What to choose?

You have just submitted your JAE application to your ideal JC.


The next question is which subject to pick.  Or should you even pick JC Economics in the first place? 🙂


I have written a separate article on why you should pick Economics. However, let’s assume that JC Economics is fun and you intend to pick Econs as one of your subjects. However you are unsure to pick H1 or H2 Econs and don’t know what is the difference between them. So what is the main difference?


  • Content – obviously, H1 has much lesser content than H2. One of the most fun topic, market structure, where students get to learn the behaviour of firms i.e price war between Singtel and Starhub is not in H1 Syllabus. A rough estimation of content reduction is that H1 is approximately 60% of the content of H2.


  • Exam difficulties –  Although the emphasis of both H1 and H2 econs exams are slightly different as H1 Econs focus mainly on case studies (70% of total marks) while H2 Econs focus mainly on the Economics essays (60% of total marks), the exam difficulties are the same in the sense that both candidates for h1 & h2 will still face essays and case studies. The skill set required for h1 & h2 essays and case studies are also the same.


So what should you pick?


My pick is definitely H2 Econs. Why?


  • Because it is more fun – topics like market structure provides insight on how firms compete and/or collaborate to maximise their own interest i.e Apple Vs Samsung.


  • Because it is more meaningful – Economics is a meaningful social science that can be used to explain many issues in the word. Almost every policies in Singapore is governed by Economics! Wouldn’t it be better if you can understand better how are policies formed in Singapore with H2 Econs (more content)? In fact, this is the only subject that is still applicable in your adulthood no matter what job you pursue i.e you can use Economics to explain your house mortgages, your rising bus fare etc.


More info from SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) for both course syllabus can be found here:

  1. H1 
  2. H2


So what will still be your choice? H1 or H2 econs? 🙂