Retake A Level Econs (Private Candidates)


Dear Private Candidates,


If your previous ‘A’ level results were disappointing, it usually means you can’t enter a local university. Your options at this stage are to enter a private university or retake ‘A’ level Econs along with the rest of your H1 and H2 subjects.


And should you choose to retake ‘A’ level Econs this year, it means that you have set yourself on a tough journey. Statistically, 40% of the Private Candidates fared worse on their second try and in case if you are wondering why, here’s the extensive research and experience based on our past decade of private candidate coaching:



For any ‘A’ level students to succeed and score an A for Econs, the Golden Circle of resources, purpose and environment must be in harmony.


  • Resources – your school’s full-scale teaching support.


  • Purpose – your clarity of what course to pursue in university.


  • Environment – your full-time schooling environment and your friends’ encouragement.




However, as a private candidate, your Golden Circle gets severely disrupted and disharmony occurs:


  • Lack of Resources – being unable to repeat as a J3 / Y7 as you have unfortunately passed your GP and your other H2 subjects, school resources are no longer available to you. That being said, teacher consultations and school markings will be out of reach. With no constructive feedback on the Essays and CSQs you’ve practised nor consultations for any concepts you’re not familiar with, it is as good as attempting your Econs blind the second time.


  • Lose Purpose – Many of you have not encountered any major setback like this especially if you’ve done relatively okay for ‘O’ levels to enter JC /  PSLE to enter your 6-year IP programme. That being said, when you receive your results and realize you are very far away from your goal, some of you may give up entirely or settle for a course you have no desire to study. Based on our experience, the loss of purpose is the worst enemy for all private candidates as ‘a man who loses his why will never figure out the hows’. And private candidates re-doing ‘A’ levels without a purpose typically give up really quickly, resulting in another precious year lost.


  • Poor Environment


    • For the boys – the National Service is an absolutely poor environment to start with as most of your bunkmates would have enroled into a local university. You have to commit yourself to self-study while everyone is resting after a long day of activity. If you are in a combat unit with frequent outfield exercises, the poor environment factor is compounded. Would you even want to revise your lecture notes with mud, mosquitos, extreme fatigue and poor lighting in the jungle?


    • For the girls – you are only slightly better off with the control of your time. That being said, the loss of a full-time study environment in school will be a serious setback as your girlfriends are all entering university and it is very difficult to form any study groups. Worse still, the total autonomy of your time means that poor time management often sets in as this is a very different environment as compared to schooling. Often, you will waste time away watching dramas and youtube videos, only to realize you have accomplished nothing for the day.


So what happens if the Golden Circle is in disharmony?


Slide11. Say goodbye again to any remaining hopes of entering local universities and your dream course.


Competition into local universities is only getting tougher, with Indicative Grade Profiles of the top 4 local universities constantly rising:



And why is this so? This is because for every cohort, there is a limited intake and unlike local JCs, this intake is subject to a higher available quota of foreign scholars, meaning you not only have to compete locally with your current ‘A’ level batch but also have to outwit the brightest foreign minds to secure your course at a local university. Tough luck!


Expensive University2. Pay up to three times the amount of school fees to enter a foreign university which may not be widely recognised by local employers.


According to local Straits Times article:

ST article


Local university grads are better sought after, with better employment prospects and offered higher median salaries as compared foreign university grads. Why is this so? This is because of employers’ perception of foreign universities being inferior to local universities and this stigma towards foreign universities is hard to change as long as you are seeking employment in Singapore (thanks & no thanks to our paper chase culture).


Fast forward 4 years down the road (6 years if you are serving NS) – you have sunk  $100,000 over a foreign degree due to a mediocre ‘A’ level grade and despite graduating with a decent honours from a foreign university, your starting pay as compared to your peer’s from local university is still steeply discounted at approximately 30%.  


Lastly, your current job status & your starting pay will always be a conversation starter when you have gatherings with your ex – JC / university mates. Enough said!


Wondering now if it is too late to rebuild your Golden Circle?


But what if we tell you it is still possible to reset your ‘A’ level Econs results and score an ‘A’ this time round?


In our recent article featured on TODAY written by our Chief Educator Mr Jeffrey Teo, we truly understand the frustrations and learning difficulties for private candidates and we have campaigned hard for MOE and MINDEF to help you guys as we believe that all of you deserve a second chance for your ‘A’ levels.


Being the #1 most Private Candidate centric learning centre to retake your ‘A’ level Econs, you can look forward to:


Trusted Brand

1. Learn from the #1 trusted brand on Google – We are thankful to be trusted and reviewed by many of your A-level seniors/peers. :)


Marked Assignments

2. Weekly timed practices – In AYE, we are most known for our timed practices. Marked practices with precise feedbacks within one term with us is easily more than your schooling days or any other learning centres, guaranteedNo one else is as focused on practices as we do 😉

ACE framework3. Gaining exclusive access to a proven ‘4 Step ACE methodology’ for structuring and answering tough Econs essays and case studies. Most private candidates have problems with this and therefore, get their marks pulled down. Thankfully, we’ve  “cracked the code” and pinpointed the exact steps you need to do to score well for your A-levels in your second try.


Tutor with a heart

4. We were featured for helping hundreds of private candidates like you :)


I can

5. Assured confidence – 96% of AYE’s candidates reflected a significant boost in answering confidence within 12 weeks.


6. Unique Learning Management System (LMS) – Your one-stop solution to shorten your revision time towards an ‘A’ in your second try! App-based learning on the LMS is also available on the go via mobile!


the only econs guide you'll need to ace your econs-3

7. Secure an ‘A’ on your second try from one of the top Econs guidebook authors in Singapore – Mr Jeffrey Teo.




8. Unlimited personalized consultations – We don’t believe in charging by the hour to reach an ‘A’ with you, especially for your second try.



9. Maximum of 12 candidates per class – Our focus is strictly on the 12 of you (We do not practice lecture-theatre style mass teaching).



10. Exclusive for AYE private candidates – As we understand that you may have lost touch with your prior school teachers, a recommendation letter can be drafted by us upon request for your university application.



11. Easy accessibility – We’re just 1-minute walking distance away from Macpherson MRT.


Split12. Separate programmes for H1 & H2 – unlike most providers that mix both H1 and H2 students together, we understand that H1 and H2 have different learning needs & we have two distinct programmes for you!



13. Our lifelong commitment to your success in Econs – If you do not perform in your second try, we promise to pay for your repeat with us. 


20170507_17202514. Say ‘No More’ to studying alone – Gain immediate access to our exclusive Private Candidate Support Group where you get to form good study environments with like-minded Private Candidates.


15. Our programme will perfectly equip you to tackle 9757 (H2 new syllabus) and  8823 (H1 new syllabus)


16. *BONUS 1* only for Private Candidates – A special quarterly mentoring programme to guide you back on track to rediscover your purpose of retaking ‘A’ levels and mentoring you to success in your second try.


17. *BONUS 2* only for Private Candidates – Two mock exams that mirror the actual A level setting to let you get in tune with actual exam setting!


Testimonials from some of our past ACERs who have gone through our Programme:

Better understanding of Econs

Charlotte Lee
Private Candidate, Batch of 2017

A lot of support

Soo Yang
Private Candidate, Batch of 2017

Small group online consultations

Private Candidate, Batch of 2017

If you want to retake A Level Econs & secure your 'A' in your second try, here are the 3 simple steps to follow:


  • Step 1 - Read through our programme details as above.


  • Step 2 – Submit your ACE application form below.


  • Step 3 – Our enrolment team will reach out to you within 24 hours upon proper submission to schedule a 1 - 1 bonus assessment (U.P: $300, subject to availability) to assess your strength and weakness.


And Here's Our Promise to You


    • You are not going to sit through a gruesome sales pitch where we just 'hammer' you reasons why you should sign up with us (this is an actual assessment to find out your strength and weakness and how we can customised a solution based on your weakness).
    • You will learn simple, effective and practical writing tips you can instantly execute for your next CSQ & Essay.
    • If we wasted your time, let us know and we will hand you $50 personally to cover your Grab / Uber ride home. Who does that? No one (We've checked).


What's the worst that could happen?


If we deliver our promise, you will leave with a set of practical tools for your next CSQ & Essay writing.

If we've wasted your time, you get $50.

Either way, you win.

If this is not the best deal in your life, what is?


However, in full view of transparency, our programme is not suitable for everyone. We are not able to help if you fall under any of these three categories:


  • Applicants without clear goals & hunger for success - We are 100% committed to push all our private candidates to a local university in their second try. It doesn't matter if you did badly for your first A-level attempt but your desire to succeed in your second attempt must be extremely strong. However, if you just want to scrape through your second attempt in A-levels, we can't help you.


  • Applicants who cannot take extra practices - Our programme strongly emphasizes on extra practices. However, if you clearly knew that you lacked practices in your schooling days and yet still can't squeeze time out to practice more to improve your own grades, we can't help you.


  • Applicants who cannot explain their learning difficulties to us  - To help you better, we need your help to submit your application form below and explain your learning difficulties. If you can't explain to us your learning challenges and difficulties, we can't help you.


So are you ready to grab your 'A' together with us in your second try? :)