Truth or Myth – Are there model Economics Essays out there?

Approximately 6 – 7 weeks to your big day (depending you are H2 or H1) and I would like to share more on revision tips on revision on A level Economics.

Many students always ask me, is there a model essay out there? Should I buy a model economics Ten Year Series “TYS”, “control + c” and “control + v” in the exam hall and score 25 marks out there?

My answer to them is a definite NO.

No 1 – Refuting with Economic Theory : If everyone does the same, doesn’t it flood the A level’s examiner with a standard kind of essay and artificially creates a “surplus” of “model TYS answer”, causing a downward pressure on your essay results?

No 2 – Refuting with Exam Requirements: Every essay is unique by itself. It has its own sets of ” identities” key phrases to be identified, accompanied with appropriate responses to itself. Memorizing a set of answers and attempting to “copy + paste” is the surest and fastest way to fail and score a big zero.

For example:

  1. A) “Discuss the effectiveness of fiscal policy in Japan [15m]” VS B) “Discuss the effectiveness of fiscal policy in Singapore [15m]”

requires very different examples. Both questions restricts the usage of examples to a particular country. You will definitely fail if you “control + paste” memorized answer from A) to B). Essentially, there is no “one size fit all” answer. So why bother to memorize in the first place?

Remember, the TYS itself only serves as a guide – students should only use them to determine the requirements and logic behind respective questions.

With my 4 Step “ACE” approach, I will be able to show you a beautiful system to tackle your essay and big case study questions systematically and with consistency. Instead of memorizing answers from TYS, you will be taught a powerful and flexible system to be applied on almost 90% of your A level exams (excluding small case study questions). Time to say goodbye to your TYS answers! There is no “so called” model economics essay!

Currently I am running intensive revision classes for JC 2 Students facing A levels:…/

to brush up your economics content. The blocks are carefully designed and can be attempted in any order by any J2 students looking to fortify and clarify their A level’s revision.

Have a good week ahead!