Poly Business Courses – Upcoming Challenges & What You Should Know

Poly Business Course


You have received your O level results and you are very excited because your L1R4 allows you to enrol into any of the 4 business schools in Poly namely:

  1. Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Total intake: 1235, Average score required: 11)
  2. Singapore Polytechnic (Total intake: 910, Average score required: 12)
  3. Temasek Polytechnic (Total intake: 1489, Average score required: 14)
  4. Nanyang Polytechnic (Total intake: 1075, Average score required: 15)


However, other than substantially more project works (vs your JC peers), do you know what challenges lie ahead in your first year of these Poly Business Courses? Are you ready for it?


In your first year of business course, you will encounter some of these following core modules:

  1. Economics (Micro & Macro);
  2. Accounting;
  3. Marketing;
  4. Principles of Management.


As fun as it sounds, the first two highlighted modules are the most challenging blocks you will encounter in your Poly Business Courses thus far. In my previous article, I have highlighted the challenges of Poly Economics (click to read). In accounting, students will be tasked to “balance” boring balance sheets and calculating mundane profit and loss. So unless you are very strong numerically, I sincerely advice you to brush up your mathematics before you enrol into any Poly Business Courses or consider switching to other courses.


And unfortunately, you have no other way but to survive and pass these core modules before you are able to proceed on to your fun elective business modules from year 2 onwards.


Many students only begin to engage my micro / macro econs module tuition service only towards their final year exam. These students typically:

  1. Have failed either their macro or micro once and have to repeat the module (failing one more time and they will be out of course, harsh reality!);
  2. Did not do well for their term test and take home assignment;
  3. Unmotivated and very low in confidence level.


Although I managed to help them to pass their final exam, the damage to their GPA is very real and permanent: they can no longer submit application to local Universities’ business courses because they have repeated their coursework OR did not do well for their term test/take home assignment.


In my poly micro/macro econs course, I am committed to help you with:

  1. Dedicated consultation to help you catch up with your lectures at your own pace;
  2. Past year practice questions to help you with big exam questions that requires calculations;
  3. If you seek help early before submission of your take home assignment, I will help you exclusively with it, which is a huge weightage (approx 25%) of your micro / macro module.


So what are some of the red flags that you need help in Econs?

  1. Starting to lag behind econs lecture and cannot catch up with your lecturer;
  2. Unable to do any of your tutorial work (you are constantly copying your friend’s answer instead of doing them yourselves);
  3. Totally clueless about what to do about the take home assignment.

So if you realise you display either (or all) these three symptoms, seek help immediately!


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