“Economics in Minutes” Summary Guidebook

Finally, we have a solution to lengthy Econs notes, confusing concepts and unfocused learning tips.

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Presenting the only Econs guide you’ll need for your revision – “Economics in Minutes” published by Marshall Cavendish!

Chief educator at Ace Your Econs and author of “Economics in Minutes”, Mr Jeffrey Teo, with his A Level Econs teaching experience of more than a decade, has condensed everything important for A Level Econs revision into this handy guidebook.

Economics in Minutes has been carefully crafted to deliver concise and comprehensive revision notes to students of Economics. Through engaging and colourful illustrations, which act as visual aids, effective knowledge-retention methods that use mnemonic devices, and insights drawn from real world scenarios, this book empowers students for meaningful and effective learning.

Cross-referencing of topics in the syllabus also facilitates a scaffolded and contextualised understanding of related topics. This book also features clarifications for common misconceptions by students, sample examination questions with answer guides and an online repository of model essays and relevant case studies.

Here are 6 features of this guidebook that make it different from any others in the market:

1. Definition List (for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)


2. Author’s Comments, Common Misconceptions, Commonly-tested Topics (for each topic)


3. Sample questions (for each topic)

sample quesgtion

4. Practice questions for each topic (Answer key uploaded online)

Unique link contained in the guide itself.

5. Colour-coded for structured and organized learning

6. H2 Content highlighted

H2 only

Packed only with the Econs pointers and tips you’ll need, we are certain Economics in Minutes will be a key companion in your Econs revision. Each guidebook is retailing at Popular and Ace Your Econs for $14.85.

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