How To Improve Economics Grades Fast


Are you worried about your grades? Perhaps you’ve just received the results of your Block Test, and to your horror, there are way more crosses than ticks. Perhaps you’re panicking right this moment, looking for a way to pull them up, and fast. To improve Economics grades fast, take a look at some of these tips below especially tailored to help JC students:

1. Get Familiar With Question Types

This applies for both Case Study Questions and essay types. Without knowing the question types properly, all the content knowledge in the world cannot help improve Economics grades fast, or even at all. This is because Economics is a very context-based sort of subject.

For example, an essay question that asks “Discuss the effectiveness of this policy…” and one that goes “To what extent do you agree that this is effective…” have very different answer structures. The first one is likely to be a while the second is likely a Thesis & Antithesis type. If you answer these questions the same way, you will likely end up missing what the question is asking for, or not raise up a suitable breadth of topics.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the types of questions that can come up in a Case Study Question’s essay component and how to tackle them, check out a bestseller assessment book here. (Take note: the book is applicable for both H1 and H2 students!)

2. Find Your Learning Style

Did you know that the study method your friends and classmates use may not be a good fit for you? While some people learn better by taking down notes and making mindmaps, others prefer to repeat the concepts aloud to themselves or playback recorded lectures. Everyone has a different learning style. If you’ve been putting your best foot forward without seeing any improvements, perhaps it’s time for a change of study methods.

Take a look at some popular study methods here and consider giving them a go instead; if you see improvements in your memory and content retention, you might have found the perfect boost for your grades!

Other than the optimal study methods for you, all high-achieving students have some good habits that help them maximise their potential. For example, getting enough sleep is very important, and so is keeping a good diet to tide you through long study sessions.

3. Seek Help From Others

In order for you to improve Economics grades fast, one very important tip students often overlook is the importance of clarifying concepts with teachers and mentors. This is especially crucial right after a test or assessment and you get back your papers, because the memories of your reasoning behind each answer is still clear to you. If you can, book a consultation with your Economics teacher now and don’t be afraid to ask any questions you have about the marking scheme, your answers, or clarify any doubts.

Sometimes, however, you might need much more help in your fundamentals than what teachers can offer in a handful of consultations. Or perhaps your teacher’s teaching style is too different from your learning style. In this case, you may be interested in the idea of seeking private tuition to support your studies. Don’t feel ashamed to approach outside help and keep your options open! Here is a good article on the benefits of private tuition, if you’re still undecided on it.

To end off, did you know that sometimes what you need to work on isn’t you competence level, but your confidence instead? Students often find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle where they don’t feel confident about Economics and under-perform, but this leads to even lower confidence level for Economics.

So, deep breath, chin up, and learn to face Economics with a more positive attitude; you’re getting better every day. Keep in mind all these quick tips and tricks that can help you improve Economics grades fast, and all the best for your studies!

ACE Your Econs with the AYE team