Diagrams Part I

Do you know Economics is the only subject in the world that allows you to draw diagrams “like a boss” in your answers?

I have received many feedbacks from students that they do not know:

1) when to draw diagrams and when not to;
2) draw what diagram;
3) how to draw diagrams fast and precisely.

To tackle 1) when to draw diagrams and when not to:

Always look at the marks allocated to the question before deciding when to draw. If it is a 3 marks part case study question, do you even think it is worth your time and effort drawing? However if it is a big part b) question in essay, chances are be prepared to draw a diagram to support your economic analysis no matter what.

Also, looking at the keyword of the question helps. If question states specifically to use a diagram i.e “please use appropriate diagrams to provide analysis”, use it!

Most importantly, when you draw the diagram, make sure you utilize it fully to explain your economic concepts. Many times, students draw it with little or no explanation provided on the diagrams. In this case, why bother draw?

I will continue with the other 2 queries in my Do You Know Series. Stay tuned!