5 Tips to do well in A levels Part IV

5 Tips To Do Well In A Levels pictureThe following fourth tip I am about to share is by far, the easiest and most achievable by any students. And yet, it is one of the most over-looked aspect of many students: Health & Diet.

It pains me to see that some of my ex-students falling sick during A level exams and have to endure the torturous 3 hr paper (H1) or two 2 hr 15mins paper (H2) in a cold / cough, which affects their thinking capacity and answering capability on the exam day itself and ultimately their overall A level results.

So what could have caused a poor health for students of 17 – 18 years old whom are at the prime age of their lives?

  1. Exam stress – likely due to high expectation on oneself and unable to cope with exam pressure well;
  2. Unhealthy eating habits – too much snacks and junk food, especially fried food;
  3. Insufficient exercise – not having even 15mins to do simple stretching?!
  4. Insufficient rest – studying (or whatsapp/facebook) late into the night.

So I am proposing something very easy and achievable by any means of students:

  1. Refer to tip no 3 on Mind Mapping technique to help in your revision and this may be able to ease your exam pressure;
  2. Exercise regularly during this exam break to build up your physical fitness. I am not suggesting to run a half marathon every day but a simple 15 – 25 mins jog once every 2 days. Regular exercise also helps to relieve exam stress
  3. Eat proper meals – ample intake of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fried food and late night suppers;
  4. Rest well – sleep early, wake up early for your daily revision.

Start to take charge by protecting the only and most important asset of yourself – your body right now! Your body will in turn, help to take care of your exam results! If you don’t protect your body, nobody else will!