Roles of a good tutor

Just like this football coach, a good tutor plays many roles in education.

  1. A good tutor inspires –  just like the football coach, the good tutor makes a boring subject lively and inspire the students to work hard on the subject.
  2. A good tutor challenges self- belief – A good tutor challenges faulty self-beliefs of students, sees the gem in his/her student, polish them and push them to greater height.
  3. A good tutor motivates – A good tutor motivates unmotivated students and keep encouraging them to do well.

Most importantly, when the child promise to give his/her best, the tutor will also commit to give his/her best to help the child to the fullest.

And just like the football coach, with Ace Your Econs, we inspire, challenge and motivate all young JC and Poly students to strive for their dream “A” in their Econs, be it A level or Poly Econs. We dare our students to believe in getting A and also believe in the very best of every student.

To all students out there – when we have your promise that you will give your best shot, we will walk the darkest journey with you hand in hand and we will be the torch of your life.