Should I sign up my child for JC1 Econs Tuition?

JC1 Econs Tuition

As a parent, we understand your frustrations of not knowing the current econs syllabus in JC and not being able to help your child while he/she is facing difficulties in learning econs in their first year of JC. Before we answer the million dollar question : should my child engage tuition for JC1 Econs, let’s shed some light on the difficulties faced by a typical JC1 student:

Problems with JC 1 Econs Student:

  • Steep Transition – Do you know that over 90% of JC1 students struggle with Econs in the first year? This is because the transition phase from Secondary School to JC is very steep – lecture & tutorial style in JC is very different from standard classroom teaching in Secondary School, with heavy emphasis placed on self-learning. JC students will need time to adapt to this new change. Difficulty level of other subjects are also greatly raised – i.e H2 Maths & H2 Sciences vs Sec Sch Maths & Sciences;
  • New Subject – Many JC 1 students start falling behind Econs Lectures within first 2 months of JAE, especially its a totally new subject to them and they cannot catch up! For mainstream JCs, most students start to struggle at microecons topic: Market Structures as it is a very difficult topic;
  • New Format – although some JC 1 students have some experience in Source Based Questions (SBQ) taught in Social Studies & History, new exam requirements like Essays and Case Studies are simply too new & much for them to handle;
  • CCA / Time management – aside from heavy subject workloads, JC1 students active involvement in CCA and poor time management skills –  most of them are already half-dead when they reach home after a long day in school and CCA. This causes them to have insufficient time for revision and their econs grade to suffer!

With the above 4 problems and a short time span of 8 months (school officially starts around Feb for JC1 and Promotional Exam is on Oct),  most of them simply could not cope with the exam requirements of JC 1 Econs, resulting in a S or U for their Promotional Exam. Some students had to drop their H2 Econs to H1 Econs, eradicating their hope for a scholarship. For a small portion of students, they even had to waste one more year and repeat JC1 due to the overall unsatisfactory results. Are all these pain worthwhile?

Sounds scary? Don’t be! Because we are here to solve your problems!

JC Econs Tuition

  • Small group tuition – Classes are kept small to ensure quality learning for respective JC1 students. We understand that some tuition centres operates at 20 to 30 pax per classes, which results in largely one dimensional teaching from tutor to students and students not being able to ask questions freely. After all, Economics is a social science. Frequent group discussions are required!
  • Ample of practice of essays & case studies – We tackle the new subject and new format problems by providing ample practice and guidances for our students in  their essays and case studies. Based on past experience, despite a steep learning curve for econs, 100% of our students will pass their promotional exams if they engage us at least 6 months before hand;
  • Build solid foundation – Our JC1 classes will help to fortify students’ economics concept and brush up their answering techniques. With a strong foundation, JC1 students will not only find learning econs in school easier  but are also able to allocate more time in revision of other subjects, improving the overall grades;
  • Huge databank of economics articles – many JC1 students are not aware of current economics affair and are unable to relate examples to their essays, resulting in poor essay results. With our huge databank of economics articles from the Business Times & the Economist – ranging from microecons’s Demand & Supply to macroecon’s Inflation, we make sure our students are well equipped with examples for their essays.

Don’t fall behind. Grab your headstart with our JC1 Econs Tuition now! Check out our group schedule for new JC1 classes!

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