November Holiday Revision Programme

November Holiday Revision Programme 


Q1: What is the November Holiday Programme about?
A: This is a revision programme specifically for J1s promoting to J2s. In this holiday programme, we will be consolidating your J1 micro concepts and introducing basic macro concepts to give you a headstart in J2:

  1. Demand, Supply and Elasticity Concepts
  2. Market Failure and Government Intervention
  3. Key Economic Indicators and Macro Goals (Introduction)


Q2: I am a H1 student promoting to J2. Can I still attend this?
A: Sure why not? This programme is perfectly suitable for both H1 and H2 students as only common topics between H1 and H2 will be covered. We will also be using case study materials throughout these 8 lessons.

Once the holiday programme ends, H1 and H2 students will have a choice to join specific H1 or H2 regular classes.


Q3: Is the holiday programme eligible for a trial?
A: Yes it is eligible for a paid trial at $120/lesson, subjected to availability.


Q4: What happens if I cannot make it for the lessons due to travelling arrangement or joined after the starting date?
A: A one day make up class will be held during June and September holidays to cover lessons you’ve missed.


Q5: Will there be make-up classes if I miss class my actual class?
A: If there is an alternative class within the same week, you may inform us prior to switching to the class.


Q6: Will the holiday programme course fee be pro-rated if I join in December?
A: We do not offer pro-ration for all our holiday programmes. Applicants can refer to point #4 for make-up lessons during June and September holidays


Q7: How big is your holiday day class?
A: To ensure quality learning, we impose a maximum intake of 12 students per class, same as per our usual classes.


Q8: Can more friends join me in the holiday programme?
A: Of course! Group learning is the most efficient way to engage in Economics as it’ll encourage interaction and creative thinking. So feel free to ask your friends along! We do provide attractive referral incentives for you when you bring along your friend.


Q9: I am a private candidate. Can I still join the holiday programme?
A: Of course you can! 


Q10: Will there be homework assignments?
A: Homework will not be assigned during the holiday programme. If you are looking for homework assignments, our regular classes do provide them.


Q11: Are there presentations in the holiday programme?
A: No presentations are required on your side. However, we may ask questions in classes from time to time to test your proficiency level.


Q12: Do you group students by schools in the holiday programme?
A: It is not necessary to group students by schools.