Should I take Economics in JC?

You have just submitted your JAE application for JC and you will be facing with one of the toughest decision in your life

  1. “what subject combination to choose?”
  2. “What is Economics in JC about?”
  3. “What is A Levels Economics Like?”
  4. “And should I study Economics in JC?”


You may have heard your year 2 seniors saying that JC Econs is very difficult to cope with. Your parents & siblings may not be in the best position to advice you. So before I proceed further further, let me give you some snippet what is Economics in JC about:


  • Economics is the studying of individual behaviour – As a consumer,  how would you react to an increase in Apple iPhone’s price? Do you like Steve Jobs’s products so much that you would stick to iPhone no matter what? (Topic: Price Elasticity) Or would you switch to a Samsung Note (Topic: Demand & Supply)?


  • Economics is the studying of firm behaviour – Imagine yourself as Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. Facing strong competition from Samsung Note, what kind of pricing / non-pricing strategy will you adopt? Will lowering price of iPhones and iPad be able to wrestle back market share from Samsung? Or will you start developing new products like Apple Watch to fight Samsung? (Topic: Market Structure/Oligopoly)


  • Economics is the studying of organisation behaviour – Imagine yourself as the next Prime Minister of Singapore. What policies will you implement to regulate traffic jams? (Topic: Market Failure/Negative Externality) To regulate rising property prices? (Topic: Fiscal Policy/Tax)


Sounds fun? Yes indeed it is really a fun topic to learn! But why do you hear so many negative feedbacks about JC Economics being so tough?


Your seniors are struggling with Econs because of the following reasons:


  • CCA / study imbalance /BGR  – many of them are likely to be actively engaged in many CCAs and have difficulties striking a balance between the CCA and studies. Things get even more complicated if you are engaged in a BGR (not recommended). However, this can be easily overcome by planning your study / CCA / date schedule well!


  • Poor quality of lecturers and tutors – many of my ex-students mentioned that they don’t understand what their lecturer / tutor is teaching. Once again, this problem can be easily overcome if you put in some good effort for your self study. But considering many students have hectic CCAs and no time for self revision, if you still face difficulties understanding economics concepts taught in school, you can approach me to help you too.


So don’t let your senior’s so-called “advice” affect your own decision. Learning Economics is fun and after hearing the awesomeness of it, please pick it as one of your subjects and embark in an exciting and wonderful learning journey!


Your next tough decision is whether to pick h1 or h2 econs, which will be addressed separately! Good luck for your subject combination!