Financial Aid Scheme For Econs Tuition

We strongly believe that tuition services should also encompass needy students who cannot afford them due to family circumstances. We believe in giving back to society.

As such, for low income students, we are committed to help them succeed in their A level Econs and will provide heavily subsidised Financial Aid Scheme for Econs Tuition to them (up to 80%).

However, in interest of full transparency, we are not in a position to help all JC students. If you fall into the following 4 categories, please look no further and do not submit your application:

  • Have the entitlement mindset that I deserve to be helped because of my humble family background – truth to be told, only MOE has a responsibility and moral obligation to help subsidise education (even so, this is to correct the market failure problem of merit goods and positive externality of consumption). However, we are merely a private education entity helping out of compassionate reasons to help you strive further in your future. We strictly owe you nothing and do not have the moral obligation to help you if you have this entitlement mindset;  
  • Have problems adhering to our attendance policy – We require our applicants to be serious & achieve at least 95% attendance in our programs. Since you’ve asked for help and we’ve offered you a precious seat in our program, the opportunity cost of offering you this seat is extremely high as this could be offered to other full-paying students. Why should we help you if you don’t even want to help yourself?
  • If you are a non-Singaporean citizen – Singaporean PR and non-citizens, please do not apply;
  • If you are looking for a 1-to-1 session while applying for our FAS programme – The FAS programme is only for our JC group program. Alternatively, you may consider calling a home tuition agency that can place you a recent “A” level graduate that can fit your requirements & budget for a 1-to-1 tuition.

The minimum criteria for application to Ace Your Econs FAS are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a Singaporean citizen;
  • The applicant must be an A level student / Private Candidate studying either H1 or H2 Econs. We do not accept Poly Econs Students for our Financial Aid Scheme at the moment;
  • The applicant’s family gross household income “GHI” does not exceed $3,300 per month OR
  • The applicant’s family’s per capita income “PCI” does not exceed $825 per month, where PCI = GHI divided by total number of household members;


financial aid scheme for econs tuition


How to apply:

  • Make sure you fulfill all the criteria as mentioned above;
  • Submit the following to via email to
    1. Scanned application form;
    2. Supplementary information as stated in the application form;
    3. A written essay (no fewer than 500 words) – “Why Ace Your Econ Should Offer FAS Programme to You”;
    4. Documentary proof that you are an existing beneficiary of MOE FAS (if applicable)
  • We will schedule an interview should your application be successful! If you do not hear from us, it simply means that your application is incomplete/unsuccessful and we are sorry that we are unable to help you!