Better scores now needed for NUS arts faculty

JC Econs Tuition - Better Scores Now Needed For NUS Arts Faculty

“Better Scores Now Needed For NUS Arts Faculty” (original article)

“Remember the days when one B and two Cs would get a student into the arts and social sciences faculty of the National University of Singapore? Not any more.

This year, A-level holders needed at least an A and two Bs, despite the faculty taking in the largest number of students at the university – 1,700 in all. Two years ago, the minimum grade needed was three Bs.”

So now NUS arts faculty set the pre-requisite of 1 A and 2Bs. What does it tells more popular faculties like Business, Accounting, Law and Medicine? At least straight As. Nothing less.

To all coming year 2 students whom have performed poorly in the year 1 promotional exams – entrance to local university is going to get tougher and tougher. Start to take ownership now and seek help for your Economics immediately!

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