The AYE Experience

Wondering what it is like to be part of the AYE family and an AYEer?

Here are snippets of what you can¬†expect in our Econs Group Tuition Programme ūüėČ


Prior to enrolment:

econs group tuition - bonus 1 to 1 assessment

 Meet the AYE Team for a 1-to-1 personalised placement test to assess your strength and weakness!


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Upon enrolment:

1. One-stop solution with our Learning Management System



2. Mid-Week Support Programme via our Student Online Interactive Learning (SOIL)



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During Actual Classes:

econs group tuition - essay and csq practice

1. Insane amount of practice makes you a true blue AYEer!


econs group tuition - fun shots

2. Unlimited supply of oreos & other snacks (Yes, we provide all flavours including the latest, peanut butter)


econs group tuition - pizza treat

3. And occasionally, some bonus pizza treats from Mr Jeffrey and his team :)


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Wait, is there more? 


Lifetime bonus access to¬†AYE’s annual career seminar conducted by top industry leaders from different sectors to share about their career choice and career mistakes you should avoid (we will rotate the speakers annually, don’t worry).


We are looking forward to your application and for you to be part of the AYE family!