JC1 Economics Tuition


Dear J1 students,


You have just ended your “honey-moon” period of year one orientation and reality starts to kick in hard when you realised the difference between JC and Secondary school is insane. Accompanied with a new and demanding CCA and new exam formats of essay and CSQ to handle with, you realised that your J1 Econs revision is in a total mess. And if you aren’t sure what is a proper definition of mess, here is how we breakdown for you:


  • Constantly falling asleep in your lecture theatres because you “catch no ball” of  Econs?


  • You’ve been too involved in your CCA commitments and simply have no time to revise;


  • You dread looking through your lecture notes which are as thick as a dictionary and they never fail to drive you to sleep;


  • You’ve tried hard before to revise and even tried to memorise model essays. But as it turns out, you still keep scoring “Us” and have given up on revising anymore;


  • You are perfectly strong in content and have no problems understanding the concepts covered in school. However whenever it comes to the exams, you “somehow” misinterpret the question or don’t really know what the exact answering requirements are, resulting in long thinking processes, inability to finish your paper & answering out of point.


  • Your school’s Econs tutor is clearly dreadful in his/her teaching and you’ve given up all hopes trying to schedule any personal consultation with him/her.  


  • You often misplanned your essays and when you realise you are writing out of point, you trash the existing one, resulting in very little time to complete your paper.


If you fall into the any of these 7 categories, welcome to the total mess club and if this is left unchecked, you might be heading to disaster for your promotional exams.


And what happens if you flop your Promotional exams?


Scholarship-Awards1. Say goodbye to any scholarship application as the process is extremely competitive.


H3 applications (to parents: the older equivalent term of H3 subject would be ‘S’ paper)  start as early at the end of Promos and there are two important criteria to be accepted to an H3 application:


  • Teacher’s recommendation
  • Strong overall grades in all H2s


As you have no direct influence over teacher’s recommendation, your next best bet is to obtain overall good grade to secure your H3 subject. And what is securing an H3 got to do with scholarship application?


With an H3 in hand, your scholarship application to various boards like PSC will become a competitive edge over those without H3 when you’re in year 2. Some people will be telling you: “H3 doesn’t matter la. At the end of the day, performing for the interview is more important.” And here’s the catch: Imagine yourself as an interviewer and you have one thousand applicants for the scholarship. How are you going to prioritise who gets interviewed with scarce amount of time resources? Your H3 is your golden ticket into your scholarship interview!


The key to securing an H3, as mentioned earlier, is to secure good overall grades, especially H2 Econs!




4 H2s2. You will be forced to “downsize” one of your favourite H2 subjects to H1.


If you are taking 4 H2s, a poor Promos will not necessarily lead to retaining (refer to point 3 below) but you will have to make a choice to drop one of your 4 H2s to a H1 subject.


And truth to be told, this is going to be an extremely tough choice. In some schools, some subjects are not offered as H1 (due to insufficient demand) and students are ‘prescribed’ with a certain set of combinations when you started off in Year 1. As such when you have to drop 1 of the H2s, you will face the dilemma of having no choice but to drop your favourite subject to H1 as the others may not be offered as H1.


And if you have future intentions to apply for scholarships (Refer to point 1 above), your priority of scholarship applications would be lower:  H3 > 4H2s > 3H2s. The reasoning of why 4H2s > 3H2s in terms of scholarship opportunities is exactly the same as mentioned above in point 1 (Singapore is ultimately a ‘paper chase’ society).


Repeat as a Private Candidate3. You are in real danger of repeating your J1 if you fail your Econs. One full year of repeating alone while your good pals proceed to J2.


According to latest MOE statistics in 2012, the highest retention rate among all JCs is 15%:



Every 3 out of 20 students will have to retain in their first year due to unsatisfactory promotional criteria. And the point we are trying to drive is statistically, it is not that tough to be retained.


And if you did not start off with 4 H2s, your risk of being retained is compounded. This is because your friends with 4 H2s are equipped with a ‘bullet vest’ to drop 1 H2s when necessary, but you can’t drop anything more.

In our programme, we have coached many retained students before and the real challenge of retaining is the emotional challenge in the following 2 years down the road (assuming you still graduate in 2 years time after retaining):


  • Having to part with good friends you have made in your previous J1 class and not being able to graduate together
  • Having to adapt a new environment with the new J1 batch
  • Lagging behind by 1 full year.


But what if we tell you that it is still possible to score an ‘A’ in your Promos exam backed with our ironclad guarantee for results?



With our well structured JC1 Economics Tuition Programme, you can look forward to:



1. Learn from Singapore’s only Econs learning centre that promises results! Full money back guarantee if you don’t score, no questions asked.


Marked Assignments

2. Ample marked practices – marked practices within one term with AYE is easily more than one year in school, guaranteed.



3. Easy accessibility – we’re  just 1 minute walking distance away from Macpherson MRT (Accessible via Circle Line and Downtown Line).



4. Participate in a personalized placement test to assess your own strength and weakness and receive a tailored learning solution based on individual weakness.


Online Consults

5. Unlimited access to our ACE tutors via HD live conference to clarify your learning doubts anytime!



Tutor with a heart6. Learn from Mr Jeffrey and his team of tutors, who truly cares about each and every of their students (featured on Cyberpioneer March 2017).


7. More than 100 hours unrestricted access to online videos – you can enjoy quality economics learning online anytime, anywhere!


A to Z8. Complete coverage of all key topics – all key topics will be covered in our program! You will not risk joining an on-going class with progression already very far ahead!


JC Econs Tuition9. Small & effective group size – Trust us, we don’t go for large theatre style classes because we choose to focus on you.

ACE framework10. Gaining exclusive access to a tried-and-tested 4 Step ACE system for answering tough Econs essays and case studies. Most students have problems with this and therefore, get their marks pulled down by this section. Thankfully, I have “cracked the code” and pinpointed the exact steps you need to do to score well for essays and case studies.

Split11. Separate programmes for H1 & H2 – unlike most providers that mix both H1 and H2 students together, we understand that H1 and H2 have different learning needs & we have two distinct programs for you!


Testimonials from some of our past J1 ACERs who have gone through our Programme:

Can’t find a better tutor

Phang Vi Shen
Mother of Victoria (VJC), Year 1, Batch of 2017

Structure my essays well

Gladys Koh

Tremendous improvements

Wee Teck
TJC Year 1, Batch of 2018 (92 Percentile in Promos)


If you are keen to secure your 'A' backed with our ironclad money back guarantee for results, here are the 3 simple steps to follow:


  • Step 1 - Read through our program details as above.


  • Step 2 – Apply to ACE with us below.


  • Step 3 – Our enrolment team will reach out to you within 24 hours upon proper application to schedule a placement test to assess your strength and weakness.


And Here's Our Promise to You


    • You are not going to sit through a gruesome sales pitch where we just 'hammer' you reasons why you should sign up with us (this is an actual placement test to find out your strength and weakness and how we can customised a solution based on your weakness).
    • You will learn simple, effective and practical writing tips you can instantly execute for your next CSQ & Essay.
    • If we wasted your time, let us know and we will hand you $50 personally to cover your Grab / Uber ride home. Who does that? No one (We've checked).


What's the worst that could happen?


If we deliver our promise, you will leave with a set of practical tools for your next CSQ & Essay writing.

If we've wasted your time, you get $50.

Either way, you win.

If this is not the best deal in your life, what is?