JC2 Testimonials

Video Testimonial from Students:

Hi I’m Chevon from Temasek Junior College. So the problem I had before I entered AYE was that I couldn’t really interpret questions well. So I really couldn’t identify what the question was asking for. But after coming into AYE, with the many timed practices and help, I managed to better identify the questions and directly answer the questions and it enabled me to get better marks. In the recent MYA, I managed to get an ‘A’, which is a major improvement from a ‘C’, which I found was quite hard to escape that band of marks. So I think generally it managed to help me in terms of not only time management but better understanding of questions.

Chevon Tay, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

Hi I’m Ru En. I was from Temasek JC. I joined AYE at the end of J1, and from getting a ‘U’ in Econs all the way till Prelims. I actually scored an ‘A’ in H2 Econs. So what I really appreciated about the AYE Programme since joining was the fact that there was a proper, Mr Teo was able to properly feedback to me whenever I did my essays or Case Study Questions. He was able to guide me along as to where my mistakes were, promptly give me feedback. He could cater to my pace because I tend to absorb Econs concepts slower compared to my peers in school. So with that Mr Teo was able to help me explain at my own pace and simplify concepts down such that I can understand better. Also what I really enjoyed about AYE was just that fact that all around, there was support coming from not just Mr Teo but also my friends that I’ve made here. Be it coming from Temasek JC like myself or even other school friends. I’ve managed to keep in touch with quite a significant amount of them, even after the AYE programme and that just shows that with their guidance and support that we are all in this to eventually get an ‘A’. So what I have to say to Mr Teo is just, hey ‘cher, thank you for all the guidance and support that you have given me over the last two years. You know, even when the times that I gave up on myself, you still didn’t give up on me. You still had the confidence and belief in me that I could still do it. And also with my AYE friends, they have been pivotal in helping me achieve the ‘A’ as well.

Teh Ru En, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

I’m Brian Tang, I’m a private candidate. I took my A Levels in 2017 and I retook my Econs in 2019. Between 2018 to 2019, I was serving my national service. There are challenges that I faced when I had to manage both AYE and national service. So some of the challenges that are faced mainly, were I had to do regimental duties and I had a lot of NDP practices during weekends, which clashes with the AYE schedule. Other than that, I did not have much time in camp because my unit was really active. So I did not have much time to practise. What AYE has done for me, mainly the online consultations with Mr Teo via Skype. Their WhatsApp also, Whatsapp-ing questions. Also, with the excuse letters written by them to miss some of my regimental duties for AYE to catch up on what I’ve missed. I have improved my Econs grade from a ‘D’ in 2017 to an ‘A’ in 2019. I have improved tremendously due to AYE. I would like to thank them for their contribution and their support especially Mr Teo, who has been a very patient and understanding tutor.

Brian Tang, Private Candidate,
H1 Econs, Class of 2019

Hello, my name is Nicole from Temasek JC and my biggest problem was that I could not finish in time because I write very slowly and basically like my Micro was very very weak so I was getting ‘U’ all the way from J1 and then my Econs was so bad, I had to be retained. I repeated and I took H2 Econs and it was still very bad. I wanted to give up. But in the end I came to AYE, it wasn’t so much of like a lecture style that I didn’t like because a lot of tuitions offered lectures and just go through whatever we already covered in school. But here was more like practice and I got to actually do it under the time conditions that really helped mimic the exam and it helped me cope with the exam stress. So recently for (I’m J2 now) and my recent MYA, I got a ‘B’ which is a great improvement from what I got in my Promotional exams which was like ‘U’ or ’S’ so it was a great improvement. And I think in the intangible aspect that I gained, was more of like the confidence I have now in terms of facing an essay – even if it’s an essay I’ve never seen before, I don’t feel as scared as I was previously.

Nicole Ler, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

Hi I’m Elaine from Hwa Chong and before joining this tuition I had problems interpreting the questions and then I didn’t know what skills to use for writing and I didn’t have enough practice but after joining this tuition, I realized that with practice and with skills on how to write better essays and case studies, you’ll be able to improve very fast because I got a ‘U’ in J1 and in the recent block tests, I got a ‘C’.

Elaine Lim, HCI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

My name is Yi Juan and I retook the A Levels last year, so 2019. The first one I did in 2018, I pretty much flunked Econs and all my other subjects. So I was looking to come to AYE to find someone to take a look at my scripts every time, and then just making sure that I was on the right track with my improvement. Or that I was getting the key ideas out of Econs, because Econs is quite an uncertain subject. So Mr Teo as a teacher; I would say he’s very very caring. Not only he cares about Econs, he also cared about my other subjects. He will always remind me to study for them, even as he was providing us with a lot of mock tests. I was highly encouraged to review the entire syllabus again. At the start of every lesson, he would rewrite the key concepts. During his camps as well, that was very helpful because it just gave me an entire week of refresher. So another thing about the AYE programme is that I really liked the timed practices and the number of mock exams that were made available to the students. Those are very very important, I think especially for private candidates, because we don’t have that kind of rigour and structure of the school system to force us to have all these time practices under supervision. So I think that was ultimately one of the biggest contributors to helping me get that ‘A’ finally in my retake. So to any of the future private candidates watching this video, I would just like to say If you have time and if you unsure about your Econs at this moment, just come down for a trial class. I think you will find that all these practices and all these refreshers, on and on every single class will really ultimately help you in the end.

Chan Yi Juan, Private Candidate,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

Hi my name is Gwen and I am J2 now. One of the biggest problems that I faced before coming to AYE was that I didn’t really have the knowledge on how to answer questions in Econs, both essays and CSQs. When I came here, Mr Teo really taught me a lot about how to structure your essays and how to answer CSQ questions and even taught us how to do different types of analysis such as ADAS analysis and the Marginalist principle. I also attended quite a few J1 lessons (note: optional, students can choose to attend) and it was a very good refresher to help recap a lot of content so ya, I learnt a lot. For my improvement, I improved from an ‘E’ grade to a ‘B’ grade in my block tests.

Gwendolyn Ser, HCI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019

My name is Sharlyn and I’m from TJC. So I joined Ace Your Econs because my Econs just wasn’t good. And I always didn’t have time to finish my paper and I wasn’t very sure of the content. When I joined the tuition, they made us do practices every week and that reinforces the concepts and I found that after joining this tuition, I didn’t need to study Econs as much anymore and I could focus more time on other subjects. When people were busy studying for Econs, because I had weekly tuition, I didn’t have to focus that much on it and I could just review everything just before the exam and still do pretty okay, so therefore I got a four-grades improvement from the past to my Prelims.

Sharlyn Seet, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2019

Hi I am Regine from TJC. I came to Ace Your Econs last year at the end of J1 because I decided I had to do something for my ‘U’ grade for Promos. Before I came to AYE, I used to struggle with lack of practice and time management because I didn’t let myself do lot of practices so coming to AYE, they guided us and forced us to do a lot of weekly practices like CSQ and these weekly assignments called SOIL (Student Online interactive Learning). And I thought it was very very beneficial for me so the improvements I made since I came to AYE was that initially I wasn’t able to do more than half of my exam paper but now I am able to finish the paper, which is why I improved from a ‘U’ in MCTs to a ‘C’ in Prelims.

Regine Tan, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2019

Hi, I’m Zara, I’m from RI and I was in the Accelerated Learning Programme at AceYourEcons. One thing I struggled with before I came to AYE was an inability to structure my answers and responses properly, because you know, it was just very difficult for me to latch on to something like that because I’m a pretty unstructured person myself. And I feel like the practice and the support that I got from AYE is one thing that was instrumental in helping me achieve the results that I inevitably got, and yeah, besides the tangible results which was very good–I aced my Econs–I also gained intangible things like confidence and writing skills that I would not have gotten if I were on my own. So yeah, I highly recommend it!

Zara Kimiri, RI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

Hi I’m Elizabeth from Eunoia JC. Before coming for AYE, I struggled a lot with structuring my answers because I was quite clear on Economics concepts, but I had difficulty applying them to specific answers and coming up with the points itself. So when I came to AYE, they taught me how to structure my answer. Usually we need 3 points for a certain number of marks. It meant that it gave a me a lot more clarity in terms of how I should answer and it gave me a lot of better flow in terms of structuring it as well. I also faced a lot of issues in my time management because I would spend too much time or too little time on a question. Because here we need to specifically time ourselves. So it meant that when exams came, I was a lot more clear on the time and I was also more used to practicing. Since coming here my grades have improved from an ‘E’ throughout J1 to about a ‘C’ in my MYE after about four months here.

Elizabeth Koh, EJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

My name is Justin Chua. I’m from SAJC. Before coming to AYE, I’ve always believed that Economics was all about absorbing information and then regurgitating them in the exams. And that really cost me to lose quite a lot of marks and not gain marks that I wanted for Econs examinations. After coming to AYE, I realised that there’s more to Econs than just regurgitating the information and content. There’re also other things like scope, question types and understanding questions and keywords. I really did not know there was this part of Econs that existed that really was a huge component in gaining marks. After coming to AYE, I learnt many question types, keywords, how to understand and deconstruct questions. As I apply it to my exams now, especially after my Block Test 1, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my marks compared to my MSAs or even last year’s examinations. This has really helped me not only understand Economics concepts or gain method marks, but also allowed me to have a deeper understanding of questions in general, especially in CSQs and essays.

Justin Chua, SAJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

Hi, my name is Rachel Chew and I’m from TPJC. One of the problems I used to struggle with before coming to AYE was that I didn’t have a lot of scope in my essays. I had a lot of problems conceptualizing my notes from my school. I really had a lot of error with all the writing. I struggled a lot with my time, I had a lot of time issues. I didn’t know which graphs to use when and basically, a lot of the common issues I feel like a lot of people suffer from. Coming to AYE, it really helped me with building up my scope. Because of all the practices that we get in both CSQ and essays really helped me build up my economic strength in a lot of areas, from timed assignments to both knowledge and the broad range of questions that they have here. Because of this, I’ve been able to go from a ‘U ‘to a ‘B’ now.

Rachel Chew, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

I am Michaelia Tan and I’m from Temasek Junior College. One problem that I faced prior to joining AYE is that I did not have the concepts so I wouldn’t know what to write when seeing different kinds of questions. One solution that AYE has brought for me is that they have classified the questions into different types and gave me a better understanding of what kind of format I should use to deal with such questions. This helped me secure a lot of marks. One tangible result that I had obtained after joining AYE is that I secured 94th percentile for my Econs so it’s such a great great improvement in my results prior to joining AYE.

Michaelia Tan, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

I’m Javier, a student from Nanyang Junior College and I’m currently taking H2 Econs. I came to know about this programme through an Instagram advertisement and I was curious so I clicked on it and I saw that they produced many good results so I was interested to try it out. Before I joined Ace Your Econs, my biggest difficulty was trying to grasp the concepts and learning how to apply them. After joining, I experienced a lot of help through the online lectures and also the very informative tutorials. My results have proven so because I’m currently the second highest in class for Econs for my block test. I’m very thankful for Ace Your Econs.

Javier Chan, NYJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

My name is Gladys Koh and I’m from National Junior College. My number one problem before joining AYE was that I didn’t know how to actually memorise all the concepts and the definitions that were given in the notes and that I didn’t know how to structure my essays well.

But after I joined AYE, I knew how to actually structure my essays well and with all the interesting tutorials and the online lessons, I actually get to know the Economics concepts well and I can grasp it and I can write on my essays very efficiently.

Gladys Koh, NJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

I’m Johnathan, I’m from Jurong Junior College and I’m J2 this year. Previously before joining AYE, I faced a lot of challenges in Economics because I had very weak foundation. I usually get consistent ‘U’s throughout my entire J1 life until miraculously I was able to have a ‘D’ for my Promos, which was amazing. But after that, my beloved teacher went away and I crashed down again in J2 so I got a ‘U’. Although I did do well for like a major exam, my results were not consistent, so I started to panic a little and so that’s when I approached AYE for additional help. The common problems that I face prior to joining AYE was that I had very low confidence in the subject because seeing ‘U’s all the way was kind of demoralising in a way. My school didn’t really give a lot of practices, like weekly practices. Sometimes, consultations were a little bit unclear by the tutors. I’m also unfamiliar with the answering techniques that I need to use for answering typical Economics questions. And so after coming to AYE, I was able to overcome these challenges through the proper structure of the answering techniques that we’ve learnt, through the ACE technique. I also learnt from the STEAL technique as well in order to improve my writing capabilities for CSQs. That really helped me a lot because for my Mid Years, just a couple of weeks back, I actually got a ‘B’. Yay! It was very close to an ‘A’ but I regard it as an ‘A’ but it’s fine, it’s a major feat for me. These are part of the bountiful benefits of coming to AYE.

Johnathan Ling, JJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2018

Hello I’m Rohit, I’m from NJC and I take H2 Economics. Before I came to AYE, I had many problems with my Economics because I didn’t know how to manage my time and I had some problems trying to write proper economic concepts in my paper and I didn’t know how to phrase my answers using proper economic terms. After I came to AYE, Mr Jeffrey helped me clarify a lot on the concepts and he also gave a very structured way to plan out essays. He gave us, for CSQs, a timeline which helped me with my time management. Through that, I have noticed tangible improvements in my grades. Previously I got ‘E’ for Econs but after coming to AYE for approximately 6 months, I improved to a ‘B’ for my block tests. I’m very grateful.

Rohit, NJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

Hi I’m Gerald, I’m from Tampines Junior College. When I first joined AYE, I had difficulties with lack of resources and also practice. But after I joined AYE, due to the numerous timed practices that they have, the mock exams that they have before every major juncture, such as A Levels, as well as school examinations, I was able to get the practice and have the resources that I need, especially since they are in-house resources provided by Mr Jeffrey. And as a result, I have seen improvement in my grades from ‘D’ at the start of this year in my Common Assessments to a ‘B’ in my Prelims.

Gerald Yeo, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

Hi my name is Darren Lim, I’m currently studying in Temasek Junior college. My first problem when I first started out studying H1 Economics was application, mainly application. Although I study hard, I studied my lecture notes, I understand basically most of the Economics concepts, but when it comes to answering CSQ questions, it’s much of a very huge problem for me, and that resulted in me getting an ’E’ and a ‘D’ for my Econs results which did not meet my expectations. Coming to AYE, AYE has helped me to better understand the application – how to better apply these concepts such as through question analysis. Mr Teo’s lecture recordings has helped me to better analyse question types and to use fixed structures on how to better answer these questions. These structures allow me to better organize my ideas and to answer the questions straight to the point and present a clear answer, not to piss the markers off to a very large extent. Although one of my personal problems is my handwriting, but with Mr Teo’s helpful question analysis and answer organization, I was better able to express my ideas to the marker and this allowed me to improve by two grades by Prelims, and hopefully by A Levels, I might improve another two grades to gain my Distinction.

Darren Lim, TJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2018

Hi I’m Marcus, I’m from Tampines Junior College. Before I joined AYE, I had a lot of problems facing – I didn’t know how to structure my essays, my content was very weak. That caused me to get a ‘U’ for my exams consecutively. After joining AYE, through the rigorous practice and many mistakes that I made, I had a tremendous improvement from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’. AYE helped me a lot by allowing me to gain a lot of confidence in myself and my Economic ability. Through the, not only practices to help me improve my structuring, but also my content through the videos online.

Marcus Hu, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018

Regina: How I found out about this programme was my senior. She introduced to a group of us and she was talking about this programme. She said she had went through it and she said that it was very good. I decided because I had quite weak Econs knowledge and really bad grades, I tried to study myself and I tried to follow the school’s way of teaching but I still couldn’t get it somehow. I decided to join this programme because I felt that I really needed someone to help me. Otherwise I will just be remaining the same throughout. What I felt before joining this programme was that I wasn’t very sure how to answer the question. I found it like some GP kind of way. But after joining AYE, I realised that there was actually a kind of technique that I could apply while doing my essays and answering my questions and it made me a lot more confident. Even though my grades are slowly improving, they don’t jump from an ‘S’ to an ‘A’ straight away, but they are slowly improving and I feel more sure of myself. I feel more revised. I feel like I understand more now than I did before. That’s why I joined this programme.

Nicole: How I found out about this programme is through Regina. She is my super close friend and we take the same subject combination. So then she told me about the Econs programme. The problem that I face in school is that the school notes are really thick. There’s a lot of explanation for each factor and there’re a lot of factors. In the AYE programme, through the videos, notes are short and concise and it’s not very naggy. So it’s a lot easier to understand and makes Econs a lot easier and the concepts are also very easy to understand. And also through the videos, which are more convenient than the school lectures. Because the videos are customized so then we can personalize it and times 2 or times 1.5 (video speed) if you want. I think the programme helped me through answering the question. Last time, I couldn’t really answer Econs questions because I didn’t know what to answer, like whether it’s analysis or what kind of question they are asking so I improved through the weekly practices.

Regina Lee (right) & Nicole Kan (left)
TJC, H1 Econs
Class of 2017

My initial challenges in learning JC Econs were that I understood the content but I somehow wasn’t scoring in my practices and my exams. I was really confused as to how to improve and I wasn’t sure what to do.

When I joined Ace Your Econs, Mr Jeffrey has helped me to really understand what’s important and where I’m going wrong. It’s not that I didn’t understand my content fully, but it was just how I was applying it. I improved a lot because through the online lectures and the tutorials face to face every lesson, it’s really helped me to understand what’s important, what to look out for.

And also through the structure of my writing because I feel like that was one of the main determinants of why I wasn’t doing as well as I should have been. I feel like after learning about the ACE structure and how to structure my essay properly, I’ve really improved in terms of how I’ve been scoring. Also, it helped to reinforce my understanding of certain concepts and just the content in general.

As well as for my CSQ, at first I want sure about where I’m going wrong but now, I’ve learnt about the different question types and how to answer specific questions. My CSQ grades have gradually improved over time. And I’ve only been in the programme for 6 months.

Beverly Choo, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

Before coming for this tuition, I didn’t really understand the Economic concepts taught in school. When I was preparing for my exams, I just memorised my notes and hoped that I would be able to apply them in my essays. But that isn’t very right because I didn’t have the structure of the essay.

But after coming for this tuition, I feel like I understand the questions better even when I’m listening to lectures in school. I’m able to apply what I learnt in my essays. With the weekly practices under timed conditions, I feel like I’m more comfortable and confident in finishing my essays within the time. Mr Teo is very patient towards weird questions that we ask. He also tries his best to answer them so I think this tuition is quite beneficial.

Jamais Ang, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

I think that the problems I faced in usual JC life is that sometimes it’s quite hard to understand what the lecturer is talking about especially when the lecturer talks really really fast then he just goes on and goes on. At the same time, it’s because when I sit in the lecture then he goes too fast, if I’m not able to catch up, then I’ll probably tend to fall asleep. When he goes too fast, if you miss the detail, you tend not to be able to catch up with whatever lecturer is saying then you need to go back all the way to the beginning, go back home and revisit the lecture. It’s really very time-consuming when it comes to that. I usually tend not to do it because once a fear is instilled, you already got ‘U’ for Econs, you don’t feel like working for that subject anymore. Then you kind of really give up. I guess that was, I think year 1 towards the end, when I really wanted to give up. But then had to promote, so I just study and do Econs, then I just nice passed.

How Mr Teo and the programme really helped me, I think one aspect is really through the lecture videos. The lecture videos are clear and concise and they don’t really take up a lot of time. I think the best thing is that it covers a lot of the content. One thing about the programme is about understanding, internalising the concepts and what they actually mean. Because in the lecture when you go to fast, you just want to memorise. You don’t really understand and internalise what you are learning. You just memorise for the sake of memorising so you can pass your essay. But that’s the thing about Econs. Because Econs is like you must be able to understand because the questions that may come out really varies and there’s a large range of different questions. So it’s more of understanding rather than just memorising and spitting out.

Last year I don’t even think I write as many essays as for a few lessons in this programme. It’s about application because when you practice and practice more, whatever you understand you still need to apply because even if you memorise doesn’t mean u can apply in the paper. I guess that really helped me a lot, application. A lot of exercises. Because of the reviews that he gives, it is very easy for me to receive feedback and very easy for me to improve. So whenever I make notes, I look back at the reviews and I’m able to improve my notes even better so that I can remember it better and apply it again. So it’s a positive internal feedback loop.

Darius Tan, TPJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

I’m Yoshiki from Tampines Junior College. Before I came here, I was struggling a lot with my CSQ like how to answer because CSQs have a lot of focus on hitting the points but I wasn’t able to do that. After spending less than half a year here, I’ve already improved a lot in my CSQs. It’s one of my strongest points in my Econs right now. Because now I’m a lot better at identifying and pointing out the points required for the questions.

Kaneko Yoshiki, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My name is Khong Shi Yun and I’m from Temasek Junior College. One problem I had before I came to this programme is that I had problems writing my essays because I didn’t know what exactly the rigour was and I didn’t know what format I should write for my CSQ as well as my essays. So every time, I always get very low scores.

But after my friend recommended me here, I learnt the CAST technique, STEAL technique and ACE technique like the format of how to write essays, which helps me to write essays better and more fluent. Because markers know what I’m writing, therefore I get better scores now. I’m very thankful for that, because of the techniques and the points that I have to know, all these things just all come together and helped me improve my Econs.

Khong Shi Yun, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

One major problem that I had before I entered AYE was the fact that I didn’t know how to answer the questions because there were too many different jargons and I didn’t know how to use them appropriately.

After entering AYE and looking at Mr Teo’s answer scripts, I found that there’s actually a pattern in the answering techniques and I realised that in every single set of answers, it’s kind of repetitive so it kind of allows you to understand and remember the techniques because it drills into your head like how you’re supposed to answer a certain question. I think his programme is really very helpful and it’ll really be very beneficial for people who are experiencing the same problem.

Tan Ying Xuan, MJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

I first learnt about this programme from my friend who saw your [Mr Jeffrey Teo] post on Instagram. And she introduced this programme to me. I was struggling a lot with Econs. I think my greatest challenge for Econs was that I didn’t have enough timed practice. The moment I do a timed assignment, it’ll be during lecture tests and exams.

Coming for this programme helped me in the sense that I get a lot more practice so I get more comfortable with answering questions under timed conditions. It helps me think better in timed conditions so that it helps me to prepare better for my actual tests and the exams. This programme helped in that sense. Coming here helped me to reinforce my concepts because in school, I may think that I know something but coming here, you [Mr Jeffrey Teo] actually ask questions that get us thinking. I think it helps. The learning environment here, even though it is very fun and we joke a lot, but it’s still conducive for learning.

Cheyenne Sin, NYJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My aunt recommended me the programme because she knows you [Mr Jeffrey Teo].

Before I started the programme, I had problems with essays, in terms of content and what to write, and basically structure. So during the programme, you [Mr Jeffrey Teo] taught about the flow, how to structure essays and how to evaluate all these things. And then plus the content was quite detailed so it is really easy to understand because in school they usually teach more, but here it is more precise and straight to the point. Plus the online lectures really helped, because you can do it at your own pace.

Justin Low, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2017

I’m Lydia, I’m from SAJC. Before I changed to this programme, one of my major problems was I was always hovering at the passing, not passing CSQ. I tend to write too much and out-of-point. For my essay, it was also about there because I didn’t know exactly what structure to use when I wrote my essay.

But coming to the AYE programme, it helped me to, especially the 4 step (ACE approach) and the evaluation and the CSQ, all guides, they all helped me to understand how to approach the question and how to answer it. On top of that, the lectures on the content helped me to compartmentalize all the information that was taught. That helped me to improve my essay and my CSQ.

Lydia Tian, SAJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

Hi my name is Rachel and I’m a private candidate this year and I’m repeating my A levels. My number one difficulty prior coming to Ace Your Econs would be question analysis and I would always misinterpret the question and write what is not necessary.

This led me to fail and after coming to AYE, the consistent practice every week even though it’s very tedious but it showed me where my errors are and allowed me to improve. I actually noticed myself being able to interpret correctly and write what is necessary, not excessive.

Rachel Low, Private Candidate (Formerly from PJC)
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My name is Ken Hao. I am retaking my A levels this year as a private candidate. As a private candidate, there are many different concerns that you might have such as lack of a good support system and lack of regular rigour that school candidates have.

With this programme, I liked the rigour that the programme gives in terms of the weekly practices and also the stronger support system in terms of videos I can watch from home and I can prepare myself without needing a lot of external help. It makes me a lot more confident than other tuition providers that might not offer such a strong support system for private candidates.

Phuah Ken Hao, Private Candidate (Formerly from TJC)
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

Hi I’m Charlotte and I’m a private candidate this year. Prior coming to AYE, I feel that I don’t really have much experience in Econs and my doubts are not really clarified with my teachers. After coming to AYE, I feel that through all the videos and all the lessons that I have, I’ve a better understanding of Econs. I have a lot of fun here because Mr Teo is a very enjoyable person and I get to learn more about Econs.

Charlotte, Private Candidate
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My name is Azza and I’m a private candidate. Before this, I had a two-year gap from Econs. My one problem with my Econs is that I have problem with my time management and my understanding and I may have lost of touch with Econs.

What AYE has helped me is that not only do we have timed practice weekly, we have time set for part a and part b and allows me to manage my time better. We also have small group online consultations as well for us to further clarify doubts or any enquiries that we have for different questions that we do in our practices with the AYE tutor.

Azza, Private Candidate
H1 Econs, Class of 2017

I am Alicia from Temasek JC. Before I came to AYE, the first problem I faced was actually lack of discipline and practice. After coming here, with all the lectures online, and it’s very freely available, and all the notes and practices every week help to strengthen my content knowledge. I can have no problem with content and can tackle harder questions easier.

Alicia, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My name is Pearline Cheng. I’m from Innova JC. My number problem before coming to AYE is drawing graphs.

I have problems drawing graphs because my school didn’t touch on most of the graph stuff. Learning about all the market structure graphs and the tax-subsidy diagrams really helped me to understand better. Another thing I benefitted from AYE is the amount of timed practices that we had. Previously when I had to encounter a question in school, I had difficulties approaching the question, especially question interpretation. I was also a bit scared because in school there wasn’t a lot of practices done.

After coming to AYE, we did a lot of practice, every lesson there’s a practice so I think I’ve become more confident in doing it. Those are my biggest takeaways from here.

Pearline, IJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

I am Sarah from Temasek Junior College. I was introduced to Ace Your Econs by my friend Charmaine because she told me that the tuition has helped her a lot in improving her Econs. So I felt that because I was really struggling a lot, that’s why I needed the help to get myself, for my Econs to be better.

One thing that I really struggled in Econs was the lack of practice. I felt that I didn’t have enough practice which led me to not understanding a lot of content. And my time management was really bad. In AYE every week we do essays consistently. And because of the multiple practices, I find myself being more confident in managing my time and also in helping to deliver my essay with greater clarity and with better content.

So I think all the video resources that AYE has provided has helped me to be clearer in my understanding of Econs and to slowly see myself improving. For me because of all the practices, I see myself improving from a U to a D and then gradually to a C (in Prelims) and I think it might just be a gradual improvement but for me, I feel that if we slowly consistently practise, we’ll be able to get there.

Sarah, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

Hi I’m Aaron Cheong. I’m from TJC. And I joined the Accelerated group around September. When I first joined, I came in with quite ‘shitty’ foundation of Economics and I think I have huge time issues especially with time management. Even when I was able to somehow get my work going on, I think that sometimes I’m unable to understand and apply the content that I’m learning to the question. There’s not a structure for you to follows as well especially in essays.

So upon joining this programme, I found that I’ve learnt quite a lot in whatever I applied. I especially found the ACE structure that Mr Teo taught us to be very useful in crafting our essay because I realised that many schools were not able to give a definite structure for students to follow. Like there were many model essays given but there was not a structure highlighted to the students for them to follow. I realised that the ACE format was the clearest way to bring out the structure for essay to follow.

I also think that in the programme, it trained me a lot in time discipline. Because Mr Teo will ask us to draw timelines and strictly adhere to the timing during our timed exercises and I find that to be very useful in instilling discipline in my work and to follow a strict timing which will be very important in the exams.

Aaron, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

My name is Soo Yang. I was an ex-CJC student. I ORD from army already. I actually took a 2-year gap year during army and never studied at all. After coming out of the army, there’re a lot of problems because you spent too much time not studying and without the help of your school, it’s very hard to study after that. There’s no help at all. You can’t really ask your previous teachers because they left and everything, which brings us to AYE (Ace Your Econs).

I joined here because there’s a lot of support and the welfare was really good. After joining, Mr Teo and his colleagues helped a lot because of the resources they provide. They have online lectures. They give a lot of practice like every week you do around 2 to 3 practices. If you have any problems, he will help you a lot, especially because after you come out from JC with no help at all, it’s even better because now you actually have a way and someone to help you. It’s better than other tuitions actually because of the sheer amount of resources that they provide and give you. It’s very good.

Soo Yang, Private Candidate (Formerly from CJC)
H1 Econs, Class of 2017

Firstly, I started Ace Your Econs at March 2017. Before that I have no tuition at all. I found out Ace Your Econs through browsing through Instagram and I was like why not just try it out?

And the greatest difficulty as I have revealed to Mr Jeffrey was that I couldn’t apply my economic knowledge to my CSQ, which caused me to always get single digit, around 8 to 9 out of 30.

Then after joining Ace Your Econs, there are very useful workshops, especially for the CSQ practices which really taught me how to answer short and sweet and apply relevant economics context and not write too much but write to the point, which helped me improved my CSQs in my mid years quite dramatically from a single digit to not just a pass but actually getting 20 out of 30, which really pulled up my grade for Econs, from an ‘S’ (Year 1 Promos) to ‘C’ (Year 2 Mid Year Exams), which I find that is a really great improvement.

Huang Ziwei, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017

I am Yi Min and I’m from Meridian Junior College. I found out about this programme from Instagram ads. I decided to take a look and join Econs tuition because my Econs grades were really bad. Before I joined the tuition, my number one challenge that I faced was that I couldn’t understand how to write essays and all and every time writing essays is like a chore to me and every time attending tutorials in school, I felt like I couldn’t understand anything at all and I don’t know where I can find help and how I can improve myself. Every time before tests I just read answers but that doesn’t work at all. So I decided to give it a try at Ace Your Econs. Ace Your Econs helped me a lot. By attending all the Ace workshops and do weekly essays, I found that I have been improving about my essay writing and also CSQ techniques. That made me improve my Econs grades from 18th percentile to 68th percentile for the mid-year exams this year.

Yi Min, MJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2017

The first few challenges that I faced when learning Econs were that Econs was very content-heavy and it was very difficult to find out what was important in Econs. In my school, the style of teaching was that the teachers would bombard us with information and we just copy down notes without really absorbing the important concepts and learning how to use diagrams properly. Knowing what was important in Econs was one challenge.

Next thing would be time management. As you may know, Econs is a very time tight subject and it was very difficult to find the time to fit in all your content and that’s why I ended up scoring very badly in my papers because I couldn’t write within the time. Mr Teo has helped me a lot in a sense that his notes were very concise and very easy to understand. His style of teaching was also very digestible. He would give a good mix of videos, real life examples and they made this very easy. I appreciated the conciseness of his notes and they helped me to present m answers during exams in a very structured and also summarized manner to give the examiners what they really want.

Because this was my first serious tuition class, I was very excited about it so I went ahead to look at the notes in advance. Improvement came within one or two weeks within the first lesson. Because that was when content first started and he gave us immediate feedback on our style of writing. After learning all of the skills from his lectures, I could immediately see the results from the way I wrote to how I presented my answers also. Before I joined his tuition, I was hovering a ‘C’ to ‘D’. From the first lesson onwards, I managed to get a ‘B’ and finally in the A levels I got an ‘A’. Yay!

Kenneth Woo, RI,
H2 Econs, 8 Distinctions, Top Scorer of 2016

Hi guys I’m Xin Cheng, can call me Dana. I used to be from Temasek Junior College and then now I graduated already. I’m currently at NTU, doing Accountancy and Business double degree.

Before I came to Ace your Econs, I was not having a very good grade in terms of Econs. During Prelims, I got a ‘C’ and then the exam before that, I got an ‘E’. So it’s quite bad. But the thing is that I feel that I liked Econs in the first place and then I did my own notes and everything. But it’s just that I don’t know how to answer questions. I look at the question and a lot of things come up to my mind but I don’t know how to organize them into essays and CSQs and everything.

After I came to this centre, I learnt about the ACE structure of the essay which I feel is, although it sounds like just a structure, but it’s very very useful because it really teaches you how to organise your thoughts in a very organised way. So I learnt that stuff. Actually my training (Accelerated Learning Programme) was very intense. It was only one month, after Prelims, just before A Levels. But we went through a lot of essay writing and a lot of CSQ writing. Practice makes perfect and the same goes to GP, Econs and everything. So we practised a lot, although it’s quite scary.

But it really really works. Practice, ACE structure, also how to organise your thought, your notes, not just memorize them. So that’s what I had learnt from that. I finally got an ‘A’ in A Levels. I feel that it is quite easy to get. When I was doing the essay during the A Levels, I looked at the question and I know and I write. After I came out of the exam hall, I know roughly ‘agar agar’ can get A already. I finally got an ‘A’, and I’m really thankful for what Mr Jeffrey has done.

Dana, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016

When I wrote my essays, I think I didn’t know what points to emphasise on so I just vomited out all my school notes and there wasn’t enough time because the school notes provided had a lot of additional information.

Mr Teo helped me – because of his notes which were very concise and his lectures which focused a lot on what to write and also the practices which he gave us comments on about what the examiners look out for, that helped me a lot.

Through all these practices and guidance from Mr Teo, my grades improved quite a bit from ‘U’ in the MCTs to ‘A’ during A levels!

Tay Ming Yi, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016

Basically since start of H1 Econs, I’ve been lagging behind mainly because the lecture notes were too thick and I had other subjects to study. Because Econs was my H1 subject, most people tend to neglect their H1 subjects which I did. I did not study much H1 Econs and I realised at the end of Year 1, I did not even understand what market failure was.

That progressed on to Year 2 where I had been getting ‘U’s because how I answered Econs was basically using common sense and not economic concepts. When you start to realise you are 3, 4 books and several hundred pages behind, it was too hard to catch up. Mr Teo provided short and concise notes but all the important things were there. So you could study all your macro and micro econs concepts in less than an hour and understand them.

As for my grades, from getting ‘U’s all the way before I seeked Mr Jeffrey’s help, I jumped to an ‘E’ during prelims and A levels I got an ‘A’.

Tang Yanfeng, SAJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016

When I was in JC when I just started Econs, I was really interested in the subject and I really wanted do well. But during J1 mid-years, I got an ‘E’ and following, all the other small tests, I also got really bad grades. So I was really desperate because I really wanted to do well in the subject even though it was a H1.

So I started looking on the internet for tuition centres that could help me. Most of it gave H2 classes only and there was no class that only catered to H1 because the population of H1 Econs is quite small in all schools. And then I stumbled upon Ace Your Econs and I contacted Mr Jeffrey. He was really kind and he really helped me. He offered H1 tuition and I said why not I just gave it a shot.

This was a really great decision because he really helped pull up my Econs grade a lot. He gave me step by step teaching. He gave me a lot of methods to answer the question, how to analyse the question and how to approach the question correctly so my answers became very detailed through his training. It really helped me a lot. For the period of one year, because I only approached him at the end of my promos. I was desperate already because I really did very badly.

So within just one year, he pulled me up from an ‘E’ / ‘S’ / ‘U’ grade to an ‘A’ in my A levels. Really thank you!

Wu Jia Wei, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016

I didnt fully understand the economic concepts and hence I couldn’t answer essay questions and case studies.

When I engaged Mr Teo’s help, I was still rocky at the start but after a few lessons with him, I grasped the concepts better and saw gradual improvement in my answers. One thing I liked about Mr Teo’s teachings and lessons was when he uses the whiteboard because that’s when he links points together in a short and sweet manner and that helped me to understand each topic better.

Mostly thanks to him, I shot up from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’ in prelims when I only started in June and then I obtained an ‘A’ in A levels.

Leonie Tan, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016

I actually already sat for my A levels once already. I got a ‘D’ for my Econs. It was my worst subject so I decided to retake A levels.

I only had 3 months and I didn’t have any help from school teachers. So I decided to attend this programme. The intensive programme had helped me a lot because essay writing was really my weakness and Mr Jeffrey focused a lot on essay writing skills and I got to do a lot of timed practices because I had a huge problem with that.

So after 3 months and I had to juggle between subjects, I managed to score a ‘B’ this time round. I am really thankful that I had a huge improvement.

Zhao Junru, Private Candidate (Formerly from IJC),
H2 Econs, Class of 2016

So basically the challenges I faced in JC in learning Econs is because of the concepts that are very difficult to connect. So from that I’m usually blur in class and whenever my tutor asks me questions, I didnt know how to answer.

The way that Mr Teo actually helped me is he helped me connect the concepts together and made it flow as one fluid concept so it made it easier for me to grasp the concept and retain it in my head. However I only managed to get that kind of improvement from prelim onwards because I got ‘U’ for prelims so I was also very worried.

Mr Teo actually took some time off to have one solid week where for almost every single day I’ll be having lessons with him. And every single day he’ll be giving us practices all that so it’s very packed and it also made me remember the concepts easily because every single day I’m revising the concepts. From that I also studied hard for Econs.

From that I got a ‘U’ in prelims to a ‘B’ in A levels!

Muzaffar, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016

Initially, I struggled with my concepts. They were messy and I had a lack of practice.

However Mr Jeffrey helped me clear up all the concepts. He made me understand the concepts very easily. And he also gave us a huge amount of practice. Within a short span from June to November, I shot up from an ‘S’ to a “B’!

Jimmy, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016

My initial challenges were I didn’t know how to answer essay questions properly and my CSQs were not great, I would get single digits all over. All my essays would be L1 L2 and honestly my school didn’t really give a lot of comments to help me improve.

How Mr Teo helped me was that his programme has intensive practices every week so I think that’s good because that helped me to remember my stuff more clearly and also, because Econs is a very skill-based and needed a lot of time management, I think the practices really helped a lot. Also, he actually gave comments and model answers to tell you what’s going on and how you can improve from there. So I think that’s how Mr Teo helped me.

Also, the notes were quite concise because usually school notes are full of information. His notes were concise so I know exactly what to put in my essays or CSQs, same for his workshops.

My initial grade was a ‘U’, I got straight ‘U’s for my J2 year and J1 year. But after taking his programme, I jumped from a ‘U’ to ‘B’ in my A levels!

Ng Shermin, AJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016

My initial challenges were that I couldn’t consolidate all the information that I got from my school and it was very hard for me to put what I had learnt into writing out essays and I didn’t know how to structure my essays to make it more coherent and for me to brainstorm more easily as well.

In that case, Mr Jeffrey gave me very clear-cut and a very logical ACE technique of organising and planning my essay. And because we had so much practice, by the time it was A levels, it was second nature to write so quickly with time management and very good planning as well. That helped me pull my grade from an ‘E’ in prelims to an ‘A’ in A levels.

Lee Hui Min, RI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2015

Previously I scored a ‘U’ for my prelim exams because I did not know how to approach the questions and I wasn’t very confident with my economics concepts.

With Jeffrey’s help, he actually uses real-life examples to help me understand economics concepts better and he actually broke down the questions, so I am able to understand how to answer with his structure and this helped me greatly during my ‘A’ levels.

I managed to jump from a ‘U’ grade to an ‘A’ grade just within two months.

Gracia Goh, MJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2013