Poly and University Econs Tuition

Dear Poly and Uni students,


You have just ended your “honey-moon” period of freshmen orientation and reality starts to kick in hard when you realise the difference between Polytechnic’s Business School and Secondary school is insane. Compulsory modules like micro and macroeconomics are totally “alien” to you and you have an extremely short time period of half a year to master each module whereas your JC peers have two full years to do so.


And by the time you realise that your econs module is in a total mess, it’s too late and final exams are approaching. And if you aren’t sure what a proper definition of mess is, here is how we break it down for you:


  • Constantly falling asleep in your lecture theatres because you “catch no ball” about your Econs module;


  • Barely passed your midterm test /quiz despite seeming to understand what was covered in lectures and tutorials;


  • Totally confused about diagrams and the various shifts of curves in a diagram;


  • Clueless about the answering format of short answer questions in your mid-term test;


  • Have non-contributing Econs project mates in your team which pulls down your Econs module grade;


If you fall into the any of these 5 categories, welcome to the total mess club and if this is left unchecked, you might be heading towards a total disaster for your Econs module.


And what happens if you flop your Econs module?



  • For diploma students, your GPA will plunge and you are not going to qualify into local university anymore. And for undergraduate students, a poor GPA will lower your future employment opportunity.


Repeat as a Private Candidate

  • You will have to repeat one whole semester redoing a module you absolutely have no interest in without your friends;


Kick Out

  • Getting expelled from your Diploma / Undergraduate programme if you fail the same module multiple times.



But what if we tell you that it is possible to score an ‘A’ for your final exam backed with our ironclad guarantee for results?



We are Singapore’s #1 searched Poly and University Econs Tuition centre for one reason. And here’s the why – you are not going to get a more dedicated and experienced Poly Econs Tutor & University Econs Tutor than ourselves.


With over ten years of Poly and University Econs Tuition experience under our belt, we have finally unlocked the secret of ACE’ing your econs module  – our Poly Econs Tuition and University Econs Tuition programme which we’ve specially designed for you to secure your GPA.


With our specially designed Poly Econs Tuition and University Econs Tuition Programme, you can look forward to:


number 11. Learning from the #1 Poly and University Centric Econs Tuition Provider in Singapore!  We are Singapore’s only provider that provides structured learning programmes for Poly and University Economics!



2. We’re just 1 minute walking distance away from Macpherson MRT (Accessible via Circle Line and Downtown Line).


 3. Learn from a current university lecturer, Mr Perry Ho with many years of diploma and undergraduate economics coaching experience.


4. Participate in a personalized placement test to assess your own strength and weakness and receive a tailored learning solution based on individual weakness.

Results guaranteed

5. We are Singapore’s only Poly and University Econs learning centre that promises results! Full money-back guaranteed if no improvement.



6. Our Passing rate is 100%. No one has repeated their module after undergoing our program. Your success is assured!


Poly 2

7. Gaining instant and exclusive access to huge database of past year papers and model answers of many academic institutes like Singapore Polytechnic and UniSIM. Most students have problems with exam answering and spotting what questions will be tested. Thankfully, we’ve “cracked the code” of all past year papers and pinpointed the popular topics that will be tested. 


JC Econs Intensive Revision8. Small & effective group size  – Trust us, we don’t go for large theatre style classes.

Online Web Conference

9. *BONUS*  – You are only one mouse click away to get in touch with Mr Perry for his dedicated guidance on your take-home assignments and projects! Unlimited video learning conferences for you!



 Testimonials from some of our past ACERs who have gone through our Programme:

Link up the concepts

Suigar Wong
NTU Undergraduate, Batch of 2018


If you are keen to secure your GPA backed with our ironclad promise for results, here are the 3 simple steps to follow:


  • Step 1 - Read through our programme details as above.


  • Step 2 – Apply to ACE with us below.


  • Step 3 – Our enrolment team will reach out to you within 24 hours upon proper application to schedule a placement test to assess your strength and weakness.


And Here's Our Promise to You


    • You are not going to sit through a gruesome sales pitch where we just 'hammer' you reasons why you should sign up with us (this is an actual placement test to find out your strength and weakness and how we can customised a solution based on your weakness).


    • You will learn simple, effective and practical answering tips you can instantly execute for your next exam.


    • If we wasted your time, let us know and we will hand you $50 personally to cover your Uber/ Grab ride home. Who does that? No one (We've checked).


What's the worst that could happen?


If we deliver our promise, you will leave with a set of practical tools for your next CSQ & Essay writing.

If we've wasted your time, you get $50.

Either way, you win.

If this is not the best deal in your life, what is?