5 Tips to do well in A levels Part III

Have chanced upon an insightful article which focuses on 8 tips to study better and find that the tips provided are rather amazing. All students should start learning to study smart rather than to study hard!

I would like to place emphasis on step 4) Draw out the information in a visual form.

By making your own notes in mind map form, you are able to better relate to the concept itself as you have “internalize” the concepts before mapping it down. To better enhance your learning experience, you may want to try the following steps:

  1. Read your notes thoroughly before attempting the mind map;
  2. After you start, refrain from referring to your notes / textbook;
  3. Mentally take note of the difficulties you have while mapping;
  4. Keep your mapping in short bullet forms and simple diagrams.

Upon completing the mapping for multiple topics, they will be your most reliable notes that you ever need for your exams! Making your own notes is definitely way more useful then constantly flipping through your existing lecture notes!

Stay tuned for the remaining two important exam tips!