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Our JC Econs Mock Exam

JC Econs Mock Exam

With the reduced emphasis on exams as highlighted by Ministry of Education, junior colleges (especially JC1s) are starting to scrap major exams to reduce exam loads. While this free up time and resources for students to prepare for exam, this also significantly reduces their exam-readiness and they may find themselves under-prepared for exams without earlier checkpoints and feedback on how they are doing.

Mock Exam Objectives

Our JC Econs mock exam series is carefully designed to get exam candidates ready for their upcoming exams. As such, the main three objectives are to:

  1. Test for gaps and understanding: Most candidates won’t know they have a ‘blindspot’ in their understanding until received their marked scripts. As such, our JC Econs mock exam series are designed to cover common gaps and blind spot topics in exams that are often overlooked by candidates. 
  2. Gauge students’ ability to handle exam pressure: Some exam candidates tend to ‘blank out’ in exams despite being adequately prepared. This is a classical illustration of ‘choking’ when even top school students are not attuned to exam pressure and intensity, especially if they are from the IP track. They often give way to negative self talks in the exam hall and their performance starts spiraling down. Our JC Econs mock exam series are designed to help candidates uncover such adverse exam situations and quickly snap them out of these negative self talks. 
  3. Build Exam Stamina: Just like any other regular sports, undergoing a high intensity examination requires significant focus and body stamina with ample preparation and conditioning work involved. By putting them through long hours of exam conditioning, they will be more acclimatized to the exam rigorousness in actual school Promotional exams, Prelim exams and ultimately the A-Levels.

Topics Covered

Comprehensive Content Coverage

JC Econs Mock Exam 1 (30th May):

  • JC1- All micro topics except firms and decisions.
  • JC2 / Private Candidates – All micro and macro topics except international trade.

JC Econs Mock Exam 2 (9th Aug, National Day):

  • JC1 – All micro.
  • JC2 / Private Candidates – All micro and macro.

H1 and H2 students will seat for separate papers.

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Schedule, Exam Format and Venue

We conduct two JC Econs mock exams annually. The first one will be conducted on 30th May (Thurs) while the second one will be conducted on 9th Aug (National Day). Mock Exams are conducted strictly in-person.

First JC Econs Mock Exam (30th May):

  • JC1 H1 – 3pm to 4:30pm (1 CSQ)
  • JC1 H2 – 3pm to 5:05pm (1 CSQ + 1 Essay)
  • JC2 H1/Private Candidate H1 – 3pm to 6pm (2 CSQs)
  • JC2 H2/Private Candidate H2 – 3pm to 5:30pm (2 CSQs)

Second JC Econs Mock Exam (9th Aug):


Venue – Staytion Lifestyle Centre @ Dhoby Ghaut MRT (Dhoby Xchange), 11 Orchard Rd, B1-13 Dhoby Ghaut, Singapore 238826

Capacity – First 30 only.

Materials – Gradings with step-by step video guided solutions and answer keys will be provided. Candidates will also be benchmarked against the rest of the candidates to know how they fared.

Fees and Payment

For mock exam 1, we have an early bird promotion of $200 (U.P $250, ending on 30th April or when slots are filled, which ever first).

Kick-start Your/Your Child’s Exam Preparation 

Exam prep with AceYourEcons

AceYourEcons‘ aim to provide candidates with proper exam feedback on where they are right now in their journey to prepare for Promos and A-levels so they won’t be caught off-guard in the actual exam itself. 

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