JC2 Testimonials

Video Testimonial from Students:


Hi I’m Chevon from Temasek Junior College. So the problem I had before I entered AYE was that I couldn’t really interpret questions well. So I really couldn’t identify what the question was asking for. But after coming into AYE, with the many timed practices and help, I managed to better identify the questions and directly answer the questions and it enabled me to get better marks. In the recent MYA, I managed to get an ‘A’, which is a major improvement from a ‘C’, which I found was quite hard to escape that band of marks. So I think generally it managed to help me in terms of not only time management but better understanding of questions.

Chevon Tay, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


Hello, my name is Nicole from Temasek JC and my biggest problem was that I could not finish in time because I write very slowly and basically like my Micro was very very weak so I was getting ‘U’ all the way from J1 and then my Econs was so bad, I had to be retained. I repeated and I took H2 Econs and it was still very bad. I wanted to give up. But in the end I came to AYE, it wasn’t so much of like a lecture style that I didn’t like because a lot of tuitions offered lectures and just go through whatever we already covered in school. But here was more like practice and I got to actually do it under the time conditions that really helped mimic the exam and it helped me cope with the exam stress. So recently for (I’m J2 now) and my recent MYA, I got a ‘B’ which is a great improvement from what I got in my Promotional exams which was like ‘U’ or ’S’ so it was a great improvement. And I think in the intangible aspect that I gained, was more of like the confidence I have now in terms of facing an essay – even if it’s an essay I’ve never seen before, I don’t feel as scared as I was previously.

Nicole Ler, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


Hi I’m Elaine from Hwa Chong and before joining this tuition I had problems interpreting the questions and then I didn’t know what skills to use for writing and I didn’t have enough practice but after joining this tuition, I realized that with practice and with skills on how to write better essays and case studies, you’ll be able to improve very fast because I got a ‘U’ in J1 and in the recent block tests, I got a ‘C’.

Elaine Lim, HCI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


Hi my name is Gwen and I am J2 now. One of the biggest problems that I faced before coming to AYE was that I didn’t really have the knowledge on how to answer questions in Econs, both essays and CSQs. When I came here, Mr Teo really taught me a lot about how to structure your essays and how to answer CSQ questions and even taught us how to do different types of analysis such as ADAS analysis and the Marginalist principle. I also attended quite a few J1 lessons (note: optional, students can choose to attend) and it was a very good refresher to help recap a lot of content so ya, I learnt a lot. For my improvement, I improved from an ‘E’ grade to a ‘B’ grade in my block tests.

Gwendolyn Ser, HCI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


My name is Sharlyn and I’m from TJC. So I joined Ace Your Econs because my Econs just wasn’t good. And I always didn’t have time to finish my paper and I wasn’t very sure of the content. When I joined the tuition, they made us do practices every week and that reinforces the concepts and I found that after joining this tuition, I didn’t need to study Econs as much anymore and I could focus more time on other subjects. When people were busy studying for Econs, because I had weekly tuition, I didn’t have to focus that much on it and I could just review everything just before the exam and still do pretty okay, so therefore I got a four-grades improvement from the past to my Prelims.

Sharlyn Seet, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2019


Hi I am Regine from TJC. I came to Ace Your Econs last year at the end of J1 because I decided I had to do something for my ‘U’ grade for Promos. Before I came to AYE, I used to struggle with lack of practice and time management because I didn’t let myself do lot of practices so coming to AYE, they guided us and forced us to do a lot of weekly practices like CSQ and these weekly assignments called SOIL (Student Online interactive Learning). And I thought it was very very beneficial for me so the improvements I made since I came to AYE was that initially I wasn’t able to do more than half of my exam paper but now I am able to finish the paper, which is why I improved from a ‘U’ in MCTs to a ‘C’ in Prelims.

Regine Tan, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2019


I’m Thin Lae, I’m from Temasek Junior College. Before coming to AYE, the main challenge that I had was the fact that I was mainly memorising all my content and I was just regurgitating everything when I was doing the papers. So my application skills was really lacking, and because of that I will always get mediocre marks, or like the moment they tweak the question I wouldn’t be able to score well. So as a result of that I got a ‘U’ for my Mid-Years in J1. But then after coming to AYE, because we have a lot of practices here, so I was able to hone my applications skills for Econs, and I realised that it wasn’t just about the content but also the skills that I needed, like CSQ skills, like essay skills… And I think AYE really helped me a lot in terms of developing these skills, and thanks to AYE in about a few months’ time, from MYAs to my Promos I was able to jump from a ‘U’ in my Econs to a ‘C’ in my Econs.

Thin Lae Yi Zaw, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


Hi, I’m Temi, I’m from Temasek JC and I’m JC2 this year. So before I came to AYE, I really had trouble with understanding content, and my application skills for all the questions were very weak. But after I joined AYE, not only was I given a lot of resources to expand my knowledge for Econs, I was also given a framework that really disciplined my attitude towards Econs, and I was also given a lot of chances to apply the skills. So the results of this was exemplified last year, and I went from a ‘U’ to a ‘C’ in Mid-Years to Promos.

Temira Chandra, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2019


Hi, I’m Zara, I’m from RI and I was in the Accelerated Learning Programme at AceYourEcons. One thing I struggled with before I came to AYE was an inability to structure my answers and responses properly, because you know, it was just very difficult for me to latch on to something like that because I’m a pretty unstructured person myself. And I feel like the practice and the support that I got from AYE is one thing that was instrumental in helping me achieve the results that I inevitably got, and yeah, besides the tangible results which was very good–I aced my Econs–I also gained intangible things like confidence and writing skills that I would not have gotten if I were on my own. So yeah, I highly recommend it!

Zara Kimiri, RI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi I’m Elizabeth from Eunoia JC. Before coming for AYE, I struggled a lot with structuring my answers because I was quite clear on Economics concepts, but I had difficulty applying them to specific answers and coming up with the points itself. So when I came to AYE, they taught me how to structure my answer. Usually we need 3 points for a certain number of marks. It meant that it gave a me a lot more clarity in terms of how I should answer and it gave me a lot of better flow in terms of structuring it as well. I also faced a lot of issues in my time management because I would spend too much time or too little time on a question. Because here we need to specifically time ourselves. So it meant that when exams came, I was a lot more clear on the time and I was also more used to practicing. Since coming here my grades have improved from an ‘E’ throughout J1 to about a ‘C’ in my MYE after about four months here.

Elizabeth Koh, EJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


My name is Justin Chua. I’m from SAJC. Before coming to AYE, I’ve always believed that Economics was all about absorbing information and then regurgitating them in the exams. And that really cost me to lose quite a lot of marks and not gain marks that I wanted for Econs examinations. After coming to AYE, I realised that there’s more to Econs than just regurgitating the information and content. There’re also other things like scope, question types and understanding questions and keywords. I really did not know there was this part of Econs that existed that really was a huge component in gaining marks. After coming to AYE, I learnt many question types, keywords, how to understand and deconstruct questions. As I apply it to my exams now, especially after my Block Test 1, I’ve seen a huge improvement in my marks compared to my MSAs or even last year’s examinations. This has really helped me not only understand Economics concepts or gain method marks, but also allowed me to have a deeper understanding of questions in general, especially in CSQs and essays.

Justin Chua, SAJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi, my name is Rachel Chew and I’m from TPJC. One of the problems I used to struggle with before coming to AYE was that I didn’t have a lot of scope in my essays. I had a lot of problems conceptualizing my notes from my school. I really had a lot of error with all the writing. I struggled a lot with my time, I had a lot of time issues. I didn’t know which graphs to use when and basically, a lot of the common issues I feel like a lot of people suffer from. Coming to AYE, it really helped me with building up my scope. Because of all the practices that we get in both CSQ and essays really helped me build up my economic strength in a lot of areas, from timed assignments to both knowledge and the broad range of questions that they have here. Because of this, I’ve been able to go from a ‘U ‘to a ‘B’ now.

Rachel Chew, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


I am Michaelia Tan and I’m from Temasek Junior College. One problem that I faced prior to joining AYE is that I did not have the concepts so I wouldn’t know what to write when seeing different kinds of questions. One solution that AYE has brought for me is that they have classified the questions into different types and gave me a better understanding of what kind of format I should use to deal with such questions. This helped me secure a lot of marks. One tangible result that I had obtained after joining AYE is that I secured 94th percentile for my Econs so it’s such a great great improvement in my results prior to joining AYE.

Michaelia Tan, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


I’m Javier, a student from Nanyang Junior College and I’m currently taking H2 Econs. I came to know about this programme through an Instagram advertisement and I was curious so I clicked on it and I saw that they produced many good results so I was interested to try it out. Before I joined Ace Your Econs, my biggest difficulty was trying to grasp the concepts and learning how to apply them. After joining, I experienced a lot of help through the online lectures and also the very informative tutorials. My results have proven so because I’m currently the second highest in class for Econs for my block test. I’m very thankful for Ace Your Econs.

Javier Chan, NYJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi I’m Damian and I’m from Anderson Junior College. What I faced as a problem in Econs is that I don’t know how to apply the knowledge that I know into my essays and questions. AYE helped me to do this by providing weekly detailed feedback from my practices and helped me keep a track on what to improve. This helped me to have a better understanding of how to apply my knowledge into the questions. This helped me to get from a ‘U’ grade in my Year 1 mid-year exam to my ‘C’ grade in my Year 1 Promo exams.

Damian, AJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


My name is Gladys Koh and I’m from National Junior College. My number one problem before joining AYE was that I didn’t know how to actually memorise all the concepts and the definitions that were given in the notes and that I didn’t know how to structure my essays well.

But after I joined AYE, I knew how to actually structure my essays well and with all the interesting tutorials and the online lessons, I actually get to know the Economics concepts well and I can grasp it and I can write on my essays very efficiently.

Gladys Koh, NJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


I’m Johnathan, I’m from Jurong Junior College and I’m J2 this year. Previously before joining AYE, I faced a lot of challenges in Economics because I had very weak foundation. I usually get consistent ‘U’s throughout my entire J1 life until miraculously I was able to have a ‘D’ for my Promos, which was amazing. But after that, my beloved teacher went away and I crashed down again in J2 so I got a ‘U’. Although I did do well for like a major exam, my results were not consistent, so I started to panic a little and so that’s when I approached AYE for additional help. The common problems that I face prior to joining AYE was that I had very low confidence in the subject because seeing ‘U’s all the way was kind of demoralising in a way. My school didn’t really give a lot of practices, like weekly practices. Sometimes, consultations were a little bit unclear by the tutors. I’m also unfamiliar with the answering techniques that I need to use for answering typical Economics questions. And so after coming to AYE, I was able to overcome these challenges through the proper structure of the answering techniques that we’ve learnt, through the ACE technique. I also learnt from the STEAL technique as well in order to improve my writing capabilities for CSQs. That really helped me a lot because for my Mid Years, just a couple of weeks back, I actually got a ‘B’. Yay! It was very close to an ‘A’ but I regard it as an ‘A’ but it’s fine, it’s a major feat for me. These are part of the bountiful benefits of coming to AYE.

Johnathan Ling, JJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2018


Hello I’m Rohit, I’m from NJC and I take H2 Economics. Before I came to AYE, I had many problems with my Economics because I didn’t know how to manage my time and I had some problems trying to write proper economic concepts in my paper and I didn’t know how to phrase my answers using proper economic terms. After I came to AYE, Mr Jeffrey helped me clarify a lot on the concepts and he also gave a very structured way to plan out essays. He gave us, for CSQs, a timeline which helped me with my time management. Through that, I have noticed tangible improvements in my grades. Previously I got ‘E’ for Econs but after coming to AYE for approximately 6 months, I improved to a ‘B’ for my block tests. I’m very grateful.

Rohit, NJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi I’m Gerald, I’m from Tampines Junior College. When I first joined AYE, I had difficulties with lack of resources and also practice. But after I joined AYE, due to the numerous timed practices that they have, the mock exams that they have before every major juncture, such as A Levels, as well as school examinations, I was able to get the practice and have the resources that I need, especially since they are in-house resources provided by Mr Jeffrey. And as a result, I have seen improvement in my grades from ‘D’ at the start of this year in my Common Assessments to a ‘B’ in my Prelims.

Gerald Yeo, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi my name is Darren Lim, I’m currently studying in Temasek Junior college. My first problem when I first started out studying H1 Economics was application, mainly application. Although I study hard, I studied my lecture notes, I understand basically most of the Economics concepts, but when it comes to answering CSQ questions, it’s much of a very huge problem for me, and that resulted in me getting an ’E’ and a ‘D’ for my Econs results which did not meet my expectations. Coming to AYE, AYE has helped me to better understand the application – how to better apply these concepts such as through question analysis. Mr Teo’s lecture recordings has helped me to better analyse question types and to use fixed structures on how to better answer these questions. These structures allow me to better organize my ideas and to answer the questions straight to the point and present a clear answer, not to piss the markers off to a very large extent. Although one of my personal problems is my handwriting, but with Mr Teo’s helpful question analysis and answer organization, I was better able to express my ideas to the marker and this allowed me to improve by two grades by Prelims, and hopefully by A Levels, I might improve another two grades to gain my Distinction.

Darren Lim, TJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2018


Hi I’m Marcus, I’m from Tampines Junior College. Before I joined AYE, I had a lot of problems facing – I didn’t know how to structure my essays, my content was very weak. That caused me to get a ‘U’ for my exams consecutively. After joining AYE, through the rigorous practice and many mistakes that I made, I had a tremendous improvement from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’. AYE helped me a lot by allowing me to gain a lot of confidence in myself and my Economic ability. Through the, not only practices to help me improve my structuring, but also my content through the videos online.

Marcus Hu, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2018


Regina: How I found out about this programme was my senior. She introduced to a group of us and she was talking about this programme. She said she had went through it and she said that it was very good. I decided because I had quite weak Econs knowledge and really bad grades, I tried to study myself and I tried to follow the school’s way of teaching but I still couldn’t get it somehow. I decided to join this programme because I felt that I really needed someone to help me. Otherwise I will just be remaining the same throughout. What I felt before joining this programme was that I wasn’t very sure how to answer the question. I found it like some GP kind of way. But after joining AYE, I realised that there was actually a kind of technique that I could apply while doing my essays and answering my questions and it made me a lot more confident. Even though my grades are slowly improving, they don’t jump from an ‘S’ to an ‘A’ straight away, but they are slowly improving and I feel more sure of myself. I feel more revised. I feel like I understand more now than I did before. That’s why I joined this programme.

Nicole: How I found out about this programme is through Regina. She is my super close friend and we take the same subject combination. So then she told me about the Econs programme. The problem that I face in school is that the school notes are really thick. There’s a lot of explanation for each factor and there’re a lot of factors. In the AYE programme, through the videos, notes are short and concise and it’s not very naggy. So it’s a lot easier to understand and makes Econs a lot easier and the concepts are also very easy to understand. And also through the videos, which are more convenient than the school lectures. Because the videos are customized so then we can personalize it and times 2 or times 1.5 (video speed) if you want. I think the programme helped me through answering the question. Last time, I couldn’t really answer Econs questions because I didn’t know what to answer, like whether it’s analysis or what kind of question they are asking so I improved through the weekly practices.

Regina Lee (right) & Nicole Kan (left)
TJC, H1 Econs
Class of 2017


My initial challenges in learning JC Econs were that I understood the content but I somehow wasn’t scoring in my practices and my exams. I was really confused as to how to improve and I wasn’t sure what to do.

When I joined Ace Your Econs, Mr Jeffrey has helped me to really understand what’s important and where I’m going wrong. It’s not that I didn’t understand my content fully, but it was just how I was applying it. I improved a lot because through the online lectures and the tutorials face to face every lesson, it’s really helped me to understand what’s important, what to look out for.

And also through the structure of my writing because I feel like that was one of the main determinants of why I wasn’t doing as well as I should have been. I feel like after learning about the ACE structure and how to structure my essay properly, I’ve really improved in terms of how I’ve been scoring. Also, it helped to reinforce my understanding of certain concepts and just the content in general.

As well as for my CSQ, at first I want sure about where I’m going wrong but now, I’ve learnt about the different question types and how to answer specific questions. My CSQ grades have gradually improved over time. And I’ve only been in the programme for 6 months.

Beverly Choo, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


Before coming for this tuition, I didn’t really understand the Economic concepts taught in school. When I was preparing for my exams, I just memorised my notes and hoped that I would be able to apply them in my essays. But that isn’t very right because I didn’t have the structure of the essay.

But after coming for this tuition, I feel like I understand the questions better even when I’m listening to lectures in school. I’m able to apply what I learnt in my essays. With the weekly practices under timed conditions, I feel like I’m more comfortable and confident in finishing my essays within the time. Mr Teo is very patient towards weird questions that we ask. He also tries his best to answer them so I think this tuition is quite beneficial.

Jamais Ang, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


I think that the problems I faced in usual JC life is that sometimes it’s quite hard to understand what the lecturer is talking about especially when the lecturer talks really really fast then he just goes on and goes on. At the same time, it’s because when I sit in the lecture then he goes too fast, if I’m not able to catch up, then I’ll probably tend to fall asleep. When he goes too fast, if you miss the detail, you tend not to be able to catch up with whatever lecturer is saying then you need to go back all the way to the beginning, go back home and revisit the lecture. It’s really very time-consuming when it comes to that. I usually tend not to do it because once a fear is instilled, you already got ‘U’ for Econs, you don’t feel like working for that subject anymore. Then you kind of really give up. I guess that was, I think year 1 towards the end, when I really wanted to give up. But then had to promote, so I just study and do Econs, then I just nice passed.

How Mr Teo and the programme really helped me, I think one aspect is really through the lecture videos. The lecture videos are clear and concise and they don’t really take up a lot of time. I think the best thing is that it covers a lot of the content. One thing about the programme is about understanding, internalising the concepts and what they actually mean. Because in the lecture when you go to fast, you just want to memorise. You don’t really understand and internalise what you are learning. You just memorise for the sake of memorising so you can pass your essay. But that’s the thing about Econs. Because Econs is like you must be able to understand because the questions that may come out really varies and there’s a large range of different questions. So it’s more of understanding rather than just memorising and spitting out.

Last year I don’t even think I write as many essays as for a few lessons in this programme. It’s about application because when you practice and practice more, whatever you understand you still need to apply because even if you memorise doesn’t mean u can apply in the paper. I guess that really helped me a lot, application. A lot of exercises. Because of the reviews that he gives, it is very easy for me to receive feedback and very easy for me to improve. So whenever I make notes, I look back at the reviews and I’m able to improve my notes even better so that I can remember it better and apply it again. So it’s a positive internal feedback loop.

Darius Tan, TPJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


I’m Yoshiki from Tampines Junior College. Before I came here, I was struggling a lot with my CSQ like how to answer because CSQs have a lot of focus on hitting the points but I wasn’t able to do that. After spending less than half a year here, I’ve already improved a lot in my CSQs. It’s one of my strongest points in my Econs right now. Because now I’m a lot better at identifying and pointing out the points required for the questions.

Kaneko Yoshiki, TPJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My name is Khong Shi Yun and I’m from Temasek Junior College. One problem I had before I came to this programme is that I had problems writing my essays because I didn’t know what exactly the rigour was and I didn’t know what format I should write for my CSQ as well as my essays. So every time, I always get very low scores.

But after my friend recommended me here, I learnt the CAST technique, STEAL technique and ACE technique like the format of how to write essays, which helps me to write essays better and more fluent. Because markers know what I’m writing, therefore I get better scores now. I’m very thankful for that, because of the techniques and the points that I have to know, all these things just all come together and helped me improve my Econs.

Khong Shi Yun, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


One major problem that I had before I entered AYE was the fact that I didn’t know how to answer the questions because there were too many different jargons and I didn’t know how to use them appropriately.

After entering AYE and looking at Mr Teo’s answer scripts, I found that there’s actually a pattern in the answering techniques and I realised that in every single set of answers, it’s kind of repetitive so it kind of allows you to understand and remember the techniques because it drills into your head like how you’re supposed to answer a certain question. I think his programme is really very helpful and it’ll really be very beneficial for people who are experiencing the same problem.

Tan Ying Xuan, MJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


I first learnt about this programme from my friend who saw your [Mr Jeffrey Teo] post on Instagram. And she introduced this programme to me. I was struggling a lot with Econs. I think my greatest challenge for Econs was that I didn’t have enough timed practice. The moment I do a timed assignment, it’ll be during lecture tests and exams.

Coming for this programme helped me in the sense that I get a lot more practice so I get more comfortable with answering questions under timed conditions. It helps me think better in timed conditions so that it helps me to prepare better for my actual tests and the exams. This programme helped in that sense. Coming here helped me to reinforce my concepts because in school, I may think that I know something but coming here, you [Mr Jeffrey Teo] actually ask questions that get us thinking. I think it helps. The learning environment here, even though it is very fun and we joke a lot, but it’s still conducive for learning.

Cheyenne Sin, NYJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My aunt recommended me the programme because she knows you [Mr Jeffrey Teo].

Before I started the programme, I had problems with essays, in terms of content and what to write, and basically structure. So during the programme, you [Mr Jeffrey Teo] taught about the flow, how to structure essays and how to evaluate all these things. And then plus the content was quite detailed so it is really easy to understand because in school they usually teach more, but here it is more precise and straight to the point. Plus the online lectures really helped, because you can do it at your own pace.

Justin Low, TJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2017

I’m Lydia, I’m from SAJC. Before I changed to this programme, one of my major problems was I was always hovering at the passing, not passing CSQ. I tend to write too much and out-of-point. For my essay, it was also about there because I didn’t know exactly what structure to use when I wrote my essay.

But coming to the AYE programme, it helped me to, especially the 4 step (ACE approach) and the evaluation and the CSQ, all guides, they all helped me to understand how to approach the question and how to answer it. On top of that, the lectures on the content helped me to compartmentalize all the information that was taught. That helped me to improve my essay and my CSQ.

Lydia Tian, SAJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


Hi my name is Rachel and I’m a private candidate this year and I’m repeating my A levels. My number one difficulty prior coming to Ace Your Econs would be question analysis and I would always misinterpret the question and write what is not necessary.

This led me to fail and after coming to AYE, the consistent practice every week even though it’s very tedious but it showed me where my errors are and allowed me to improve. I actually noticed myself being able to interpret correctly and write what is necessary, not excessive.

Rachel Low, Private Candidate (Formerly from PJC)
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My name is Ken Hao. I am retaking my A levels this year as a private candidate. As a private candidate, there are many different concerns that you might have such as lack of a good support system and lack of regular rigour that school candidates have.

With this programme, I liked the rigour that the programme gives in terms of the weekly practices and also the stronger support system in terms of videos I can watch from home and I can prepare myself without needing a lot of external help. It makes me a lot more confident than other tuition providers that might not offer such a strong support system for private candidates.

Phuah Ken Hao, Private Candidate (Formerly from TJC)
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


Hi I’m Charlotte and I’m a private candidate this year. Prior coming to AYE, I feel that I don’t really have much experience in Econs and my doubts are not really clarified with my teachers. After coming to AYE, I feel that through all the videos and all the lessons that I have, I’ve a better understanding of Econs. I have a lot of fun here because Mr Teo is a very enjoyable person and I get to learn more about Econs.

Charlotte, Private Candidate
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My name is Azza and I’m a private candidate. Before this, I had a two-year gap from Econs. My one problem with my Econs is that I have problem with my time management and my understanding and I may have lost of touch with Econs.

What AYE has helped me is that not only do we have timed practice weekly, we have time set for part a and part b and allows me to manage my time better. We also have small group online consultations as well for us to further clarify doubts or any enquiries that we have for different questions that we do in our practices with the AYE tutor.

Azza, Private Candidate
H1 Econs, Class of 2017


I am Alicia from Temasek JC. Before I came to AYE, the first problem I faced was actually lack of discipline and practice. After coming here, with all the lectures online, and it’s very freely available, and all the notes and practices every week help to strengthen my content knowledge. I can have no problem with content and can tackle harder questions easier.

Alicia, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My name is Pearline Cheng. I’m from Innova JC. My number problem before coming to AYE is drawing graphs.

I have problems drawing graphs because my school didn’t touch on most of the graph stuff. Learning about all the market structure graphs and the tax-subsidy diagrams really helped me to understand better. Another thing I benefitted from AYE is the amount of timed practices that we had. Previously when I had to encounter a question in school, I had difficulties approaching the question, especially question interpretation. I was also a bit scared because in school there wasn’t a lot of practices done.

After coming to AYE, we did a lot of practice, every lesson there’s a practice so I think I’ve become more confident in doing it. Those are my biggest takeaways from here.

Pearline, IJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


I am Sarah from Temasek Junior College. I was introduced to Ace Your Econs by my friend Charmaine because she told me that the tuition has helped her a lot in improving her Econs. So I felt that because I was really struggling a lot, that’s why I needed the help to get myself, for my Econs to be better.

One thing that I really struggled in Econs was the lack of practice. I felt that I didn’t have enough practice which led me to not understanding a lot of content. And my time management was really bad. In AYE every week we do essays consistently. And because of the multiple practices, I find myself being more confident in managing my time and also in helping to deliver my essay with greater clarity and with better content.

So I think all the video resources that AYE has provided has helped me to be clearer in my understanding of Econs and to slowly see myself improving. For me because of all the practices, I see myself improving from a U to a D and then gradually to a C (in Prelims) and I think it might just be a gradual improvement but for me, I feel that if we slowly consistently practise, we’ll be able to get there.

Sarah, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


Hi I’m Aaron Cheong. I’m from TJC. And I joined the Accelerated group around September. When I first joined, I came in with quite ‘shitty’ foundation of Economics and I think I have huge time issues especially with time management. Even when I was able to somehow get my work going on, I think that sometimes I’m unable to understand and apply the content that I’m learning to the question. There’s not a structure for you to follows as well especially in essays.

So upon joining this programme, I found that I’ve learnt quite a lot in whatever I applied. I especially found the ACE structure that Mr Teo taught us to be very useful in crafting our essay because I realised that many schools were not able to give a definite structure for students to follow. Like there were many model essays given but there was not a structure highlighted to the students for them to follow. I realised that the ACE format was the clearest way to bring out the structure for essay to follow.

I also think that in the programme, it trained me a lot in time discipline. Because Mr Teo will ask us to draw timelines and strictly adhere to the timing during our timed exercises and I find that to be very useful in instilling discipline in my work and to follow a strict timing which will be very important in the exams.

Aaron, TJC
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


My name is Soo Yang. I was an ex-CJC student. I ORD from army already. I actually took a 2-year gap year during army and never studied at all. After coming out of the army, there’re a lot of problems because you spent too much time not studying and without the help of your school, it’s very hard to study after that. There’s no help at all. You can’t really ask your previous teachers because they left and everything, which brings us to AYE (Ace Your Econs).

I joined here because there’s a lot of support and the welfare was really good. After joining, Mr Teo and his colleagues helped a lot because of the resources they provide. They have online lectures. They give a lot of practice like every week you do around 2 to 3 practices. If you have any problems, he will help you a lot, especially because after you come out from JC with no help at all, it’s even better because now you actually have a way and someone to help you. It’s better than other tuitions actually because of the sheer amount of resources that they provide and give you. It’s very good.

Soo Yang, Private Candidate (Formerly from CJC)
H1 Econs, Class of 2017


Firstly, I started Ace Your Econs at March 2017. Before that I have no tuition at all. I found out Ace Your Econs through browsing through Instagram and I was like why not just try it out?

And the greatest difficulty as I have revealed to Mr Jeffrey was that I couldn’t apply my economic knowledge to my CSQ, which caused me to always get single digit, around 8 to 9 out of 30.

Then after joining Ace Your Econs, there are very useful workshops, especially for the CSQ practices which really taught me how to answer short and sweet and apply relevant economics context and not write too much but write to the point, which helped me improved my CSQs in my mid years quite dramatically from a single digit to not just a pass but actually getting 20 out of 30, which really pulled up my grade for Econs, from an ‘S’ (Year 1 Promos) to ‘C’ (Year 2 Mid Year Exams), which I find that is a really great improvement.

Huang Ziwei, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2017


I am Yi Min and I’m from Meridian Junior College. I found out about this programme from Instagram ads. I decided to take a look and join Econs tuition because my Econs grades were really bad. Before I joined the tuition, my number one challenge that I faced was that I couldn’t understand how to write essays and all and every time writing essays is like a chore to me and every time attending tutorials in school, I felt like I couldn’t understand anything at all and I don’t know where I can find help and how I can improve myself. Every time before tests I just read answers but that doesn’t work at all. So I decided to give it a try at Ace Your Econs. Ace Your Econs helped me a lot. By attending all the Ace workshops and do weekly essays, I found that I have been improving about my essay writing and also CSQ techniques. That made me improve my Econs grades from 18th percentile to 68th percentile for the mid-year exams this year.

Yi Min, MJC
H1 Econs, Class of 2017


The first few challenges that I faced when learning Econs were that Econs was very content-heavy and it was very difficult to find out what was important in Econs. In my school, the style of teaching was that the teachers would bombard us with information and we just copy down notes without really absorbing the important concepts and learning how to use diagrams properly. Knowing what was important in Econs was one challenge.

Next thing would be time management. As you may know, Econs is a very time tight subject and it was very difficult to find the time to fit in all your content and that’s why I ended up scoring very badly in my papers because I couldn’t write within the time. Mr Teo has helped me a lot in a sense that his notes were very concise and very easy to understand. His style of teaching was also very digestible. He would give a good mix of videos, real life examples and they made this very easy. I appreciated the conciseness of his notes and they helped me to present m answers during exams in a very structured and also summarized manner to give the examiners what they really want.

Because this was my first serious tuition class, I was very excited about it so I went ahead to look at the notes in advance. Improvement came within one or two weeks within the first lesson. Because that was when content first started and he gave us immediate feedback on our style of writing. After learning all of the skills from his lectures, I could immediately see the results from the way I wrote to how I presented my answers also. Before I joined his tuition, I was hovering a ‘C’ to ‘D’. From the first lesson onwards, I managed to get a ‘B’ and finally in the A levels I got an ‘A’. Yay!

Kenneth Woo, RI,
H2 Econs, 8 Distinctions, Top Scorer of 2016


Hi guys I’m Xin Cheng, can call me Dana. I used to be from Temasek Junior College and then now I graduated already. I’m currently at NTU, doing Accountancy and Business double degree.

Before I came to Ace your Econs, I was not having a very good grade in terms of Econs. During Prelims, I got a ‘C’ and then the exam before that, I got an ‘E’. So it’s quite bad. But the thing is that I feel that I liked Econs in the first place and then I did my own notes and everything. But it’s just that I don’t know how to answer questions. I look at the question and a lot of things come up to my mind but I don’t know how to organize them into essays and CSQs and everything.

After I came to this centre, I learnt about the ACE structure of the essay which I feel is, although it sounds like just a structure, but it’s very very useful because it really teaches you how to organise your thoughts in a very organised way. So I learnt that stuff. Actually my training (Accelerated Learning Programme) was very intense. It was only one month, after Prelims, just before A Levels. But we went through a lot of essay writing and a lot of CSQ writing. Practice makes perfect and the same goes to GP, Econs and everything. So we practised a lot, although it’s quite scary.

But it really really works. Practice, ACE structure, also how to organise your thought, your notes, not just memorize them. So that’s what I had learnt from that. I finally got an ‘A’ in A Levels. I feel that it is quite easy to get. When I was doing the essay during the A Levels, I looked at the question and I know and I write. After I came out of the exam hall, I know roughly ‘agar agar’ can get A already. I finally got an ‘A’, and I’m really thankful for what Mr Jeffrey has done.

Dana, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


When I wrote my essays, I think I didn’t know what points to emphasise on so I just vomited out all my school notes and there wasn’t enough time because the school notes provided had a lot of additional information.

Mr Teo helped me – because of his notes which were very concise and his lectures which focused a lot on what to write and also the practices which he gave us comments on about what the examiners look out for, that helped me a lot.

Through all these practices and guidance from Mr Teo, my grades improved quite a bit from ‘U’ in the MCTs to ‘A’ during A levels!

Tay Ming Yi, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


Basically since start of H1 Econs, I’ve been lagging behind mainly because the lecture notes were too thick and I had other subjects to study. Because Econs was my H1 subject, most people tend to neglect their H1 subjects which I did. I did not study much H1 Econs and I realised at the end of Year 1, I did not even understand what market failure was.

That progressed on to Year 2 where I had been getting ‘U’s because how I answered Econs was basically using common sense and not economic concepts. When you start to realise you are 3, 4 books and several hundred pages behind, it was too hard to catch up. Mr Teo provided short and concise notes but all the important things were there. So you could study all your macro and micro econs concepts in less than an hour and understand them.

As for my grades, from getting ‘U’s all the way before I seeked Mr Jeffrey’s help, I jumped to an ‘E’ during prelims and A levels I got an ‘A’.

Tang Yanfeng, SAJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016


When I was in JC when I just started Econs, I was really interested in the subject and I really wanted do well. But during J1 mid-years, I got an ‘E’ and following, all the other small tests, I also got really bad grades. So I was really desperate because I really wanted to do well in the subject even though it was a H1.

So I started looking on the internet for tuition centres that could help me. Most of it gave H2 classes only and there was no class that only catered to H1 because the population of H1 Econs is quite small in all schools. And then I stumbled upon Ace Your Econs and I contacted Mr Jeffrey. He was really kind and he really helped me. He offered H1 tuition and I said why not I just gave it a shot.

This was a really great decision because he really helped pull up my Econs grade a lot. He gave me step by step teaching. He gave me a lot of methods to answer the question, how to analyse the question and how to approach the question correctly so my answers became very detailed through his training. It really helped me a lot. For the period of one year, because I only approached him at the end of my promos. I was desperate already because I really did very badly.

So within just one year, he pulled me up from an ‘E’ / ‘S’ / ‘U’ grade to an ‘A’ in my A levels. Really thank you!

Wu Jia Wei, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016


I didnt fully understand the economic concepts and hence I couldn’t answer essay questions and case studies.

When I engaged Mr Teo’s help, I was still rocky at the start but after a few lessons with him, I grasped the concepts better and saw gradual improvement in my answers. One thing I liked about Mr Teo’s teachings and lessons was when he uses the whiteboard because that’s when he links points together in a short and sweet manner and that helped me to understand each topic better.

Mostly thanks to him, I shot up from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’ in prelims when I only started in June and then I obtained an ‘A’ in A levels.

Leonie Tan, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016


I actually already sat for my A levels once already. I got a ‘D’ for my Econs. It was my worst subject so I decided to retake A levels.

I only had 3 months and I didn’t have any help from school teachers. So I decided to attend this programme. The intensive programme had helped me a lot because essay writing was really my weakness and Mr Jeffrey focused a lot on essay writing skills and I got to do a lot of timed practices because I had a huge problem with that.

So after 3 months and I had to juggle between subjects, I managed to score a ‘B’ this time round. I am really thankful that I had a huge improvement.

Zhao Junru, Private Candidate (Formerly from IJC),
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


So basically the challenges I faced in JC in learning Econs is because of the concepts that are very difficult to connect. So from that I’m usually blur in class and whenever my tutor asks me questions, I didnt know how to answer.

The way that Mr Teo actually helped me is he helped me connect the concepts together and made it flow as one fluid concept so it made it easier for me to grasp the concept and retain it in my head. However I only managed to get that kind of improvement from prelim onwards because I got ‘U’ for prelims so I was also very worried.

Mr Teo actually took some time off to have one solid week where for almost every single day I’ll be having lessons with him. And every single day he’ll be giving us practices all that so it’s very packed and it also made me remember the concepts easily because every single day I’m revising the concepts. From that I also studied hard for Econs.

From that I got a ‘U’ in prelims to a ‘B’ in A levels!

Muzaffar, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016


Initially, I struggled with my concepts. They were messy and I had a lack of practice.

However Mr Jeffrey helped me clear up all the concepts. He made me understand the concepts very easily. And he also gave us a huge amount of practice. Within a short span from June to November, I shot up from an ‘S’ to a “B’!

Jimmy, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


My initial challenges were I didn’t know how to answer essay questions properly and my CSQs were not great, I would get single digits all over. All my essays would be L1 L2 and honestly my school didn’t really give a lot of comments to help me improve.

How Mr Teo helped me was that his programme has intensive practices every week so I think that’s good because that helped me to remember my stuff more clearly and also, because Econs is a very skill-based and needed a lot of time management, I think the practices really helped a lot. Also, he actually gave comments and model answers to tell you what’s going on and how you can improve from there. So I think that’s how Mr Teo helped me.

Also, the notes were quite concise because usually school notes are full of information. His notes were concise so I know exactly what to put in my essays or CSQs, same for his workshops.

My initial grade was a ‘U’, I got straight ‘U’s for my J2 year and J1 year. But after taking his programme, I jumped from a ‘U’ to ‘B’ in my A levels!

Ng Shermin, AJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


My initial challenges were that I couldn’t consolidate all the information that I got from my school and it was very hard for me to put what I had learnt into writing out essays and I didn’t know how to structure my essays to make it more coherent and for me to brainstorm more easily as well.

In that case, Mr Jeffrey gave me very clear-cut and a very logical ACE technique of organising and planning my essay. And because we had so much practice, by the time it was A levels, it was second nature to write so quickly with time management and very good planning as well. That helped me pull my grade from an ‘E’ in prelims to an ‘A’ in A levels.

Lee Hui Min, RI,
H2 Econs, Class of 2015


Previously I scored a ‘U’ for my prelim exams because I did not know how to approach the questions and I wasn’t very confident with my economics concepts.

With Jeffrey’s help, he actually uses real-life examples to help me understand economics concepts better and he actually broke down the questions, so I am able to understand how to answer with his structure and this helped me greatly during my ‘A’ levels.

I managed to jump from a ‘U’ grade to an ‘A’ grade just within two months.

Gracia Goh, MJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2013


Our Proud JC ACEs 

In JC, I generally achieved what I wanted academically, except for H2 Economics. No matter how hard I studied or how fast I wrote, I could never inch past a ‘D’ for the first few examinations – it was mentally draining to consistently be unable to get what was desired.

Mr. Jeffrey Teo’s Economics programme stood out, having a reasonable balance of cost and credentials, unlike those “Super Tutors” which I could never afford. I attended his programme, confident that it would work especially due to the money-back guarantee.

And it did work. From the first lesson, I was impressed with the concise relevance of Mr. Teo’s notes and his hospitality, to the extent that I read up far in advance of the lessons, something unexpected for a subject I previously disliked.

The notes were clear and palatable, with an apt inclusion of real-life examples making Economics seem more practical. Mr. Teo also consistently networked with his students, making his lessons more personalised and motivate the mind rather than merely educate.

Mr. Teo’s methods to conquer the CSQ and Essay were highly helpful, enabling me to write succinctly, seamlessly weaving in technical concepts, diagrams and real-life examples. Through ample practice, I gradually improved from a ‘D’ to ‘B’s and ultimately an ‘A’ for the A Levels, something I never imagined would be possible.

I strongly recommend Mr. Teo’s Economics programmes for any student who not only wishes to seek clear-cut relevant notes and Economics-specific skills, but also robust rapport just as I have established with my tuition group and Mr. Teo himself.

Kenneth Woo (Top Ace of 2016)
8 Distinctions,
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I was a private candidate who got a ‘C’ grade for my H2 Economics. After rounds of interviews and rejected appeals, I was only denied of a place in local universities in July. With just a few months away from A levels, I decided to retake the exams with the help of Mr Teo’s Economics Tuition.

I first came across Mr Teo’s service on an Instagram advertisement. His tuition appealed to me because with little time left, I needed efficient and effective tutoring which only Mr Teo could provide. Regular tuition was not a viable option due to time constraint.

Mr Teo assigned me to a last-minute intensive class which was exactly what I needed. Within my first week of daily tuition classes, Mr Teo was able to cover 6 weeks worth of materials – successfully completing microeconomics. Quality was not compromised at the expense of quantity. I was fully able to keep up with Mr Teo’s pace because his lectures and notes are concise. I was previously enrolled in River Valley High School but throughout my 2 years of studies there, I was unable of fully comprehending notes and I barely kept up with lectures. Mr Teo’s service made a crucial difference because of how succinct his teaching was. Important points were repeatedly emphasised and no time was wasted on insignificant content.

Another differentiating attribute of Mr Teo’s tuition is the practice every class. My greatest exam weakness was the lack of time. Prior to his service, I could not think fast and I lacked the ability to plan my essays. Mr Teo made us do several timed essays every lesson and gradually, I was able to answer questions more immediately than before. Not only so, Mr Teo taught us structured essay outlines, which allowed me to plan better and answer the questions directly. This ensured that I wasted no time dwelling on content that were not answering the questions, and therefore futile in securing marks. My first attempt at A levels had several unattempted CSQ questions, redundant content, and almost an essay uncompleted. This drastically changed in my second attempt when I fully completed my papers.

With just 21 days, Mr Teo improved my grade from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’. Besides allowing me to go to my desired local university course, I now have a newfound passion for economics. I am very grateful!

So Jia Min
Private Candidate,
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I came across AYE’s advertisement on Instagram after my prelims and I decided to give it a go despite having only 1 month left before the actual A levels. I only scored a ‘D’ for my prelims and my Econs grade in JC had always been a stagnant ‘E’. I really wanted my Econs to improve so I decided to approach Mr Jeffrey for help.

What made Mr Jeffrey’s class special was the money-back guarantee as well as his online tutorials, which had allowed me to study specific Econs topics at my own pace. His notes were also very concise and this made understanding econs concepts simpler.

I’ve always struggled with completing the paper on time. However, with Mr Jeffrey’s special ACE technique, timed practices and mock exams, I was adequately prepared for the A levels and this has also instilled confidence in me.

Under Mr Jeffrey’s patient guidance, I managed to score an ‘A’ for my A levels. Thank you Mr Jeffrey, I’m really grateful for your help!

Wang An Jie
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


Before I joined Mr Teo’s Accelerated Learning Programme, I was haunted by ‘E’ grades slapped across my report book for H2 Econs. Honestly, part of me didn’t want to face the reality that I was not doing well at all. I wanted to depend on my own self-study to improve my grades so I continued moving on to J2 without a tutor. That was until the March Common Tests, where I finally hit rock bottom and got a ‘U’ grade.

It was then I realised that I needed help. I needed to find out what I was doing wrong and why my hard work wasn’t reflected. It was as if Instagram knew what I needed and showed an advertisement of Mr Teo’s class. I was attracted by the straightforward ‘Ace Your Econs’. However, I wondered if it was just marketing or if Mr Teo really had ‘substance’. Then somehow I found out that my friend is attending his class. Thus, I immediately asked her about the quality of the lessons and when she gave positive affirmation, I made up my mind to join Mr Teo’s class.

After joining the class, I understood that ‘Ace Your Econs’ is not just marketing but truly a promise and an assurance of quality. Mr Teo’s notes and video lectures were clear and concise, this has helped me greatly in understanding what content examiners look out for and what content is not as important.

Most importantly, I think the key component that boosted my confidence and skills was the intensive practice in essay writing. Through countless practices, I was able to not only identify my weaknesses but also improve from it. Moreover, these practice essays were carefully selected by Mr Teo to increase our exposure so that we can face all types of questions.

The well-structured lessons by Mr Teo has allowed my Econs grades to improve from a ‘U’ grade to an ‘A’ grade at the A levels. It is like a miracle! I am sincerely thankful to Mr Teo for his guidance and I will never regret joining his class!

Tay Ming Yi
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


Before I joined Mr Jeffrey’s programme, I was consistently getting ‘U’s for my Econs. I thought I could handle it myself, thinking, “Oh, it’s a humanities subject, I’ll get the hang of it eventually.” It took me too long to realise that Econs is definitely not like other humanities subjects at all!

My ‘U’ grades persisted till my Mid Years in J2. With Econs as a H2 subject, I knew I would be in deep trouble if I did not seek help soon. That’s when I panicked.

Out of sheer desperation, I took to Google to find reputable economics tutors, but none of them seemed like a good fit for me. Furthermore, many of them had already started lessons and I wasn’t sure if i could catch up. I eventually stumbled across Mr Jeffrey’s advertisements about his ALP on Instagram. Based on the video and textual testimonies given by his ex-students, I was convinced that Mr Jeffrey Teo was the real deal, and could help me tremendously in my Econs.

And help me, he did.

My Econs improved drastically within a short period of time. Within the first few lessons, my understanding of the subject improved. His notes were concise and easily digestible. The intensive essay and CSQ practices given EVERY LESSON helped to hone and sharpen my application skills, allowing my grades to leap to a ‘D’ in prelims, and finally a ‘B’ for my A levels.

Mr Jeffrey is not just any economics tutor. He is a tutor who cares. A tutor who nurtures. A tutor who motivates. These aspects were evident in the way in which he would send motivational quotes every Monday. He also actively established a  bond and amazing rapport with my class, which honestly made lessons a lot more fun and enjoyable.

I gained so much more than just a beautiful ‘B’ for my A level Econs. I gained friends, life advice, and encouragement. Till this day, I still keep in contact with the wonderful people I met in his programme.

Join Mr Jeffrey! You’ll gain so much more than just your grades!

Ng Shermin
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I happened to see Ace Your Econs’ advertisement on Facebook and coincidentally at that point of time, I needed to look for external Econs help as I had to retake my A Levels.

Mr Jeffrey Teo’s program was very much different from the usual Econs tuitions – it was one that taught and encouraged independent learning at the same time. The curriculum is designed to fit the demands of the exams, such as regular timed practices that were very helpful given the dreadful time management issue many students face. This was a problem that I had been struggling with for years, and even for subjects beyond Econs. Mr Teo’s programme instilled a sense of time discipline in me which was helpful for my other subjects too.

Under his patient guidance, I managed to achieve a ‘B’ for my A level exams this time round and also better grades for other subjects. I am really thankful to have Mr Teo as a teacher as he cares about his students beyond just academics.

Vina Seah
Private Candidate,
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


At the beginning of JC2, I scored an ‘S’ for my H2 Econs. I panicked as I was showing no signs of improvement and  needed help badly. Out of desperation, I repeatedly Google-d “JC Econs Tuition” and that’s when I saw Mr Jeffrey’s website.

When I met Mr Jeffrey in his classroom, I was quite sure he was the teacher I was looking for. He was so confident of his ACE technique and programme, such that he even uses a money back guarantee!

Under Mr Jeffrey’s guidance, I started to grasp my concepts more quickly. His lessons are interesting and easy to understand, and I quickly learnt the technique. Within a short period of time (21 lessons, to be exact), I was able to score in my essays and eventually, I scored a ‘B’ in H2 Econs at A Level. I am really grateful to Mr Jeffrey for his kind support and guidance!

Jimmy Hsu
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


When I applied for Ace Your Econs’ Accelerated Learning Programme, I was worried because my H2 Econs grade at that time was always an ‘E’, at most a ‘C’ (if I was lucky) and I had applied for the programme after my preliminary exams and only had one month before the A levels itself.

But after a few lessons with Mr Jeffrey, I was stunned at the usefulness of his ACE approach. It was simple to understand and apply when writing essays, yet extremely clear and succinct. 

With Mr Jeffrey’s help and instruction, I improved from a ‘C’ at Prelims to an ‘A’ at the A levels. I am really thrilled because although I noticed my improvement, I had never dreamed of getting an A for my Econs. Thank you so much Mr Jeffrey for all the support and guidance!

Dana Gan
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I was introduced to Ace Your Econs by a schoolmate that likewise was struggling to pass H2 Econs. I realized that I had to take some immediate action to salvage my grade, therefore I decided to give the 21 Days Accelerated Learning Programme a shot.

Mr Jeffrey has a very unique set of teaching techniques that is vastly different from ordinary tuition centers that I’ve been to or heard of. He provides extra online video tutorials and notes to be self-studied before class so as to facilitate better learning in class. Daily classes involved a good array of case studies and essays to provide us with sufficient practice and exposure to different question types.

His unique ACE technique allowed me to filter out different question types to tackle the questions concisely and strategically. These practices really helped me resolve my bad time management and I was able to complete both my papers in the A level examinations.

Mr Jeffrey never fails to provide extra help and guidance to the weaker students and provided me with extra case study tutorials. Under his guidance, I’ve made drastic improvements and from an ‘S’ or ‘E’ student, my score catapulted to an ‘A’ for the A levels examination. I am very grateful for Mr Jeffrey as he turned one of my weakest subjects to my best-scoring subject, helping me achieve my goals!

Li Wenbo
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I first saw Jeffrey’s Economics programme on Instagram in J2 and back then my grades were ‘U’s. I never understood my Econs content fully and didn’t know the answering techniques for CSQs and essays. I went around looking for Econs tuition, saw a few and Jeffrey’s programme was the most credible out of all, with a money-back guarantee.

However, my family is not well-off and I thought I would just forget about tuition. Then I saw that Jeffrey had a Financial Assistance Scheme which heavily subsidises his Programme. I am extremely thankful to him for giving students like us a chance to receive external help.

I joined Jeffrey around July and I went through workshops that corrected my answering techniques, such as the 3-step ACE approach. With just this technique alone, I managed to score an ‘B’ for my CSQ test compared to the ‘U’ I was getting back then. His content lectures are very concise and ensure you understand the topic in just 1 or 2 hours. He emphasises on the important keywords you need to have for topics such as market failure, making economics a memorising-free subject for me.

I then immediately jumped from a ‘U’ for mid year to ‘B’ for prelims and then an ‘A’ for A levels in just 16 days of the Accelerated Learning Programme. I am very thankful for Mr Jeffrey for helping me out!

Danny Ung
H1 Econs
Class of 2016


On my first try in the A levels, I scored a ‘D’ for Econs and it pulled down my grades so I decided to retake the A levels as a Private Candidate. As I only had 3 months left to study for the exam and had no school teachers to depend on, Mr Jeffrey’s intensive programme was very suitable for me.

Moreover, the programme focused a lot on essay writing skills which I knew I lacked. There were also many opportunities avaliable to practise under exam conditions which really helped my time management. The programme was very useful for me and I have benefited from it and improved. Thanks to Mr Jeffrey, I managed to get a ‘B’ for my second try in the A level exam.

Zhao Junru
Private Candidate,
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


Econs had always been a struggle for me, especially during JC2 when I started scoring ‘U’s for the first half of the year. Even after I put in more effort, I only got an ‘E’ for the preliminary exams which was very disheartening.

After many months of procrastination, I found Mr Jeffrey’s advertisement on Instagram for his Accelerated Learning Programme. I immediately signed up with him and found that it was of immense help.

Mr Jeffrey’s video tutorials and notes were very comprehensive and concise which made revision a breeze. His ACE technique also helped me structure my answers well and allowed me to manage my time wisely when attempting questions. Apart from his sound strategies, Mr Jeffery’s faith in his students and his sincerity in his ways to help students really motivated me to do well.

After his 21 Days Accelerated Learning Programme, I became more confident in my skills and managed to clinch a ‘B’ for my A level exams. I am really grateful for the time and effort that Mr Jeffrey spent coaching and helping me for Econs.

Sandy Goh
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I was never really good at scoring for Econs. I could understand the concepts with ease but when it came to application time, I floundered. The tipping point came when I scored a ‘U’ for my promotional exams. I decided it was time to seek much-needed help.

I stumbled across Ace Your Econs while searching on Google for Economics tuition. What drew me to AYE was the generous financial aid that Mr Teo rendered to his needy students. For me it was a golden opportunity and I will forever be thankful for his generosity. And even beyond that, Mr Teo took a personal interest in his students. From the weekly motivational Whatsapp messages to the light refreshments he would provide in his class, it was his genuine care and concern for us that truly made all the difference.

Under Mr Teo’s tutelage, I made a marked improvement in my Econs and even managed to score a ‘B’ at the A Levels! I am really grateful to Mr Teo as he has really been the discriminating factor in allowing me to do well for this milestone examination.

Chay Hui Min
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


I was just a normal JC boy taking the A Levels in a couple of months time. However, even after many practices on my own, I was unable to even pass my H2 Economics.

I then once saw an advertisement on Instagram of Mr Teo’s Ace Your Econs tuition and was curious to see what was offered. The money back guarantee and other things made me think that this tuition really would help it’s students in achieving good grades.

Given that I was in a very fast forwarded intensive lesson and had 4 hours of AYE session per week rather than the normal 2 hours, I tried my best to cope up with the classes. Soon the JC 2 preliminary examinations started and I passed my H2 Econs for the first time with a ‘E’ grade in prelims.

After engaging in the last few lessons of Mr Teo’s AYE tutorials, online lectures, ACE techniques, I managed to secure myself a ‘B’ in the A Levels for Economics! Mr Teo really made the lessons engaging, and he taught in a professional manner. I’m glad to engage in Mr Teo’s classes and jump my H2 Economics grade from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’ in just 21 days!

Swapnil Bapat
H2 Econs
Class of 2016


To be honest, I did not place much importance on Econs as it was my H1 subject and I had to focus on my H2s which I was already struggling with. As such, I had been getting ‘U’s with little improvements even when I tried to study the subject every now and then.

However by the end of my mid-year examinations, I started to get anxious as I didn’t understand many of the concepts in Econs and my school had already covered most of the syllabus. I started sourcing for Economics tuition and came across Ace Your Econs.

My friend, who had then only went for one lesson at the centre, introduced Mr Teo to me. She mentioned she felt more enriched just after one lesson with him and I decided to sign up for his Accelerated Learning Programme since I needed immediate help.

During the classroom lessons, we were always given time to clarify any doubts from the online videos we watched prior to lessons and our discussions would usually be presented on a whiteboard. Mr Teo would explain all of our questions in a way that was easy to understand.

Towards the end of every lesson, we had to write timed essays about the topics we learnt that week, which I personally liked as “practice makes perfect”. Overall, I am really thankful for engaging Ace Your Icons as it really helped me to understand Economics better and miraculously pull my ‘U’s to an ‘A’ for Econs!

Leonie Tan
H1 Econs
Class of 2016


For the whole 2 years of my JC life, I had never gotten higher than a ‘U’ grade for my Econs, even during Prelims. However, under Mr Teo’s guidance, I began to understand concepts better, and by using his signature ACE technique, I  managed to attain a ‘B’ grade for my A Levels.

Mr Teo has been a very engaging tutor, putting in a lot of effort into helping me get my concepts right, even to the extent where he took some free time off to provide me with extra exercises, which he will diligently mark and hand to me the next session. Even when I kept making the same mistakes, he doesn’t get mad about it and continues to direct me to the right answer.

Overall, he is a very patient tutor and very helpful, willing to accept any questions we ask. Once again, thank you so much for all the effort you put in to nurture me, from not knowing almost anything, to making me appreciate Econs like never before.

H1 Econs
Class of 2016


I had always liked Economics and found it interesting. However, my interest did not reflect in my grades. I consistently got ‘E’ and ‘S’ grades in all examinations, even my Promos.

I googled for Economics tuition and found Mr Jeffrey. I am a really slow learner and i was thankful for Mr Jeffrey for being so patient with me. His ACE technique gave me a clear idea of how to approach all essays and his STEAL technique helped me secure great case study results. Mr Jeffrey’s notes are concise and easy to understand. He puts in a lot of effort teaching each and every one of his students.

With his lessons and guidance, I achieved an ‘A’ grade for my A level H1 Economics. I will truly recommend Mr Jeffrey’s lessons to my juniors if they want to Ace Their Econs!

Wu Jiawei
H1 Econs
Class of 2016


Using his ACE technique, it became easy to construct paragraphs for essays, a part of Econs I was really bad at. Even though it was an accelerated programme, the online lessons he provided gave me a more in depth understanding of the content taught in school.

Thanks to the programme, I managed to improve from a ‘U’ to an ‘E’ for Prelims and finally, to a ‘B’ for my A Levels within 4 months of his 21 Days Accelerated Learning Programme. I am very satisfied with the results and am very grateful to Mr Teo for helping me achieve this grade!

Tan Kah Hui
H1 Econs
Class of 2016


As my Econs had always been unable to hit a higher grade (always hovered at D), I decided to seek help and came across Ace Your Econs online.

Jeffrey has had a rich experience in offering tuition and the raving testimonials on his website persuaded me to seek tuition from him. Jeffrey’s notes were concise and straighforward. His lessons were peppered with real-life examples that not only could be used in econs essays, but were informational as well.

He constantly drilled us to include examples and define terms and this eventually became second-nature for us. He also taught us concepts that were slightly beyond syllabus so we can understand economics more in-depth instead of just memorising, for example we learnt the workings behind banks’ increasing of money supply. My questions were always answered by Jeffrey and this complemented what I learnt in school.

I got an A for Economics in the A levels when I usually scored Ds and Es and even my highest ever in school was a narrow C. I thank Jeffrey very much for assisting me in this journey and helping me a lot in just 4 months.

Lee Hui Min
H2 Econs
Class of 2015


Before J2, I’ve always thought achieving A for H1 economics can be done by studying by myself even without tutor’s help. My grades in economics have been very inconsistent from J1 to J2 mid year. I’ve been getting grades from U to B (only once), with most of them being U and S. After receiving mid-year result, which is yet another U grade for economics, I decided to start looking for economics tuition to get better and consistent grades.

I found out about AceYourEcons on Facebook ads at first, and I also did researches on other economics tuition centres. I decided to try for AceYourEcons after watching the introductory video. Mr. Jeffrey is very friendly in the first session and I was quickly convinced that he could help me improve my grades. As compared to my school teachers, Mr Jeffrey is able to teach me theories and concepts using real life examples, which make it a lot easier to understand and apply in both Case Study Questions as well as essays.

Furthermore, when I am in doubt, he is also very clear using real life examples to help me understand better. For both CSQs and essay questions, he taught me the step-by-step ACE method, which have helped me significantly in exams (i.e. paragraphing, time management, etc).

Mr Jeffrey’s notes are less lengthy and very clear-cut with all the concepts that are required to know, and are mostly supported with evidences and examples which are usable in essay questions. I learned faster and more efficiently with Mr Jeffrey’s notes compared to school notes.

Mr Jeffrey’s tutoring has helped me improved greatly from getting inconsistent grades like U and S to consistent grades in later half of my J2 year, like getting a B in prelims and ultimately an A in my A Level. I believe AceYourEcons is one of the best economics tuition to improve your economics grades.

Chen Hsin An
H1 Econs
Class of 2015


When i first joined Ace Your Econs after my year 6 prelims, my results were abysmal and i was constantly scoring S and Us.

Jeff’s lively approach in class and his unique ACE technique managed to allow me to understand economics concepts and apply them effectively, resulting in a big leap to “B” for A levels within just two months. A big thank you to Jeff!

Quek Zi Yi
H2 Econs
Class of 2015


I was consistently scoring S and U for my school’s internal exams. Upon finding Mr Teo’s econs tuition service on the internet, I’ve decided to give it a try.

Under Mr Teo’s guidance, my grades started improving steadily. His concise notes and real life examples made it so much easier to internalize economics concepts quickly. After 6 months of tuition, I managed to score a B during my A levels! I would strong recommend any students whom have difficulties in learning Econs to Mr Teo. Thank you Mr Teo!

Fam Hui Jiung
H2 Econs
Class of 2015


I have been struggling with econs and was always scoring an S for it throughout my Year 1 and Year 2.

I understood the concept being taught at school but somehow the comprehension never translated into grades for me. After attending Jeffrey’s tuition, I realised that my problem lies within the application process because I didn’t know the answering requirements for writing an econs essay.

With his ACE technique, it has helped me greatly in crafting essays and ultimately pulling up my grades!

Ling Zi Yi
H2 Econs
Class of 2015


First of all, I would like to thank Jeffrey for his constant guidance and support during my preparation for the A level examinations. I have only started joining Jeffrey’s lessons after my school’s prelims around June. Back then, I scored a U for my H2 Economics.

I knew I had to figure a way out to improve my grade and thus, I’ve decided to take up Economics tuition at AceYourEcons. Jeffrey’s approach in teaching Economics concept was very different from what I experience in school. He taught me an ACE structure in writing essay and tackling case study questions.

Initially, I find it very difficult to do well in Economics as I did know know the correct answering techniques, and often find it difficult to understand certain Economics content. But after attending tuition with Jeffrey, I started making improvements gradually, and eventually attain a C in my A level examinations!

I would highly recommend AceYourEcons to those who is currently struggling with Economics as Jeffrey is definitely one of the best tutors that I ever had!

Tan Hui Xin
H2 Econs
Class of 2015


When I first took my econs term test in JC 1, I managed to get a decent grade of B. But things went downhill from there. I’ve got a U for mid years and likewise a U for promos. I was getting worried for my econs, even though it is an H1 subject for me, I still wanted to get a good grade. So I went looking for tuition centres and private tuition, but I couldn’t find an ideal teacher to help me, be it a private tutor or a centre.

I stumbled across Jeffrey’s Economics Tuition on Facebook and I quickly called and asked if I could be tutored under him. Jeffrey’s approach in dealing with econs was unique as none of the tuition centres or tutors has taught me this ACE technique. This technique really helped me not only in answering essays and case studies but also in the understanding of the content.

Under Jeffrey’s guidance, I improved in my Econs immediately and even managed to score a D for my Prelim exams and to my surprise, an “A” for my A level exam. I am really grateful to Jeffrey as he really helped me achieve my goals and manage to help me in dealing with Econs!

Allen Woo
H1 Econs
Class of 2014


I’ve always been unable to understand JC Economics, especially since I took H1 Economics and not much time and attention was given to it compared to my H2 subjects. This caused me to neglect Economics and I finally decided action had to be taken if I wanted to attain the grades I wanted for Economics at A Levels. I started tuition with Jeffrey as I needed a lot of guidance with my Economics syllabus. I had trouble grasping the content of the subject, which caused me to be unable to answer questions that are posed to me in tutorials and examinations.

Under Jeffrey’s immense guidance, I was able to understand the basic fundamentals of Economics and was better able to see the connection between each topic as they are highly interlinked. Every session with Jeffrey was spent building up knowledge on economics, as well as relating current affairs and global situations to the world of economics, which is crucial as we are required to apply real life examples when answering questions.

Without Jeffrey’s guidance and support, I would still be struggling with my economics and would have probably given up on it. However, he puts the fun back in economics and has changed my viewpoint on the subject entirely. I’m glad I received his tutorage for economics, as I managed to finally pass my H1 Economics from getting a ‘U’ grade at every examinations to an ‘A’ at A levels.

Stephanie Choy
H1 Econs
Class of 2014


I started tuition with Jeffrey as I needed help with my microeconomics. I had difficulty answering questions pertaining to certain topics such as demand and supply. With Jeffrey’s help, I was able to understand the requirements of the questions and was able to answer them confidently.

Jeffrey is very up to date with the current affairs and global economic situation. He would discuss these issues with me in class and it helped me understand the reasons behind why certain economic decisions were made instead of others. These discussions served as examples which I used in my exams and daily work.

Thanks to him, I felt more confident when writing economics essays. Lessons with him helped stimulate my thinking which allowed me to look at things from different angles. That said, I’m glad that I engaged his services as I managed to jump from a U in prelims to an A in ‘A’ levels.

Gracia Goh
H2 Econs
Class of 2013


Jeffrey is a people-oriented (or should is say student-oriented) tutor. His passion for economics is reflective in his teaching style, ensuring that his students understand more than just the “academically-required amount”. Economics can be really tough subject without the right motivation. With Jeffrey, you might just be able to kindle that interest!

Xue Xin Fang
H2 Econs
Class of 2013


I first encountered Jeffrey’s help on Google. In dire need to improve my economics for my upcoming exams I approached Jeffrey’s help. This was the first economics tuition I have ever had and it was indeed very helpful.

The notes given were extremely detailed yet easy to understand, and the four step ACE approach applied to writing essays proved to be very useful. Various sources about the economy that was given helped improve the quality of my essays. My knowledge of economics after the classes has expanded significantly and improved immensely over the course of one month.



Yi Ching,
Bellerbys College
A Level in United Kingdom


I came across Jeffrey’s Economic tuition while searching for Economic tutors online. I was constantly failing my H2 Economics even in my second year of JC, scoring mainly U and the occasional S. So I decided to engage his tuition services to help push my grades up.

After enlisting his help, my Economics grades did improve and for the first time in my entire JC life, I passed Economics. He patiently went through some of the concepts and diagrams that I had difficulty understanding in school and value-added to them by providing newspaper articles which helped to further my understanding, thus offering a context to the content.

I am grateful to Jeffrey for my A-level grade of a C for H2 Economics. Economics has always been my weakest subject and that was the highest grade I ever received for Economics.

Wong Man Ping
H2 Econs
Class of 2012


I first heard of  Jeffrey’s economics’ tuition services through a family friend of mine. Initially I was rather reluctant to engage his services until I heard rather good feedbacks from my other friends whom were coincidentally his tutees as well. During our first tutoring session, Jeffrey was quick in identifying my many flaws when answering economics essay questions.

Hence with his help, I managed to improve from a ‘U’ grade in J1 promos score to B for my A’ Levels examination. I’m definitely satisfied with Jeffrey’s services and would definitely recommend him to my other friends or juniors who are in need of help in the subject of economics.

Raving Testimonials
Norman Keng
H2 Econs
Class of 2010


On my first lesson, Jeffrey gave me a on the spot essay assignment which was my weakest link in economics. I still remembered how badly I did for that first assignment. However under Jeffrey’s constant guidance, and his amazing wealth of knowledge in economics, I finally understood my Market Structure and the techniques required in answering essay questions.Jeffrey’s energy and enthusiasm in teaching is welcoming and he inspires you to enjoy learning economics! 4 years on and I am encountering economics once again. I am very thankful for the solid foundation in microeconomics.

Raving Testimonials
Margaret Huang
H2 Econs
Class of 2009