ACE Online Workshops

Dear JC students,

Are you encountering the following problems in your essays & CSQs:

  1. Can’t seem to apply the concepts that was taught in lectures into essays and CSQs;
  2. Facing a “sea of red ink” from your teacher’s marking, always stating that you are answering out of point?
  3. Seems to know that there is a specific answering format to both essay and CSQ but having difficulties uncovering it?
  4. Still stuck in the single digit region for both your Essay & CSQ for the longest time period ever?


Previously exclusive to our A level Program students only, we are finally opening up our proprietary online workshops to help all of you!


We are Singapore’s first and only Economics Tuition Provider that provides high quality online workshops for all A level Econs students! Our online workshops can be broken down into three major parts:

  1. 4 Step ACE approach online workshop;
  2. CSQ technique online workshop;
  3. Evaluation online workshop


1. 4 Step Ace Approach Online Workshop (up to 4 hrs):

ACE framework

In our 4 Step ACE approach online workshop, you will learn to:

  • identify different question types in Essays and the importance of different command words in each question;
  • learn step by step how to structure your essay and Type IV CSQ questions in a simple and effective manner using the ACE method;
  • un-learn bad habits such as memorising essays & time wastage;
  • improve your essay writing by 2 grades immediately after watching the online workshop!


2. CSQ Technique Online Workshop (up to 2 hrs)

Listen to what our ex student has to say about our workshop!

In our CSQ technique online workshop, you will learn:

  • the four different types of CSQ questions – Type I, Type II, Type III, Type IV:
  • Use our insider STEAL approach to answer all these four type of questions;
  • Achieve at least a “PASS” for your CSQ within 2 hours after watching the online workshop!


3. Evaluation Online Workshop (up to 2 hours)

In our Evaluation online workshop, you will learn:

  • to identify question types that require evaluation;
  • to debunk the lethal misconceptions about evaluation:

  • to use our insider CASTS technique to achieve five different yet effective evaluation methods easily;
  • Combined with the 4 Step ACE Approach, achieve your first “A” after watching these two online workshops!


 With all these three online workshops, you will:


  • Pay a tiny fraction instead of what you normally pay for tuition outside!
  • Enjoy learning from your own comfortable couch at home instead!
  • Pause and rewind unlimited times to catch up with your learning and understanding;
  • *BONUS* for Private Candidates – no matter you are serving NS or working part-time while waiting to re-take your A levels, you will still enjoy high quality video learning even if you are out of school, in your army bunk or self-studying at home.


His ACE technique made me really retain much more econs knowledge than before!”

Ng Xuan Fei
Previously from RVHS, batch of 2015





Grab Both Your Online Lectures & Online Workshops at S$499 only





Q: How will I get access to the videos?

A: Upon payment, please insert a valid gmail account for us to grant you access to our online resources . Alternately if you haven’t receive our resources within 3 working days, please drop us an email at


Q: What consist of the ACE Bundled Promotion?

A: It consist of the three signature workshops and all the recorded lecture videos, together with our exclusive notes.


Q: How is it different from your normal class?

A: Our normal program uses the same suite of videos. However, essay / CSQ practices as well as marking & feedback of your works will not be covered in the videos.


Q: How long am I granted access?

A: The online access will be granted for two years. However, on a case by case basis, it may be extended to three years.