JC Group Programme

JC Group Programme:


Q1: How much is the programme fee?
A: Please refer here.


Q2: Can I catch up with the ongoing JC group programme?
A: Many parents and new students have this concern. AYE is the only economics tuition provider that provides recorded lectures so that you can benefit from all the lessons you have missed earlier at your own pace and convenience at home, at no extra cost! 


Q3: How big is your group size?
A: To ensure quality learning, we impose a maximum intake of 12 students per class.


Q4: Can more friends join me in the group programme?
A: Of course! Group learning is the most efficient way to engage in Economics as it’ll encourage interaction and creative thinking. So feel free to ask your friends along!


Q5: I am a private candidate. Can I still join the existing JC classes?
A: Of course you can! 


Q6: Will there be homework assignments?
A: Yes we do so periodically. If you can’t take additional practices, please do not apply.


Q7: Are there presentations in the class?
A: No presentations are required on your side. However, we may ask questions in classes from time to time to test your proficiency level.


Q8: Do you group students by schools?
A: Only for J1s. Students from DHS, VJC, NYJC and HCI, please look out for your individual group slot.


Q9: Will there be make-up classes if I miss class due to CCA / poor health?
A: If there is an alternative class within the same week, you may inform us prior to switching to the class. Alternatively, make-up lessons will be conducted during June & September holidays.

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