5 Tips to do well in A levels Part I

5 Tips To Do Well In A Levels memeToday, I will be sharing the first of the five part series of do well in A levels.

Raging hormones, companionship, mutual attraction etc – courtship is perfectly common in Junior College. Not that I am encouraging JC students to start a relationship, but after seeing so many of my past students / peers (in University) facing the same BGR issues and they themselves learning the lesson in a hard way, I feel obliged to share the following tips for JC students (couples or couples wannabe) to handle their BGR issues better:

For those that have yet to start a relationship and are thinking of starting one – please shelf this thought and wait till A level’s are finished. You will have zillion of hours to date after exams, so why rush into a relationship? Stay focus is the key and convey to your potential partner the same message.

For those that are in a relationship already – cut down on your dates and stay focused in your revision. Both of you will have plenty of time to date after A levels, so just be a little more patient and wait. Avoid conflicts or discussion of thorny issues as they are potentially deal-breaker for your A level exams. One bad quarrel / breakup can mess up your paper the next day. Stay harmonious (or at least try to till after exams). Don’t quarrel over trivial matter and learn to close one eye on each other’s short coming.

Many teachers in schools do not agree with courtships during JC all for the same reason – students have yet to develop the capability and capacity to handle relationship issues, especially at crucial timings. Not that they want to play the “bad guy”, they are ultimately concern about your wellness and of course, your results. As mentioned earlier, one bad quarrel prior to your exam date will potentially mess up your future and career progression in the future. Stay focused on your revisions for now.

Speaking of which, I will be having Economics Intensive Revision Classes on for J2 students:


For those that requires refresher economics courses on year 1 topics or topics that you are unsure or not confident with, it will be good to sign up now!