JC ECONS Intensive Revision Programme (JC2)


Dear J2 students,


You’ve received your MYE / Prelim results for your H2 / H1 Econs and you’ve scored another ‘S’ or ‘U’ grade. And truth to be told, the result is a mirror reflection of yourself & here’s the top 7 interpretations of your result:


  • You’ve been too involved in your CCA commitments and simply have no time to revise;


  • You’ve been sub-consciously neglecting your revision for Econs (especially if you are doing H1) as it is not your strength as compared to subjects like Maths. You’ve even promised yourself to revise intensively during the June Holidays but you kept procrastinating;


  • You dread looking through your lecture notes which are as thick as a dictionary and they never fail to drive you to sleep;


  • You’ve tried hard before to revise and even tried to memorise model essays. But as it turns out, you still keep scoring “Us” and have given up on revising anymore;


  • Your school’s Econs tutor is clearly dreadful in his/her teaching and you’ve given up all hopes trying to schedule any personal consultation with him/her.  


  • You often misplanned your essays and when you realise you are writing out of point, you trash the existing one, resulting in very little time to complete your paper.


  • You are perfectly strong in content and have no problems understanding the concepts covered in school. However whenever it comes to the exams, you “somehow” misinterpret the question or don’t really know what the exact answering requirements are, resulting in long thinking processes, inability to finish your paper & answering our of point.


And if any of these 7 reasons persist, you realise that you are just one step closer to scoring another ‘S’ or ‘U’ grade for your A levels. 


So what happens if you flop your A level Econs exams?


Slide11. Say goodbye to any remaining hopes of entering local university and your dream course


Competition into local universities is only getting tougher, with Indicative Grade Profiles of the top 4 local universities constantly rising:




And why is this so? This is because for every cohort, there is a limited amount of intakes and unlike local JCs, these intakes are subjected to a higher available quota of foreign scholars, meaning you not only have to compete locally with your current ‘A’ level batch but also have to outwit the brightest foreign minds to secure your course at a local university. Tough luck!


Repeat as a Private Candidate2. Repeat alone as a private candidate for one full year


We’ve coached many Private Candidates who confided in us some of their deepest regrets (for those who do not know, “Private Candidates” are students who did not qualify to enrol into local universities or their ideal courses and had to spend one full year to study for the A Levels themselves).


The #1 top regret they would eagerly like to share with all their juniors is:


Don’t underestimate the difficulty of A level Economics and revise early.


“A” level Economics is an application-based subject which requires thorough understanding and constant practice. Most of them tried to “memorise” their way through without understanding as a last minute shortcut and this ended up costing their Econs grades.


In our recent article featured on TODAY written by our Chief Educator Mr Jeffrey Teo, we have worked with too many private candidates and statistically, 40% will do worse during their second try.


And the three biggest pains that all of them have to endure with a poor Econs grade are:


  • 1 full year wasted –The fact that they had to repeat privately for 1 full year means that this has cost 1 full year of their youth & 1 full year behind their peers (not to mention the huge sum of additional tuition fees to be incurred as you will no longer have access to support from your ex-JC teachers).


  • 4 months of nightless sleep after A levels – many of them could not sleep properly as they were constantly worried about their results while their peers who revised hard really enjoyed their break from graduation and had a peace of mind.


  • Struggling between National Service & self-revision – While all your army friends are relaxing and chilling in the bunk after a tough field exercise, you clearly do not have this choice (furthermore, the environment in NS is clearly not conducive enough for revision).




Expensive University3. Pay up to three times the amount of school fees to enter a foreign university which may not be widely recognised by local employers.


According to local Straits Times article:

ST article


Local universities’ grads are better sought after, with better employment prospects and offered higher median salaries as compared foreign universities’ grad. Why is this so? This is because of employers’ perception of foreign universities being inferior to local universities and this stigma towards foreign universities will never change so long as you are seeking employment in Singapore (thanks & no thanks to our paper chase culture).


Fast forward 4 years down the road (6 years if you are serving NS) – you have sunk over $100,000 over a foreign degree due to a mediocre ‘A’ level grade and despite graduating with a decent honours from the foreign university,  your starting pay as compared to your peer’s from local university is still steeply discounted at approximately 30%.  


Lastly, your current job status & your starting pay will always be a conversation starter when you have gatherings with your ex – JC / university mates. Enough said!


Wondering now if it is too late to start revision and make a difference to your A Level Econs?


But what if we tell you it is still possible to score an ‘A’ in your A levels within 24 days backed with our iron-clad Money Back Guarantee?



Otherwise better known as the JC Econs Intensive Revision Programme, our Accelerated Learning Programme is a structured and intensive crash course to help you who is seeking last minute economics help and yet still want to score an ‘A’ for Econs.


With our specially designed JC Econs Intensive Revision / Accelerated Learning Programme, you can look forward to:



1. We are Singapore’s only Econs learning centre that promises results! Full money back guarantee if you don’t score, no questions asked.


24days-final11x17-web2. Our ‘secret recipe’ of producing hundreds of ‘As’ within only 24 lessons has been perfected over the years. Scoring an ‘A’ even if you’re weak at Econs and have always done badly at exams is no longer a dream.


20160514_1812313. Enjoy a bonus personalised 1 to 1 assessment in our centre to establish a fit between yourself and our programme prior to signing up.

4. Bonus makeup lessons for students who joins after launching date of classes.


Online Consults

5. Unlimited access to our ACE tutors via HD live conference to clarify your learning doubts anytime!


Tutor with a heart6. Learn from Mr Jeffrey & his dedicated team of tutors, who truly cares about each and every of their students (featured on Cyberpioneer March 2017)


7. More than 100 hours of unrestricted access to online videos –  you can enjoy quality economics learning online anytime, anywhere!


A to Z8. Complete coverage of all key topics – all key topics will be covered in our programme! You will not risk joining an on-going class with progression already very far ahead!


JC Econs Tuition9. Small & effective group size – Trust us, we don’t go for large theatre style classes.


ACE framework10. Gaining exclusive access to a tried-and-tested 4 Step ACE system for answering tough Econs essays and case studies. Most students have problems with this and therefore, get their marks pulled down by this section. Thankfully, we’ve “cracked the code” and pinpointed the exact steps you need to do to score well for essays and case studies.

Split11. Separate programme for H1 & H2 – unlike most providers that mix both H1 and H2 students together, we understand that H1 and H2 have different learning needs & we have two distinct programmes for you!


Please watch this short clip we’ve made for you on the 3 main problems 90% of JC students face answering Econs and how we can help you to secure your well deserved ‘A':



We would like to invite you to submit an application to join us!


Testimonials from some past ACERs who have gone through the ALP:


“…From the first lesson onwards, I managed to get a ‘B’ and finally in the A Levels I got an ‘A’! ”

Kenneth Woo, RI,
H2 Econs, 8 Distinctions, Top Scorer of 2016


“…Through all these practices and guidance from Mr Teo, my grades improved quite a bit from ‘U’ in the MCTs to ‘A’ during A levels!”

Tay Ming Yi, TJC,
H2 Econs, Class of 2016


“…I shot up from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’ in prelims when I only started in June and then I obtained an ‘A’ in A levels.”

Leonie Tan, MJC,
H1 Econs, Class of 2016


If you are keen to secure an ‘A’ in simply 24 days with your money back guaranteed, here are the 3 simple steps to follow:


  • Step 1 – Read through our programme details as above;


  • Step 2 – Submit your application form;


  • Step 3 – Upon proper submission, our enrollment team will reach out to you within 24 hours if we have a suitable placing for you and schedule your bonus assessment with us!


And Here’s Our Promise to You

    • You are not going to sit through a gruesome sales pitch where we just ‘hammer’ you reasons why you should sign up with us (this is an actual assessment to find out your strength and weakness)


    • You will learn simple, effective and practical writing tips you can instantly execute for your next CSQ & Essay


    • If we wasted your time, let us know and we will hand you $50 personally to cover your uber ride home. Who does that? No one. (We’ve checked)


What’s the worst that could happen?


If we deliver our promise, you will leave with a set of practical tools for your next CSQ & Essay writing.

If we’ve wasted your time, you get $50.

Either way, you win.

If this is not the best deal in your life, what is?


Our enrolment for the Accelerated Learning Programme is currently closed. Meanwhile to enquire about our on-going normal programmes, please click the link below: