Diagrams Part II

Do you know Economics is the only subject in the world that allows you to draw diagrams “like a boss” in your answers?

I have received many feedbacks from students that they do not know:

1) when to draw diagrams and when not to;
2) draw what diagram;
3) how to draw diagrams fast and precisely.

Today, I will be going on to part 2 of the diagram series.

To tackle 2) draw what diagram, always identify the keywords of the question. If the question states specifically “to use DD/SS analysis” (which is unlikely unless Cambridge decides to be generous to all students), use your DD/SS diagram to answer the question!

More than often, the question will drop hints with keywords like macro policies etc which requires you to use your AD/AS framework to illustrate your demand management & supply side policies. Also remember that when you draw a diagram, please draw it big! Make sure it covers at least a third of your foolscap.

Lastly when you have drawn the diagram, please kindly reference your essay / case study write up to the diagram! Many students make the mistake of drawing a nice pretty diagram but with zero elaboration on it!