Frequently Asked Questions


Accelerated Learning Programme (Starting in June)


Q: What is the difference between this and your on-going existing programmes?
A: The Accelerated Learning Programme provides an exposure-based learning experience which aims to expose applicants to as many
different questions types every lesson which is suitable for students of all level.

The normal programme provides a content and practices centric learning experience which aims to build the foundation for applicants and is more catered for students with weaker foundation.


Placement Test

Q: Why is a placement test necessarily? 

A: In AYE, we understand that different students have different learning potentials and learning needs. As such, the placement test is conducted on a 1 to 1 basis to help diagnose each applicant’s strength and weakness before tailoring a unique solution to help each of you. Applicants identified with weaker foundations at the end of the placement test will also receive additional support.


Q: Is the placement test free of charge?
A: Yes it is. We are committed to keep this FOC to all applicants who needs our help. That being said, we will have to cease this as soon as our classes are filled. Thus please note that this session is on a first come first serve basis.


Q: Will I be rejected immediately if I fail the placement test?
A: No you will not. There are several elements that we consider for the placement test and your current proficiency level is not a key priority.  However, we do place a very large emphasis on the character and learning attitude of the applicants as these are the key ingredients to success.

Applicants who display poor learning attitude or ‘forced’ by parents to attend the programme (not willing to attend in the first place) will be denied enrolment into our programme.


Q: What topics do I need to revise for the placement test?
A: The placement test is supposed to test you fairly on your existing proficiency level and mirror an exam situation. Would you know your exact topics for your exams?


Q: Must I attend this placement test?
A: The placement test is necessary for us to access your proficiency level and help you better. Enrolment is strictly based on satisfactory placement results (addressed above: Will I be rejected if I fail my placement test?)


Q: I am a JC1 / Private Candidate with no prior experience in Econs. Can I still attend this placement test?
A: The focus of this placement test will be adjusted to widen your exposure in Econs questions instead of proficiency testing.


Q: Must my parent(s) come along with me for the placement test?
A: In full view of transparency, we highly recommend your parents to observe how the placement test is conducted and interact with the tutor on a face to face basis.


Q: What do I need to bring along for the placement test?
A: Our enrolment team will inform you upon receiving your application form.


Normal JC Group programme:


Q: Can I catch up with the on-going JC group programme?
A: Many parents and new students have this concern. Ace Your Econs is the only economics tuition provider that provides recorded lectures so that you can benefit from all the lessons you have missed earlier at your own pace and convenience at home, at no extra cost! 


Q: How big is your group size?
A: To ensure quality learning, we impose a maximum number of 12 students per class.


Q: Can more friends join me for the group programme?
A: Of course you can! Group learning is the most efficient way to engage Economics as it’ll encourage interaction and creative thinking. So feel free to ask your friends along!


Q: I am a private candidate. Can I still join your existing JC classes?
A: Of course you can! Please submit your enquiry form here (click)


Diploma / Undergraduate students:


Q: How is the class conducted? 
A: Classes are conducted on a 1 to 1 basis.


Q: How do I apply to join your class?
A: You may refer to this link (click)