Why join AYE?


You must be wondering – what has this diagram got to do with Ace Your Econs (AYE)? 


This is the famous golden circle used by Simon Sinek’s Start With Why and we strongly encourage all of you to read this book.


In a nutshell, the golden circle tells us that without the why (the purpose), the how and what falls apart.


From a student’s perspective, you may question yourself sometimes:


Why do I need to do well in Econs?


  1. Is it because I am stuck in my existing subject combination and didn’t have much choice?
  2. Is it because I want to compete with my classmates?
  3. Or is it because this opens up many more local university opportunities for me?


Note the choice of your purpose will shape how you study and what you study. And if your purpose is either #1 or #2 (or both), please have a talk with us.


Same goes to us – What is the purpose of AYE? Why should you be learning from us?


And AYE’s mission is as follows:


We believe you deserve to be great again.


Have you ever been labelled by your teachers and parents as a non-performer or failure for performing poorly in exams and you felt utterly disappointed with yourself? And this disappointment pulled down your confidence, which manifested to a downward spiral of your own competence-confidence loop?




Let us share one quick story to illustrate our purpose:



Jiamin was a private candidate under our programme as she could not qualify for a local university placing with her existing grades (she was formerly from RVHS & scored a D grade in her first attempt in ‘A’ levels). During her placement test, her confidence level is extremely low and she has subconsciously labelled herself as a failure because of her D grade in Econs and inability to enter a local university.


After we uncovered more findings:


  1. She confided that she did not give in her 100% during her Y5 and Y6 (This is a risk faced by most IP students as they have not sat through ‘O’ levels before and clearly underestimated the requirement of ‘A’ levels. Not giving 100% means that she has the potential to do even better).
  2. She is representing the school in floorball and play this sport at least twice a week (she has potential to succeed in areas of passion).
  3. She is in a do/die scenario as she has only PSLE certificate to fall back to (She is very determined to succeed this time).


Jiamin clearly possesses the potential and the determination to do well. But her internal interpretation of her recent ‘setbacks‘ and the social stigma attached to ‘poor grades’ are preventing her from reaping her fullest potential.


To set her for success in her second try:


  1. She has to acknowledge her previous result as a mere outcome of what she had done/had not done in the past and learn from her own lessons.
  2. We’ve helped her to identify a correct purpose to re-do ‘A’ levels. Knowing the ‘why’  for her is important to us to set in place the ‘hows’ we’ve planned for her i.e the tailored revision package we’ve designed for her.
  3. With a proper goal and the corrective measures in place, she started to see improvement in her essay and CSQ answerings in our programme and her confidence level soared. This created a positive upward spiral of the confidence – competence loop.



Not only she has scored her well deserved ‘A’ in her second attempt with us, Jiamin has become more confident with herself. Her confidence has essentially brought back greatness and abundance into her life.


However, not all students are as fortunate as her to be given a second chance to reset their life-paths right.  Students with poor esteem tend to spiral repeatedly downwards via the confidence-competence loop if left unchecked, resulting in being stuck with another set of poor ‘results‘ over and over again.


And it pains us to see that so many students these days are suffering from poor esteem and low confidence in Econs (& other subjects) due to the harsh & punishing examination systems in Singapore. And so we’ve set ourselves a journey to deliver this promise to all of you:


In AYE’s programme, you will be given an opportunity to start afresh & level your playing field in Econs to secure your well deserved ‘A’.

But you have to take 100% ownership of your own actions.


Now if you are scoring As for your Econs currently, great job. On the other hand, how consistent have you been scoring your As? How have you been coping with your other subjects? Scoring an A for Econs and doing poorly for the rest of your subjects may reflect a poor ‘why’ for your other subjects. Consider reviewing your purpose with the other subjects.


And if you have been scoring Bs/Cs/Ds/Es or below:


  1. What are the lessons you can learn from your recent results?
  2. Have you uncovered your ‘why’ properly?
  3. If your ‘why’ is well defined, what strategies are you employing to achieve your goals? Are you using the correct study methods a.k.a Hows (refer below) for Econs?


If you share our belief for you to be great again, here how we can help:


#1 - 100% Results Guaranteed
Need assurance for results?

Our focus on your success is paramount. We provide an ironclad promise for your results.

#2 - Marked Assignments
Want more marked practices?

Marked practices within one term with AYE is easily more than one year in school, guaranteed.

#3 - Complimentary Placement Test
Want a tailored learning solution?

Receive a 1 - 1 assessment and gain awareness of your own strength and weakness.

#4 - Unlimited Consults
Need more 1 to 1 time with us?

Unlimited access to our ACE tutors via HD live conference to clarify your learning doubts anytime!

#5 - Proven Methodology
What is the 4 Step ACE system?

Gain access to a tried-and-tested 4 Step ACE system for answering tough Econs essays and CSQs.

#6 - Qualified Teaching Team
Who are we?

Learn from Mr Jeffrey and his strong team of tutors to help you score your well deserved 'A'!

#7 - Recorded Teachings
Missed a lesson?

More than 100 hours of unrestricted access to online videos. Enjoy quality learning anytime, anywhere!

#8 - Small Group Classes
Is 12 students the max?

Yes strictly 12 per class. We don’t go for theatre style classes because we choose to focus on you.

#9 - Segmentation of H1 and H2 students
Why do we separate them?

H1 and H2 requirements are very different. We don't practice having them in the same class.

#10 - Easy Accessibility
How near is near?

We’re just 1-minute walking distance away from Macpherson MRT.


Would you like start being great with us? :)