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Video Testimonial from University Students:


I am Suigar and from NTU. My main problem before coming here is mainly linking the concepts and applying it and how to answer it during my exam papers. Exam questions are different from tutorial questions. I think having been here for a few lessons already, I think Mr Perry has explained quite detailed. He has provided real life examples that link up the concepts that allow me to better understand how to answer the questions. Whenever I look at a question now, I actually know what to do, what topic I should start writing on. It just comes to me and it’s much better now.

Suigar, NTU
University Econs, Class of 2018


Our Proud Poly / Private Diploma ACEs

Prior to engaging Ace Your Econs’s tuition services, I failed Macroeconomics, a core subject in Temasek Polytechnic’s business courses. It was then that I realised that my basic understanding of the subject was wrong and I was in imminent danger of failing my course again and getting expelled from Temasek Polytechnic. Hence, I went online to seek for help.

There were many other tuition services out there but Ace Your Econs stands out with a structured system as well as Mr Jeffrey’s experience in helping other students in my situation of facing being expelled. Furthermore, no other tuition service out there has a full money back guarantee unlike Ace Your Econs.

After going through his intensive revision program of 9 lessons, I found that his teaching was very effective because, not only did he go through every topic in detail, he also gave exam tips and common questions that can be found in my papers, so that I would be able to do it effectively. The model answers that he gave were extremely useful too as it was tailored to Temasek Polytechnic’s syllabus.

His notes are concise and his patient, elaborate teaching style helped me monumentally. Under his guidance, I was able to score a “B+” this time round.

Thanks Mr Jeffrey and all the best with your future students! :)


Isaac Christopher
Temasek Polytechnic,
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management,
Batch of 2016/2017



After failing my first test in Microeconomics, I was anxious to get some external help. Upon googling “Economics Tuition for Poly”, I saw Ace Your Econs at the top of the search and went on to check it out which led to me finally deciding of engaging Jeffrey’s services.Within just 2 lessons, I could better understand what was going on in both my lectures and tutorials in school, which evidently made my understanding of Microeconomics in school much easier. Jeffrey has good and useful resources and notes that my school did not provide and that really eased my understanding of the module.

What sets Jeffrey apart is he uses up to date and current news events to relate what I was learning in order to help me better understand how microeconomics can be applied to other events outside of school. This helped me see the bigger picture and I learnt how economics applied to my daily life.
Before engaging Jeffrey, I was barely getting a pass on my tests. Within just two months of engaging his help, my grade went from an F to a B for my first semester!

Kevin Kam
Singapore Polytechnic,
Diploma in Banking and Finance,
Batch of 2015/2016


I engaged Jeffrey’s Economics Tuition after researching on Google and his tuition advertisement is the most prominent one. At that time, I was facing difficulties in Macroeconomics, especially those of graph drawings related concepts.

With his guidance on the concepts previously unknown to me, I was able to build a distinct layout of what Macroeconomics is about. Most importantly, Jeffrey was patient in explaining the answers and questions that I had doubt in and even when I was about to give up. The examples and notes he provided was an add-on point where it really showed his passion in teaching Economics.

Thanks to him and within a short period of one month, I was able clear my supplementary paper by jumping from an F grade to a Pass grade, which is the highest attainable grade for supplementary papers. I am really appreciative of Jeffrey’s effort that I would now be able to progress on my next semester module.

Leow Jun Kai
Diploma in Management Studies,
Batch of 2015


I had to take Economics during my final semester in SP despite doing Business IT. And unfortunately, I’ve failed the module’s mid-semester test and scored a “D” grade. I started to worry as the possibility of me retaking the module is high if I did not seek help to improve my economics knowledge. I spent hours on the Internet looking for economics tuition that would meet my needs.

I’ve called other tuition centres and private tutors but many were not willing to take up the risk of tutoring me for a short period as my final examination was just a month away. However, Mr Jeffrey Teo from “Ace Your Econs” accepted to tutor me given the circumstances. After browsing through his website, I finally decided to engage his private tutoring services.

I knew I chose the right tutor when I received an “A” grade for my group essay assignment (which is the highest score in my class) which Mr Teo guided me through. Mr Teo taught me all of the Macro Economics chapters which will be tested for my final examination concisely and succinctly. Mr Teo’s custom notes as well as his patient teaching style benefited me tremendously.

Under Mr Teo’s guidance, I managed to pull my grades up and scored an overall “B” grade for my “Fundamentals of Economics” module. I’m very happy to graduate smoothly from my Polytechnic and thank you Mr Jeffrey Teo!

Muhammad Fazseril
Singapore Polytechnic,
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Batch of 2016


As a parent, I strongly recommend Jeffrey. I googled and read about many good comments about him. So I’ve decided to give him a call.

When I approached him, I shared about the failures my child was experiencing with Micro Economics i.e repeating this particular module as my child failed it last semester. Unlike many other tutors who dare not take up this challenge, he was very confident that he could make a difference and help my child to pass.

With the combination of  teaching patience and passion, my child scored B, which is the highest score she ever scored for any economics module, which brings back the confidence to my child and make her a happier person. I am re-engaging him for Marco Economics the next term.

Thank you, Jeffrey.

Chris Wong, parent of Charmaine Wong,
Diploma in Business Administration,
Batch of 2015


I have been struggling with economics for the longest time and lectures in school were not helping because they were usually pretty dull. I have failed my TP macro econs module and have to retake for this semester. I will have to leave the school if I fail one more time.

However, after joining AceYourEcons, Mr Jeffrey has helped me tremendously in the sense that I managed to understand the concepts and are able to draw the graphs better. Lessons here includes engaging videos to aid in better understanding and make the economics less boring. I have finally passed my Macro Module with a “C+” grade from an “F” grade! Thank you Mr Teo for saving me from being expelled!

To sum up, the experience here with Mr Jeffrey is positive one and outside teaching, he is also a very kind person. Thanks AceYourEcons!

Shermin Pang
Temasek Polytechnic,
Diploma in Business,
Batch of 2016


I had failed my Macro module previously and had no choice but to repeat this module this semester. I realized I needed help badly and can’t afford to fail this module one more time as it is going to affect my graduation in the long run.

After calling many tuition centres and tuition agencies, none of them have qualified experience teaching RP syllabus and are confident enough to take on me. I almost given up finding a tutor until I’ve found out about Mr Teo through Google searches and Facebook advertisements.

Shortly after I’ve engaged his help, I’ve scored an A for my final two reflection journals, which is a big difference from my usual Cs & Ds and I kind of regret not approaching him earlier to help me with my previous reflection journals, which hold a high weightage on my final exam grades.

With his concise notes and patient explanation, I was able to grasp the concepts that I had difficulties understanding in school. He also provides mock exams using our past year papers and this help me greatly with my exam confidence.

With Mr Teo’s help, I finally cleared the macro econs module and can proceed on with my other specialization modules without wasting another semester studying the same module. Thank you Mr Teo!

Nicholas Lim
Republic Polytechnic,
Diploma in Customer Experience with Business,
Batch of 2016


I failed my Macroeconomics in my first semester of Polytechnic. Luckily I was given another chance to pass it but if I failed again, I would be kicked out of school. I was then searching for econs tuition online when I came across AceYourEcons on google. I was sceptical at first but after looking through the website and reading some reviews, I decided to join his Poly program.

During Mr Jeffrey’s lessons, his notes were well-prepared with sufficient blanks for me to fill in. He also made sure to give us a few questions after every lesson to make sure we understood what he taught us.

He was very patient and gave a lot of relatable examples. His technique really helped me not only in calculation based question but also in understanding the content. He even gave us practise papers to practise on and lots of tips. It made me more confident to sit for my paper.

I finally managed to pass my Macroeconomics. I was really afraid I wouldn’t make it but thanks to Mr Jeffrey, I cleared my Econs.

He is really genuine and does what he can to make sure you do well for your Econs.

To sum up, the experience here with Mr Jeffrey is positive one and outside teaching, he is also a very kind person. Thanks AceYourEcons!

Temasek Polytechnic,
Diploma in Business,
Batch of 2016


I first got to know about Jeffrey’s Economic tuition service through his website. Unlike other tuition service provider, Jeffrey replied promptly via SMS and voice call. When I first met Jeffrey, he was able to identify my lack of interest in Economics. Hence, he took an unconventional approach in teaching unlike going through the regular routine by using real examples and the more recent articles.

With the help of Jeffrey, I managed to get a Credit for my Economic within 2 months. A big THANK YOU to Jeffrey for guidance and see you soon!

Raving Testimonials
Wayne Tan,
Diploma in Finance
Batch of 2010


From the first lesson with Jeff, I was impressed with his eagerness and interest to help me improve my Economics. Jeff was very well equipped with an abundance of notes and materials and would use it very well to engage my Econs problems.

I have not engaged other tutors since Jeff as I felt his teachings were extremely beneficial and useful for my studies.

Being a former student of Jeff, I can safely say that he is the best economics tutor out there who is very knowledgeable and most of all, a really nice guy!

Jonathan Menon,
Aquinas College (Perth),
Australian Syllabus
Batch of 2012