meticulous in all feedback in my assignments. He’s mannerisms have made me more accountable in all that I do - a characteristic pivotal in the increasingly volatile world we live in.Safe to say, AYE has been a meaningful program for me, allowing to secure the elusive A for Econs, as well as obtain decent overall A Level grades in general. To those considering Mr Jeffrey Teo, I’m certain your efforts will be rewarded as long as you yourselves put in equal vigorous efforts. A partnership, after all, goes both ways.
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee
I am a former student of Dunman High, and I completed my A-levels in 2022.I struggled with H2 Econs for nearly the entirety of my two years in JC despite spending considerable time and effort on the subject. I dreaded lectures and assignments because I found the content overwhelming and difficult to digest.It was only in the final stretch to A-levels that I joined Ace Your Econs with Mr Jeffrey Teo. As many others here have echoed, the lessons here place great emphasis on practice. Mr Teo also provided a great deal of feedback to reinforce good habits in my learning. In a short span of time, I transformed my 'S' in mid-years to an 'A' at A-levels. If you are looking to improve your Econs grade and don't mind working a little hard, joining Mr Teo would definitely be in your best interests!
i attended this tuition the year of 2022. this has helped me tremendously in improving my grades as mr teo has not only spent time outside of the lesson explains to me my misconceptions on economics but also helped me answer other economic related questions outside of the material that he has given me. he has helped me greatly in improving my economic grades and it rose from a e to and a in the course of just one year.
aaccee -
aaccee -
I was a student who attended Ace Your Econs in 2022. I'm really grateful for the guidance I received from Mr Teo, and I feel that I was able to learn a lot from the programme as a whole – I especially benefitted from AYE's heavy focus on practices and hands on exercising of skills and content learnt, and from Mr Teo's insightful feedback and comments on how to improve my answers.I was able to score an a at a levels (my previous highest grade was a c) 🙂 but an integral contribution to that was that AYE taught me to be more accountable, more committed, and better at managing my time, which are things that are also precious to me beyond grades alone. I would recommend AYE to students who are already good at learning about econs on their own and want a way to test their skills and knowledge; but also to students who are confused about how to study for econs, but willing to put in the effort to get better bit by bit.
kelly chin
kelly chin
I am Susan Lee. My daughter sat for her Alevels in year 2022. It has been quite a ride and I would like to share more about our journey taking lessons with Mr Jeffrey Teo. After the midyear exams, we were quite desperate and prayed over this matter. We googled for "Economics Tutor" and Mr Teo's profile popped up. We were intrigued by how he started teaching and how he had helped so many students. By the time we started our 1st lesson with Mr Teo, it ws already end of July 2022. From the start of the programme, Mr Teo displayed a high level of professionalism, letting us know the level of commitment he was expecting from the student. As weeks rolled by, he kept us all in the loop, with consistent work and reviews for the student. The parents also received regular updates. We appreciate that Mr Teo helped our daughter keep her focus on producing work even though she was super busy . She had a lot of writing practices. We are touched by Mr Teo's constant encouragements and kind reminders. Building up to the Econs Paper, our daughter felt more encouraged and more equipped to do her revision based on all the teaching and guidance. We were just proud of all the hard work , the improvements and just prayed for the best. We give thanks that our daughter achieved a Distinction for Alevel Economics. Such a grateful moment. Thank You Mr Jeffrey Teo- for your dedication, for helping to boost our daughter's level of confidence. Our Best wishes for you and your family. Stay healthy and do continue to help the many students out there. God Bless you!
Susan Lee
Susan Lee
I found Ace Econs thru Google search. At that time, my child had just been promoted to JC2 and he was regretting taking H2 Econs. He failed badly and he was giving up hope on this subject. I found him a fresh graduate to help him out on this subject but he was still not able to gain any interest or understanding in this subject. He completely gave up when he scored a "U" .I am so grateful that I found Ace Econs and it was during the Covid period so the lessons were conducted online. Even though they didn't have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, Jeffrey was able to connect with my teenager and befriended him to understand him better. He often updates me on the progress.My teenager gradually gain confidence in this subject even though it was tough for him to master the JC1&JC2 topics all in less than a year. As he struggled, Jeffrey was always there to encourage him.He passed his Econs for his A level. I am so grateful. Without Jeffrey's coaching, he won't be able to achieve a good 3 H2 passes to apply for admission to a local university.Thank you Jeffrey for believing in this young man and your patience in getting him back on his feet to press on.
Patricia Shimbo
Patricia Shimbo
Very comprehensive course, alot of online resources to utilise to help in revision.
Elijah Shimbo
Elijah Shimbo
Signed up with AYE for my son Timothy after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2.Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Jeffrey has done an excellent job to explain complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to Timothy. There was clearly a positive improvement in Timothy’s understanding and confidence in the Econs subject.Timothy has since obtained a satisfactory grade for his A Levels. Thank you Jeffrey!
Cynthia Low
Cynthia Low
My JC2 son got a S in Econs for mid year exam. I googled and found many good reviews about Mr Jeffrey. He assessed my son and tailored a package that suits him. My son started the programme in Aug and managed to improve to a D in his prelims. I am glad I have made the right choice, he got an A for his A levels! Thank you, Mr Jeffrey.

Are you ready to be pushed beyond your limits
to score an ‘A’ this year?

Frequently Asked Questions

Class Information

Trying to decide if our lessons are suitable for your child? We understand it may be difficult to come to a conclusion from just one lesson, so we’re offering a 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD! At the end of these 30 days, we offer a full refund if you decide that we aren’t a good fit for your child, no questions asked.

We’re so confident in our teaching methodology that we promise your child will pass their first exam within 90 days of enrolment—or lessons become FREE until they pass! To find out more, contact us or enquire more about this guarantee during registration.

You have the option to replace all in-person classes with online classes instead.

Flexi 1-1 classes are highly customised & intensive sessions for students who require the undivided attention of our lead economics tutor, Mr Jeffrey Teo. Students under the annual group programme will also enjoy unlimited flexi 1-1 sessions.

To ensure that our students obtain sufficient exam exposure and learn from their mistakes, we constantly recap the content and pride ourselves in the intensity of our sessions. Every class will contain at least one timed practice, alongside a mandatory homework submission.

To encourage healthy interaction between in person and online students, we impose a maximum intake of 12 students per class (both in person and online).

Everything from video lectures and worksheets can be obtained & submitted digitally through our one-stop learning management system.

No presentations are required on your side. However, Mr Teo will pose questions to promote in-class interaction.

Administrative Information

If there is an alternative class within the same week, you may inform us prior to switching to the class. Alternatively, every online class will be recorded and uploaded onto our learning management system for your review. Lastly, students under the annual investment may also request a complimentary 1-1 make-up lesson.

Our classes are 100% tailored to cater for both H2 and H1 students. H1 economics students will not be practising any H2 essays nor learning unnecessary H2 topics.

For Private Candidates

Yes, we do. You can even register for our special private candidate programme here.

In Full View Of Transparency, Please Do Not Retake A Level Econs at Ace Your Econs If:

1. You cannot take extra practice & homework

Our programme strongly emphasises rigorous practice to build exam skills and confidence. However, if you clearly know that you are out of touch and yet still can’t be bothered for more practice & homework submissions, please don’t apply.

2. You are not committed to an ‘A’ for your second try

We are 100% committed to pushing together with you. It doesn’t matter if you did badly on your first attempt but you must have a strong desire to succeed on your second try. If you are just looking to scrape through again, please don’t apply.

3. You have a borderline RP and you’re still not sure whether or not to retake

It’s better for you to bookmark this page and submit your application when you are 💯 ready.