JC Group Programme

JC Group Programme:

Q1: How much is the investment amount?

A: Please refer here. 


Q2: Where will the classes be conducted?

A: It will be conducted online via Zoom together with our own learning management system.


Q3: Will there be face to face classes?

A: No. All classes will be held online.


Q4: What is the difference between Premium 1-1 Classes & Group Programme?

A: Premium classes are highly customised & intensive sessions for students who require the private attention of our lead economics tutor, Mr Jeffrey Teo. 


Q5: How is your online class different from the rest of centres?

A: We do not practice conducting both online and actual face to face classes concurrently, which will dilute the learning experience of those online students. Our online only approach ensures that the 8 participants (refer below) gets maximum attention.

In order to ensure our students learn & recap from their mistakes, our classes are also known to be intensive in practice. Every class will involve have include at least 1 timed trial as well as mandatory submission of homework. 


Q6: How big is your online group size?

A: To ensure quality learning, we understand that online poses a different set of challenges as compared to center based learning. Thus we impose a maximum intake of 8 students per online class to promote maximum interaction and engagement via Zoom.


Q7: How do I submit my timed practices and homework even if there won’t be face to face classes?

A: Everything from video lectures and worksheets can be obtained & submitted digitally through our one-stop learning management system.


Q8: Are there presentations in the group class?

A: No presentations are required on your side. However, we may ask questions online to promote interaction. 


Q9: Will there be make-up classes if I miss class due to CCA / poor health?

A: If there is an alternative online class within the same week, you may inform us prior to switching to the class. Alternatively, every online class will be recorded and uploaded into our learning management system for unlimited review.


Q10: Is there an option for a trial class?

A: Yes, a trial is available upon request, subjected to availability. If you find the trial class unsatisfactory, you will not need to pay for it.


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