3 Swiss Products You Should Avoid Now

swiss francsThe Swiss Franc has strengthen “only 18%” against the Euro on a single day in 15 Jan 2015. In a nut shell, do you know that products made in Switzerland is approximately “18% more expensive” overnight!

It is not everyday that you experience such double digits currency movements!

For more reasons of the overnight appreciation, you may want to check this out:

As such, you may want to avoid these products in the meanwhile:
1. Swiss Famous Watches – IWC, Tag Heuer;
2. Swiss Famous Chocolates – Lindt;
3. Holiday at the Swiss Alps

And consider its cheaper substitutes (currently on our want to buy list as well):
1. US Famous Watch – Oakley;
2. Italian Famous Chocolates – Venchi;
3. A tour anywhere else in Europe but Switzerland.

More detailed examples on how the Swiss Franc appreciation will be covered in our classes!

Meanwhile, let us enjoy our nice Venchi Carluccios Chocolate Cigars which are cheapened because of the depreciation of Euro! *Huff and Puff*