Study Tips

There are no shortcuts to do well in exams. So before further scrolling down, Please do not interpret the following tips as shortcuts.

Ready for the tips? Here we go:

1. Do not get disheartened – Failing your first common test is perfectly common. Some students took it too hard and eventually lost interest in the subject itself. Economics, unlike Mathematics or other Sciences, is not taught in Secondary School. Therefore it is perfectly normal to under-perform for the first test since students have not perfectly understand the answering techniques and application skills.

2. Consistency is your best friend – Seek help from your teacher (or me if you encounter any difficulties seeking help from them) whenever you encounter any learning difficulties and try to solve the conceptual problem on the spot. Chances are if you procrastinate on the problems, you will never overcome them. Consistent self-revision is also the key to success.

3. Read up frequently on current affairs – Subscribe to the Economist or Straits Times to keep yourself abreast of current issues. Economic relevant-problems usually come in the disguise of social problems i.e  What could have caused social unrest in a country, say Egypt? Therefore it will be useful to firstly, be able to identify these problems before applying any economic analysis.

4. Rational expectations – please do not expect to score a good grade without consistent revision.  Most students assume that getting a private a levels economics tutor will definitely help their grades but this is not true. Tutors are only able to help only if students are willing to help themselves first. Students are therefore still expected to put in effort in consistent self-revisions.

5. Adjust your lifestyle – Lastly, having difficulties to stay awake in Economics lectures? Try to adjust your lifestyle by sleeping as early as early 10pm instead of 2am browsing Facebook or playing PC games. Developing a healthy lifestyle not only raises your efficiency in the day but also ensures that you do not fall ill easily during school term!