Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP)

Accelerated Learning Programme:


Q1: How much is the programme fee?
A: Please refer here.


Q2: How is the Accelerated Learning Programme structured?
A: It is a 3 full day seminar styled programme (weekdays 8 – 7) and will be conducted during the third week of June holidays as well as September holidays, Monday to Wednesday.


Q3: Do I need to attend all 3 days?
A: No, you can choose to pick any combination of the 3 days to attend that best suit your needs.


Q4: Who should attend this?
A: Candidates who do not have regular time for weekly classes and yet determined to excel in their promos / A-levels should. The ALP is also suitable for all levels – both JC2 and JC1, regardless of H1 or H2.


Q5: What happens if I have school activities/fall sick?
A: Feel free to attend the exact same makeup on the final round of Accelerated Learning Programme during September Holidays. 


Q6: What is the difference between this and the ongoing existing programmes?
A: The Accelerated Learning Programme is a 3 days transformational event which aims to consolidate the applicant’s content foundation with our content summary exercises. Applicants will also be exposed to various Case Study Questions on Day 3 & Essay Questions on Day 4 (optional).  It is suitable for students of all levels, even for both J1 and J2 H1 students.

The normal programme is a weekly programme which provides regular content and practice-centric learning experience and aims to build the foundation for applicants and is more catered to students with a weaker foundation.

Both programmes are designed to be independent of one another. Candidates may opt to consume them separately or consume them together at a significant bundled discount.


Q7: How big is your group size?
A: The Accelerated Learning Programme will be run in a seminar style of no more than 40 students.


Q8: Can more friends join me?
A: Of course! Group learning is the most efficient way to engage in Economics as it’ll encourage interaction and creative thinking. So feel free to ask your friends along!


Q9: I am a private candidate. Can I still apply for the Accelerated Learning Programme?
A: Of course you can!


Q10: Will there be assignments tasked in the Accelerated Learning Programme?
A: Yes we do, especially on Day 3 – Practice Mastery. If you can’t take additional practices, please do not apply.


Q11: Are there presentations in the Accelerated Learning Programme?
A: No presentations are required on your side. However, we may ask questions in classes from time to time to test your proficiency level.


Q12: Do you group students by schools?
A: No we do not.