1 to 1 Bonus Assessment

1 to 1 Bonus Assessment


Q1: What are the differences between a trial class an a 1 – 1 assessment?
A: They serve the same objective of assessing an applicant’s proficiency level. However, if a trial class is not available for some reason, we may propose a 1 – 1 assessment instead.


Q2: Will I be rejected immediately if I fail the assessment?
A: No you will not. As mentioned in #1, the assessment is an optional session to assess your strength and weakness, not to cherry-pick and reject weak applicants.


Q3: Is an assessment really necessary? 
A: In AYE, we understand that different students have different learning potentials and learning needs. As such, the assessment is conducted on a 1-to-1 basis to help diagnose each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses before tailoring a unique solution to help each of you. The assessment is highly encouraged but not strictly necessary.


Q4: Is parent participation necessary for the assessment?
A: We recommend one of your parents to observe how the assessment is conducted and interact with us.


Q5: Why is parent participation highly recommend?
A: No amount of tuition will work without the insight and support of parents. Hence, this assessment will also be used to find out more about the child’s character and learning attitude from the parents’ perspective. Lastly, this is an excellent opportunity for parents to interact with the tutor in charge who is coaching you / your child.


Q6: Is the assessment free of charge?
A: Yes it is. We are committed to keeping this FOC (U.P: $300) to all applicants who need our help. That being said, we will have to cease this as soon as our classes are filled. Thus please note that this session is on a first come first serve basis.


Q7: What topics do I need to revise for the assessment?
A: The assessment is supposed to test you fairly on your existing proficiency level and mirror an exam situation. Would you know the exact topics for your exams?


Q8: I am a JC1 / Private Candidate with no prior experience in Econs. Can I still attend this assessment?
A: The focus of this assessment will be adjusted to widen your exposure in Econs questions instead of proficiency testing. No prior experience is required.


Q9: What do I need to bring along if I decide to participate in the assessment?
A: Our enrolment team will inform you upon receiving your application form.


Q10: If I would like to skip the assessment, can I pay and register on the spot?
A: Yes you can. Please inform your enrolment in charge you wish to register directly and schedule a date to collect your welcome package which includes your lecture booklet and learning management system access from the centre.